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About DENT Project

After the moderate price momentum in the first quarter of this year, the price of DENT has continued to fall and still struggles. The crypto market has been registering tremendous volatility over the last few months. The market isn’t reacting well to the adoption of the DENT network and the idea of liberalization of mobile data and call plans. What happened to this DENT network to liberate mobile data? Is there any hope of recovery? Is there a promising future for this network? Let’s explore the DENT network along with DENT price prediction.

Dent Overview

Cryptocurrency Dent
Ticker Symbol DENT
Price $0.0011
Price Change 24H – 3.85%
Price Change 7D +3.20%
Market Cap $66,278,111
Circulating Supply 99,007,791,203 DENT
Trading Volume $8,379,541
All-Time High $0.1114
All-Time Low $0.00007049
Dent ROI +6.52%

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The DENT project was launched in 2017 by its founder Tero Katajainen. Tero got a master’s degree diploma from the Tampere University of Technology in 1999. After working multiple job roles, he got an idea and started DENT. It is a digital mobile operator, and it offers eSIM cards, mobile data plans, call minutes top-ups, and a roaming-free experience. The website says that DENT is a revolutionary technology operating on blockchain technology to create a global marketplace for mobile data liberalization.

Tapping into the mobile communication and data services market is a very clever idea. Around half the world’s population still faces restricted access to mobile services because of the high prices of traditional mobile carriers. DENT makes its users global citizens in the mobile airtime and market by removing roaming fees and introducing international mobile plans.

DENT has an ambitious plan to extend its services to many other countries and make them available in at least 140 countries. DENT has also partnered with Samsung blockchain, The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Telecom Infra. Currently, the eSIM it offers can provide internet connection in 60 countries, and the currency of DENT is available in 43 countries.

What is DENT?

DENT coin is the native utility token used on the DENT Network. The unused data of the user can be sold to other users on the DENT Network. Millions of gigabytes of unused are wasted every year. As with most telecom providers, data can’t be rolled over to the next month, and customers end up paying more for the services. So, the customers can buy or sell their mobile data and trade it just like a commodity. The marketplace created by DENT cryptocurrency enables mobile data to trade with other cryptocurrency market participants.

Since data becomes a commodity, users can trade with each other and cut out the middleman or the telecom companies. But DENT isn’t fully developed at the moment. The app has positive and negative reviews, but it needs to compete with mobile industry experts for DENT to become a widely used platform. Big companies have more resources and experience, making it difficult for DENT to acquire the existing customer base.

Another thing to consider is that enabling mobile data trading is not a competitive advantage and doesn’t provide a significant incentive for a new user to switch. The Telecom industry is saturated already and even though buying data isn’t that easy for customers, the existing model still works.

While countries like Mexico and Nigeria have seen the highest download for the DENT app, it has the potential to easily target developing countries where information services could still be struggling. The same cannot be said about developed countries, where big companies already have a working business model that tries to offer their customers cheaper plans and retain them for long periods. On top of it all, the technology isn’t quite ready yet. There are a few bugs here and there, and combined with low loading speeds isn’t exactly great for new customers to experience when they first try out the app.

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Liberating mobile assets has been the founders’ objective right from the start. They aim to make this possible with DENT Marketplace for eSIM data. With packages that vary in volume and validity, the users can find the best plan that fits their budget for their specific needs. Making the reselling of unused eSIM data is simplified. All the users need to select the amount, set their price, and list their data plan on the worldwide DENT Marketplace.

There are vital benefits to the DENT Marketplace. The worldwide eSIM marketplace allows users to compare listings to find a volume and validity plan that fits the user’s needs and budget, essentially liberating the eSIM data. It is also available for the iOS platform as the latest version of the DENT app is 4.0, which is designed much smoother and fixes many bugs in the code. By enabling users to sell their data, it is making better use of the information ecosystem, where users can make money with some unused data they have.

On the DENT website, they also started offering the Gigastore SDK feature. SDK is a Software Development Kit that can allow developers to use its APIs to build apps with the DENT eSIM sale functionality. This is a move in the right direction, where people can discover endless possibilities with the DENT Gigastore reselling features.

If anyone else wants to build a reselling service, they can use such features to build their apps with DENT wireless’s support and connect it to the DENT ecosystem. With their accessible point of sale store, one can resell packages even without API integration. All one needs to do is add their name and logo, and just like that, they can start selling.

DENT Technical Analysis

The price of the DENT cryptocurrency traded moderately in the initial period of 2022. After facing a steep fall, the DENT price has marked range-bound trading around $0.0025 in February and March 2022. Later, it showed a slight recovery which took the coin price to around $0.0036 in the first week of April. However, after this surge, the DENT coin price faced rejection and marked a significant plunge.

Recently, most of the cryptocurrencies faced significant sell-off, which lead by Terra LUNA price crash. Since the beginning of this month, traders faced uncertainty related to their investments in cryptos. And hence, they need to explore market sentiment, long-term analysis and forecasts. Traders can click here to know in-depth projections of cryptocurrencies with technical analysis before investing.

The DENT coin price has registered a low at $0.00081. However, after that, it recovered soon and currently, it trades above $0.0011. In the next few days, the DENT price might cross its first resistance of 20-day MA around $0.00131, and then if it manages to continue with the current momentum, the coin might be able to cross $0.0017 soon. Moreover, the MACD indicator also reflects positive momentum in the price trend.

dent coin price prediction

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The Bollinger Bands analysis shows that the volatility first spiked in January. In March, the Bollinger bands reflected squeeze volatility, and then the DENT coin price registered a slight recovery. However, after hitting a high of $0.0039 in the beginning of the last month, the DENT price faced significant bearishness.

Since the last week, the DENT coin has initiated an upside movement, and hence, the Bollinger bands are about to start squeezing. And the RSI is also heading towards the neutral zone.

Based on the technical indicators, the DENT coin might trade sideways in the coming days. However, based on the current positive momentum, there is an opportunity to enter positions and profit from the trades.

dent cryptocurrency price prediction

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Since the beginning of this year, the coin has faced selling pressure, and traders witnessed a minor DENT price drop. The current price of DENT is around $0.0011. The market capitalization is $113,644,172, and the 24-hour trading volume is $47,367,447 with a circulating supply of 99,007,791,203 DENT.

DENT Price Prediction: Experts’ Opinion

Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected. The DENT price prediction for 2027 is $0.00861. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +617.5%.Wallet Investor

As per the forecast data analysis, the price of DENT is expected to cross the level of $0.00162. By the end of the year, Dent is expected to reach a minimum price of $0.00144. In addition, the DENT price can get a maximum level of $0.00166. Investors and holders of crypto assets must know the Dent Price Prediction 2022.Digital Coin Price

According to our DENT price predictions, the coin will steady at its current price for a very long time to come. By 2022, the DENT is expected to be worth a maximum value of $0.001, and the minimum price can go up to $0.00097648.Tech News Leader

The Dent price is forecasted to reach $0.0015618 by the beginning of December 2022. The expected maximum price is $0.0019523; the minimum price will be around $0.0013276. The Dent price prediction for the end of the month is $0.0015618.Wallet Investor

According to our deep technical analysis of past price data of DENT, In 2022, the price of Dent is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.00097. The DENT price can reach a maximum level of $0.001.Price Prediction

DENT Price Prediction: 2022-2026

The DENT price forecast is based on historical data combined with predictive modeling algorithms. Please note that this DENT coin prediction should only be interpreted as a suggestion. The current DENT price is struggling at around $0.0011. It is impossible to predict accurate price levels, but here traders can explore possible DENT cryptocurrency price prediction for the upcoming years.

DENT Price Forecast 2022

As per the DENT price prediction for 2022, the price of DENT is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.0019. The DENT price can reach a maximum level of $0.0022, and the average price throughout the year will be around $0.0020.

DENT Coin Price Prediction 2023

According to our technical analysis and DENT token price prediction, the coin price is forecasted to reach a minimum price of $0.0021, with a maximum price of $0.0030 in the year 2023. Throughout the year, the DENT’s average price is expected to be near $0.0025.

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DENT Crypto Price Prediction 2024

As per the DENT coin price prediction models and our long-term technical analysis, the minimum price level of DENT will be around $0.0023 in mid-2024. Later, it might register moderate growth, which may take the DENT coin price to the high of $0.0032 by the end of 2024. The maximum price will be $0.0037, with DENT’s average price of around $0.0030 throughout 2024.

DENT Price Prediction 2025

Based on our DENT coin price prediction 2025, the minimum price level of DENT is expected to reach $0.0039, and the projected maximum price level will be around $0.0048. The average DENT price will be $0.0040 throughout the year 2025.

DENT Coin Prediction 2026

The DENT forecast shows that the minimum price of DENT is expected to be $0.0034, and the maximum price will be $0.0052 while maintaining the average DENT price of $0.0045 in 2026. The long-term DENT price forecast might record tremendous growth in its price as per our projections.

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Where to buy DENT coin? 

DENT coins are relatively accessible for buying, being ERC-20 tokens. Traders can buy DENT from the major crypto exchanges like Binance, KuCoin,, FTX, Phemex, Bitbns, HitBTC, Bitget, etc.

Is DENT Coin a Good Investment?

Based on the data, it can be predicted that the DENT might be a good investment if invested for the long term as it holds a lot of growth potential in terms of its use cases and price.

Can DENT reach $1?

It is very rarely a possible outcome. According to the experts, the value is unlikely to cross $1, not at least in the next ten years.

Will DENT price go up?

Considering the significant use cases of DENT, we can assume that the price will continue to rise. Based on our DENT coin prediction, there are very less chances of a DENT price fall. It is predicted that the coin will go up to $0.005 at the end of 2026.

How much will DENT be worth in 2030?

Dent has an outstanding potential to reach new heights. According to our DENT price prediction 2030, the coin can cross the price mark of $0.01 by the end of 2030.


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