Gnosis Price Prediction

  • Based on Gnosis coin price prediction 2023, the GNO token is anticipated to reach $185.35 by the end of this year.
  • Gnosis price is expected to begin 2025 around $250 as the price movement for this year will be slow compared to the previous years as per the GNO price prediction.
  • As per our Gnosis Price Prediction 2030, the coin will have a maximum price of $905, while the minimum price may be around $850.

Gnosis Overview

Gnosis Price Prediction
Gnosis Price Prediction
Ticker Symbol
Gnosis Price Prediction
$ 115.40
Gnosis Price Prediction
Price Change 24h
Gnosis Price Prediction
Price Change 7d
Gnosis Price Prediction
Market cap
$ 299,229,394
Gnosis Price Prediction
Circulating Supply
2,589,589 GNO
Gnosis Price Prediction
Trading Volume
$ 1,125,009
Gnosis Price Prediction
All time high
Gnosis Price Prediction
All time low
Gnosis Price Prediction
Gnosis ROI

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Gnosis Price PredictionWhat is Gnosis?

Gnosis Chain is a community-owned network that prioritizes credible neutrality and resiliency, and is open to all without privilege or prejudice. It is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is secured by more than 100,000 validators across the globe. In this context, let’s take a look at the current state of Gnosis and explore the Gnosis price prediction for the upcoming years.


Gnosis (GNO)

$ 115.40 Trade Now

Gnosis Price PredictionOverview of Gnosis Protocol

Since its inception in 2015, Gnosis has focused on experimentation and building decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. Initially, Gnosis focused on creating prediction markets to provide global access to accurate information. However, it became evident during the development of the Gnosis prediction market platform that it needed to construct the infrastructure necessary to support it.

As a DAO, Gnosis utilizes the products it creates to guide decisions transparently regarding the development, support, and governance of its ecosystem. Among the products incubated by Gnosis are Gnosis Safe (multisig and programmable account), Cow Protocol (previously CowSwap and Gnosis Protocol), Conditional Tokens (prediction markets), Gnosis Auction, and Zodiac (standard and tooling for composable DAOs). The success of these products is exemplified by the recent spin-out of Cow Protocol and the formation of SafeDAO. By combining needs-driven development with extensive technical expertise, Gnosis has built decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem.

In November 2021, the xDAI and GnosisDAO communities voted to combine their vibrant ecosystems and create Gnosis Chain. Gnosis Chain is an EVM-compatible, community-owned network that prioritizes credible neutrality and resiliency. It uses the xDai token and encompasses a broad range of projects and users. Gnosis Chain is secured by over 100,000 validators globally and features all the tooling users are accustomed to, with trustless bridges to mainnet on the horizon. As it employs the same execution layer and consensus layer clients as Ethereum, Gnosis Chain is compatible with all future EIPs.


Gnosis (GNO)

$ 115.40 Trade Now

Gnosis Price PredictionGnosis Technical Analysis

The Gnosis price today is trading around $105 with a 24-hour volume of $3,665,554. It has a total market cap of $273,079,752 with a circulating supply of 2,589,588 GNO. The highest price at which it is traded was $1,088.87 in November, supported by a huge volume. The all-time low was $7.05, which was in March 2020.

GNO technical analysis shows there was a continuous downtrend in the cryptocurrency with significant volatility in the token price. Currently, there is a sideways trend observed which might rise in the near future, resulting in a bullish trend.

Analyzing the Gnosis coin price, it is continuously trading within a range from $92 to $124 over the last three months. Immediate support is placed at $93. Any fall below this level can take the GNO token price to $83, and a major support zone is $75. Any turnaround of the price of Gnosis will test the resistance of $110, and if Gnosis cryptocurrency can break this level, the major resistance is placed above $124.

For a profitable long-term investment, traders and investors can wait for an entry-level. Check out our yearly price predictions to know more about the future of cryptocurrency market.


Gnosis (GNO)

$ 115.40 Trade Now

Gnosis Price PredictionGnosis Price Predictions 2023-2030

The crypto market has passed through an unfavorable market journey over the last year, and it is reflecting moderate trends currently. The same is visible in Gnosis also. The cryptocurrency market is going through a crucial situation because it faces regulation and ban threats from many countries.

Despite all the global fears, prominent market theorists and crypto enthusiasts anticipate future possible growth in altcoins markets. The same has been reflected in the digital coin GNO price forecast.

Gnosis Coin Price Forecast 2023

Gnosis coin price prediction suggests the price may hit the $150 mark by the end of 2023. Gnosis price is anticipated to reach the maximum price level of $152 by the end of 2023. The average price at which the coin trades will be around $128. The minimum price is expected to be $93.

GNO Coin Price Forecast 2024

GNO price prediction begins at $180 in 2024. Gnosis price foresees a level of $220 by the end of the year, it is a huge value, and GNO price prediction gives a lot of hope for investors within a few years’ time horizon.

Gnosis Price Prediction 2025

Gnosis price prediction is expected to begin at $250; the price movement for this year will be slow compared to the previous years. There might be significant price volatility as per the forecast. In the middle of the year, the Gnosis price is expected to reach $310.

Gnosis Coin Price Prediction 2026

There might be a slight correction in the year 2026 as compared to the year 2025. As per the data and technical analysis, our Gnosis price prediction suggests that the maximum trading price is expected to be around $350, whereas the minimum price and average trading value is expected to be around $330 and $340, respectively. There is a lot of positivity among investors w.r.t Gnosis GNO.

Gnosis Price Prediction 2027

Gnosis GNO price forecast is predicted to record significant growth in its price level. The year is beginning around $335, and according to our GNO coin prediction, the predicted average price may be around $375. However, we forecast significant growth as per the prediction market. GNO price may have a maximum price of $395.

Gnosis Predictions 2028

Based on our GNO price prediction, the token will have a minimum, average and maximum prices of around $420, $450, and $480, respectively, for the entire year 2028.

Gnosis Token Price Prediction 2029

According to our Gnosis price prediction, the average price is expected to be around $625, and the minimum price might be around $590. At the same time, the maximum price might be around $650 for the year 2029.

Gnosis Price Prediction 2030

Looking at the past performance of the coin, the coin will grow significantly in terms of price and network. As per our predictions, the coin will have a maximum trade value of $905, while the minimum and average prices may be around $850 and $890, respectively.


Gnosis (GNO)

$ 115.40 Trade Now

Gnosis Price PredictionFrequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Gnosis?

It is available in Binance, AscendEX,, Uniswap, Kraken, Sushiswap, etc.

Is Gnosis a good investment?

Gnosis cryptocurrency shows a considerable rise which makes it a profitable investment. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so there is no universal consensus that the price will go high. The above data for information purposes cannot be taken as investment advice. Hence before investing in a coin, your own research and proper financial advice are needed.

Will Gnosis (GNO) price increase in the future?

Yes! As per our forecast, the price of Gnosis will increase in the future, and Gnosis will turn out to be a great asset in the long term.

How high can GNO prices go?

Whether long-term or short-term, GNO holds the potential to help you earn good returns. If you stay patient enough, and if the coin continues its past trend, it will definitely hit the $900 mark in 2030.

Is Gnosis GNO a better investment than Ethereum?

As per our analysis and historical data comparison of both, you can get around 1.5X more profit in GNO than in Ethereum; last year, Ethereum’s Annualized ROI was 404.21%, and GNO was 631.84%. You can check Ethereum price prediction here for more details.


Gnosis (GNO)

$ 115.40 Trade Now

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