Helium Price Prediction

The Overview of Helium (HNT)

With fiat currencies being in the doldrums in the pandemic and economic recessions looming large on the world horizon, there has been a consistent rise in demand for well-outlined digital content, available at lower cost and the most reliable. All these factors have been put in principle by one answer – the blockchain.

No wonder this is an outcome of years-long thinking, strategizing, science, and technology combined. With time came cryptocurrencies on the digital roadmap with date-set milestones and then manifested the genesis of the Helium blockchain.

Helium Overview

Cryptocurrency Helium
Ticker Symbol HNT
Price $1.30
Price Change 24H -1.72%
Price Change 7D -42.64%
Market Cap $182,366,958
Circulating Supply 140,748,378 HNT
Trading Volume $4,123,301
All Time High $55.22
All Time Low $0.2534
Helium ROI +374.15%

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Helium (HNT): The Shining Crypto

The Helium network, developed in 2013, is an invaluable creation by Amir Haleem, Sean Carey, and Shawn Fanning. The Trio had a common objective: to build the world’s first peer-to-peer decentralized wireless network, The people’s network, to simplify connecting devices to the internet, which otherwise, without blockchain application, would have forever remained an enigma.

The Helium network is considered a marvel of decentralized blockchain-powered networks for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Here on this platform, nodes come in the form of so-called hotspots, a combination of a wireless gateway and a blockchain mining device. Hence, users have a predominant advantage of mining while operating nodes and thus reap unlimited rewards in Helium’s native cryptocurrency token, HNT.

Helium (HNT): Partnerships and Community Initiatives

It is no surprise that investors put faith in cryptocurrencies mainly for their trust value. That stems from the fact that Helium (HNT) works greatly to benefit communities, creating partnerships and alliances at a non-profit level.

The native token exchanges drive the whole process, with other platforms generating more value for new enterprises and those corporates looking for momentum in their eco-space. This philanthropic contribution by HNT comes as an aggressive community initiative, and it has called for more rigorous participation by other crypto developers too.

Helium network blends segregated communities and distributed attestation and merges a versatile weave of modules restricted to specific industries. So it emerges as a giant that produces a flawless and reliable ecosystem, an eclectic integration of a cross-chain infrastructure, and sustains as a robust platform for applications across the industry.

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Helium Price Forecast: 2023-2030

Year Minimum price Maximum price
2023 $2.50 $6.01
2024 $4.50 $7.90
2025 $6.81 $9.89
2026 $9.71 $12.45
2027 $11.63 $13.81
2028 $14.20 $16.61
2029 $17.61 $20.22
2030 $21.94 $29.00

The disruptive trends in the whole crypto world outweigh those in fiat currencies, making the cryptocurrency forecast challenging. Thus, it is always advised to investors that they are aware of the local regulations before investing in the tokens.

During the initial journey, Helium had a great run with mostly an uptrend and no price drop. However, after reaching the ATH, the Helium token registered profit booking, and the price dropped along with the market cap. However, there was a recovery in the price soon after.

The worse was seen in April 2022, when the entire market started preparing for a crash. The bears significantly took over and led to a major price downfall. Based on the current data, the Helium coin has an immediate resistance at $3.0 with significant resistance at $5.0.

The MACD line is trading below the signal line, indicating negative momentum. However, the RSI is trying to begin a positive The stars look quite bright for the Helium (HNT) token, and so the road ahead is a red carpet sign for the coin in the years to come:

Helium Price Prediction 2023

Going by the technical analysis and Helium price prediction, it is anticipated that Helium’s price may have an average price of $4.25 for the year 2023. At the same time, the highest price and lowest price may be $6.01 and $2.50, respectively, in the cryptocurrency market.

Helium Price Prediction 2024

The crypto market will see high volatility in 2024. The minimum and maximum value of HNT is expected to be around $4.50 and $7.90, while the average price may be around $6.20 for the year 2024 as per our HNT price forecast. It is expected to be a profitable investment.

Helium Price Prediction 2025

According to our cryptocurrency forecast, this year might be the benchmark as Helium’s price is predicted to surpass $7.50 compared to all other digital coins. The minimum and maximum price of the token may be around $4.50 and $7.90, respectively. As per our HNT price prediction 2025, the price changes are forecasted to be 75.55%.

Helium Price Prediction 2026

The market cap and the price of Helium have boosted the market sentiment drastically. Hence, the Helium forecast for this whole year remains quite encouraging, stating that Helium (HNT) might jump to about $12.45 by December on an exchange. As per our long-term Helium price predictions, the minimum and the average trading price are expected to be around $9.71 and $11.08.

Helium Price Predictions 2027

As per our historical data and Helium coin price prediction, the HNT could have an average price of $12.72 in 2027, with neutral momentum. The potential low of the Helium coin’s price is expected to be $11.63, with the highest price of $13.81.

Helium Price Prediction 2028

Our Helium crypto price prediction indicates that the maximum price expected for the year is $16.61, with a minimum value of $14.20. At the same time, traders can expect an average price of $15.40. The percentage change for the year is forecasted to be 16.97%.

Helium Price Prediction 2029

In accordance with the Helium token price prediction, it is estimated that the coin may trade between the range of $17.61 to $20.22, where $17.61 is the minimum trading price and $20.22 is the maximum price level. At the same time, there are a few assumptions that the coin may have an average price of $18.91.

Helium Price Prediction 2030

Based on our HNT price prediction 2030, we expect Helium’s price to reach the maximum value of $29.00, with a minimum price of $21.94. The average price can be around $25.47, with a marginal percentage change of 17.64% for 2030.

As per our investment advice, the Helium network will grow significantly in the crypto market, making it a good investment option. If you buy HNT at the current price, you may earn a profit of more than 32.17% by 2030. However, traders must do their own research and also research multiple viewpoints before making the final bet, as the cryptocurrency market suffers from extreme uncertainty.

Helium Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

The price of Helium cryptocurrency stays firm today at $2.71, with a market capitalization of $376,006,201 and a 24H trading volume of $4,782,916. The current circulating supply of Helium is 138,597,659 HNT, with a total supply of 223,000,000. The experts have a very optimistic opinion of the Helium coin, claiming it has a brighter horizon.

Based on our Helium price prediction, HNT is a bad long-term investment. The future price of Helium tokens is expected to go down, and your current investment may be devalued.
Wallet Investor

The Helium (HNT) price is forecasted to reach $2.907 by the beginning of December 2023. The expected maximum price is $4.029; the minimum price is $2.740. The Helium price prediction for the end of the month is $3.223.
Crypto Predictions

According to our technical analysis and Helium price prediction, the coin reflects a promising future. It will be around $5.95 by the end of 2023 and $12.08 by 2026, making it a profitable investment.
Digital Coin Price

Helium has been showing a rising tendency and holds a long-term earning potential. According to their Helium price prediction, the future price of Helium (HNT) is predicted at $25.73 after a year.
GOV Capital

Helium is a blockchain-based people’s network built for decentralized wireless infrastructure. As per the Helium price prediction, the network aims to empower the community, and currently, more than 8600 hotspots are installed in 1800+ cities. Based on our HNT coin price prediction, the price of Helium may cross $7.4060 by the end of this year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Helium a good investment?

Yes, indeed. Based on our Helium price prediction, investment in the coin at the current price levels might be profitable. Helium’s price may see a decent surge in the coming years. However, due diligence based on your own research and consulting a financial advisor/certified financial planner is advisable.

How can I invest directly in Helium?

All major exchanges give traders the benefit of purchasing Helium coins. You may also buy Helium earning through tips and watching adverts. Noted Exchanges like Binance, FTX, etc., are popular destinations.

Does Helium Have a Future?

Helium is one cryptocurrency with a bright future because of the dedicated Helium team. Riding the crypto wave, it will rule the digital kingdom as a profitable token and have a long reign on a crypto exchange.

Is Helium a Scam or legit?

Despite all debates and controversies on market data based on the crypto chart, the Helium network reveals a healthy and active ecosystem, and the community would accept and share the services of Helium in the near future as well based on the Helium price prediction.

How high could HNT go?

Our Helium price prediction anticipates that Helium’s price will be as high as $29 by 2030. At the same time, the data shows that the average trading price for the same year may be $25.47.

Why is Helium crypto going down?

The biggest reason Helium’s price is going down is as the entire crypto market is down due to Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. The market conditions must improve to reverse this trend and Helium prices to move in the opposite direction. The volatility and occasional arbitrary movements also are major reasons for uncertainty.

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