Holochain Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Holo is currently at the #136 rank in the cryptocurrency market. It had an ATH of $0.03157 on April 05, 2021, while the current price is only $0.001008, down by 96.8% from its ATH. Has the HOT token lost its charm? Will HOT crypto recover in the future? Find out answers to all these and other relevant queries in our Holochain price prediction and much more.

  • Based on our Hot price prediction 2024, the coin will trade in a range of $0.00092 to $0.00222, respectively. At the same time, the average price may be around $0.00157.
  • As per our Holo price prediction 2025, the token is expected to hit a high of $0.00360, with a minimum price of $0.00250.
  • Our Holo price prediction 2030, the crypto is anticipated to trade at an average of $0.1023 throughout the entire year. At the same time, the minimum and maximum prices are anticipated to be around $0.08390 and $0.1208, respectively.

Holochain Overview

ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.001945
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 344,285,564
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
177,619,433,541 HOT
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 7,223,196
all time high
All time high
$ 0.08203
all time low
All time low
$ 0.00009607
Holochain ROI

introWhat is Holo?

Holochain makes a distributed web platform with user autonomy that has been built directly into its architecture and protocols possible for hosting. Whereas Holo network distributed web technology is a different network concept that people often confuse with blockchain-oriented cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Holo is designed to limit the gap between the Holochain platform and the end users. Holochain network is an open-source framework.

Emerging as the most promising network solution to scalability, this technology has been the root of the genesis network Holofuel for Holochain, i.e., HOT token, a revolutionary bi-product of cryptocurrencies; Holo empowers the Internet of things (IoT) via hosting. HoloFuel is a Holochain-based currency that is a contractual service obligation. It is an application host that will produce Holofuel against computing power.

Conceptualized to address issues, as aforementioned, this company developed a protocol, a platform pertaining to scalability, as an open-source protocol. Holo bases its fundamentals on making lives more empowered and expeditious through cryptocurrencies.


Holo (HOT)

$ 0.001945 Trade Now

technical analysisHolochain Technical Analysis

Trading in bull markets is always easy, so many of them invest in it, but they also should make sure about the strategies. Investors should not rely only on the price forecast when it comes to cryptocurrencies. One should always do their own technical analysis and research.

The inertia that initially played for project Holochain at the beginning of the project is no more there as the token has gained customer trust, bringing profit for investors and traders. A frequently and keenly observed trait of HOT price history is that it has shown the most erratic and fluctuating behavior.

Several price variations attested to the rise of the Holo launch. Since the beginning of 2021, the Holo coin has been trading with a bullish momentum and bull run. After mid-February, the currency started trading with significant positive momentum and marked a drastic price action. In April, the HOT crypto price registered a new all-time high at $0.03157, and the market cap hit close to $300 million for the first time.

However, after that, the Holo coin experienced massive correction and plunged to $0.004 in July 2021. Then, the cryptocurrency price of Holo regained the high of $0.014, but after that, the token could not continue its bullish momentum. The HOT token’s price continued to fall even in 2022 and could only reach $0.006 in April 2022.

Thereafter, the token has been traded in a narrow range below the $0.003 price mark. Currently, the Holo coin price is trading around $0.002021.


Holo (HOT)

$ 0.001945 Trade Now

expert reviewHolochain Price Predictions: Expert’s Opinion

Currently, the price of Holo stands at $0.002021 with a market capitalization of $350,844,225 and a trading volume of $18,144,989; the market cap of the coin was quick, hitting a third of one billion dollars. Even though it is a late entrant in the market, it has a crypto asset nomenclature. The experts are quite optimistic about Holo price prediction, which are as follows:

By the end of the year, the HOT price may hit $0.003 according to our Holochain price prediction. In a five years time frame, Holo, according to Holo price prediction, it can reach $0.013 amid extreme bullish trend. It is predicted that Holo might increase the adoption rate and improve the communication ecosystem.
Price Prediction

Based on our Hot price prediction, a long term increase is not expected; the Holo (HOT) price prognosis for 2024 year end is $0.000418. Holo crypto price prediction given by Wallet Investor suggests the price may reach go down in the coming years.
Wallet Investor

According to our coin price predictions, the Holo (HOT) price is going to increase. Now the Holochain (HOT) price is $0.0019, but by the end of 2024, the average Holo token price is expected to be $0.002527.
Crypto Predictions

Irrespective of its adoption by developers in the company, fundamental analysis suggests the value of Holo token could tend to face slight correction. Going by future predictions that bulls may be back on the exchange, Holo price could end up slightly higher, say by 2024 $0.00507 at best.
Digital Coin Price

A lot of HOT projects are moving from concept phase to testing phase, and by the end of 5 years, a good number of projects could have been completed, hence, an all-around bullish prediction of $0.0399 making HOT a good investment advice and option.
GOV Capital

As most of the altcoins are still bullish these days, it is hard to say for how long the Holo price will keep on rising in the near future. We believe the coin will keep on gaining value. The significant growth of the entire blockchain industry will reflect in the Holochain (HOT) price, as well. According to price forecast, in 2025 it will reach at least $0.032.
Crypto Geek


Holo (HOT)

$ 0.001945 Trade Now

price predictionHot Coin Price Prediction: 2024-2030

To be in tandem with optimistic evangelists and circulating news, if we consider that the HOT price will reach the moon in the future, and also keeping the developing features of HOT being easy to store and technological advancement of distributed web usage as an ideal distributed hosting platform for scalability and storage-related issues, this might drive HOT adaptability rate for coming months and increase its valuation by the end of this year.

Traders and Investors have started betting on long-term trade for the HOT coin movement, tracking it very closely. Though it is the right time to invest in Holochain, traders and investors should properly plan for risk management before investing.
Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.00186 $0.00282
2025 $0.00250 $0.00360
2026 $0.00317 $0.00456
2027 $0.00409 $0.00588
2028 $0.00531 $0.00765
2029 $0.00672 $0.00968
2030 $0.08390 $0.1208

HOT Crypto Price Prediction 2024

In the year 2024, our HOT token price prediction suggests that the value may hit an average of $0.00239. Considering the Holo price analysis, it has the potential to reach a maximum of $0.00282, while the minimum price may be $0.00186.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00186 $0.00221
February $0.00221 $0.00226
March $0.00226 $0.00234
April $0.00230 $0.00241
May $0.00234 $0.00247
June $0.00241 $0.00252
July $0.00245 $0.00256
August $0.00252 $0.00262
September $0.00258 $0.00269
October $0.00262 $0.00273
November $0.00256 $0.00277
December $0.00264 $0.00282

Holochain Price Prediction 2025

According to our HOT crypto price prediction, the coin will see a rise of around 40% in the entire year. It will trade from the potential low of $0.00250 to the maximum level of $0.00360. During the entire year, the coin will have an average trading price of $0.00305.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00250 $0.00283
February $0.00283 $0.00289
March $0.00289 $0.00300
April $0.00294 $0.00308
May $0.00300 $0.00316
June $0.00308 $0.00322
July $0.00314 $0.00327
August $0.00322 $0.00336
September $0.00330 $0.00344
October $0.00336 $0.00349
November $0.00327 $0.00355
December $0.00338 $0.00360

Holo Crypto Price Prediction 2026

Based on our own research and Hot price prediction for the year 2026, the maximum price will reach $0.00456. At the same time, the minimum and average values may be around $0.00317 and $0.00386. Investors or traders can think of long-term investment plans.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00317 $0.00358
February $0.00358 $0.00365
March $0.00365 $0.00379
April $0.00372 $0.00390
May $0.00379 $0.00400
June $0.00390 $0.00407
July $0.00397 $0.00414
August $0.00407 $0.00425
September $0.00418 $0.00435
October $0.00425 $0.00442
November $0.00414 $0.00449
December $0.00428 $0.00456

HOT Coin Price Prediction 2027

Looking at the Holo price prediction and technical analysis, it can be anticipated that the maximum value of HOT may be around $0.00588. At the same time, the past performance also suggests that the minimum and average values may be $0.00409 and $0.00498.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00409 $0.00462
February $0.00462 $0.00471
March $0.00471 $0.00489
April $0.00480 $0.00503
May $0.00489 $0.00516
June $0.00503 $0.00525
July $0.00512 $0.00534
August $0.00525 $0.00548
September $0.00539 $0.00561
October $0.00548 $0.00570
November $0.00534 $0.00579
December $0.00552 $0.00588

Holochain Price Predictions 2028

According to our Holochain price predictions, the token is expected to have minimum, average, and maximum prices of around $0.00531, $0.00648, and $0.00765, respectively, for the entire year 2028. The percentage change for the year is forecasted to be 50%.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00531 $0.00602
February $0.00602 $0.00613
March $0.00613 $0.00637
April $0.00625 $0.00654
May $0.00637 $0.00672
June $0.00654 $0.00683
July $0.00666 $0.00695
August $0.00683 $0.00712
September $0.00701 $0.00730
October $0.00712 $0.00742
November $0.00695 $0.00753
December $0.00718 $0.00765

Holochain Prediction 2029

In 2029, the HOT token may have a maximum price of $0.00968, with a minimum price of $0.00672, based on our HOT predictions. At the same time, the average price of the token is expected to be around $0.00820.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.00672 $0.00761
February $0.00761 $0.00776
March $0.00776 $0.00806
April $0.00791 $0.00828
May $0.00806 $0.00850
June $0.00828 $0.00865
July $0.00842 $0.00879
August $0.00865 $0.00902
September $0.00887 $0.00924
October $0.00902 $0.00939
November $0.00879 $0.00953
December $0.00909 $0.00968

Holochain Price Prediction 2030

According to our Holo price prediction, the maximum price of the Holochain coin may be $0.1208. Looking at the past performance of the token, the minimum and average prices may be around $0.08390 and $0.1023, respectively.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.0839 $0.0950
February $0.0950 $0.0968
March $0.0968 $0.100
April $0.0987 $0.103
May $0.100 $0.106
June $0.103 $0.108
July $0.105 $0.110
August $0.108 $0.112
September $0.111 $0.115
October $0.112 $0.117
November $0.110 $0.119
December $0.113 $0.121


Holo (HOT)

$ 0.001945 Trade Now

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is Holo a good investment?

Yes, Holochain is a good investment. Technical analysis based on HOT crypto price prediction suggests that if you are looking to invest in Holo, a better price is expected from it in the near future. It is a good investment option giving a significant rise from the current level by December 2024.

Is it profitable to invest in Holochain (HOT)?

Based on the Hot price prediction, it can be predicted that it is profitable to invest in HOT for this year compared to its peer coins. Moreover, users can invest for the long term in the HOT token.

Will the HOT coin reach $1?

Holochain might trade and reach $1 after 2030. It is also said that once it enters the bull market, there are chances of a price increase. In the short term, with certain price variations and experts’ influence, the Holo price might reach around $0.1208.

What is the HOT prediction for the future?

HOT is growing – not by leaps and bounds but by scaling gradually. HOT has a promising future and shall record high prices in the years ahead. Experts predict Holo cryptocurrency price to reach $0.00222 by 2024 and rise to $0.00360 by 2025. Market Holo predictions anticipate a bull run of $0.00588 in 5 years.

Where to buy Holochain?

Currently, Holochain is available for various crypto exchanges such as Binance, MXC.COM, ProBit Exchange, and Bitrue.


Holo (HOT)

$ 0.001945 Trade Now

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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