IOST Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

  • Based on our IOST coin price prediction 2023, the IOST coin price might hit $0.016 by the end of this year.
  • According to our IOST price prediction 2025, the future of IOST crypto is bright, and it might cross $0.026.
  • Our IOST price prediction 2030 indicates that the IOST crypto might hit the maximum price level of $0.082.

Currently, the price of IOST crypto is trading around $0.0085. Over the last week, IOST token has registered tremendous growth of almost 16% in its value. Amidst positive market sentiment, we can say that IOST price might continue to rise and it may reach to $0.016 by the end of 2023. If you are looking for IOST price forecast, our in-depth analysis aims to answer your questions like, What is the future of IOST? Will IOST go up? Before we start with detailed IOST price prediction, let’s dive into the overview of IOST.

IOST Overview

ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.009656
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 180,127,982
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
18,708,894,189 IOST
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 14,742,173
all time high
All time high
all time low
All time low

introAbout IOST Ecosystem

IOST is a blockchain network built on the next-gen consensus algorithm called “Proof of Believability” (PoB), offering exceptional speed, scalability, and security. With a team of experienced professionals and support from top-tier investors, IOST aims to serve as the foundational framework for online services, catering to the security and scalability requirements of a decentralized economy.

IOST claims that it can execute 100000 secure TPS with ultrafast blockchain. The IOST ecosystem consists of its own nodes, wallets, and dApps. IOST was launched in January 2018 by Terrence Wang, Justin Li, Ray Xiao, Sa Wang, Jimmy Zhong, and Kevin Tan. The major investors of IOST include node capital, Zen Fund, Nirvana capital, Alpha coin fund, Huobi, Sequoia, LINKVC, Matrix Partners, INBlock chain, metropolis VC, and SEQUOIA.

IOST is tremendously widening its reach in all the related areas to become a pioneer leader in the smart contract industry. IOST token is the native currency of the IOST Network. Anyone can stake, trade, and utilize IOST to engage across the vast ecosystem of IOST Dapps, services, and marketplaces.



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coin overviewFeatures of IOST

The emergence of high fees and slower transaction times on the Ethereum network has created an opportunity for innovative solutions to arise, and IOST has emerged as a leading project with its groundbreaking technology.

Since its mainnet launch in 2019, IOST has gained significant traction. Its decentralized and high-throughput blockchain technology has surpassed 37 prominent competitors, such as EOS and Ethereum, by a factor of more than five, as indicated by the latest ranking from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development.

The IOST platform proposes unique features such as,

  • Scalability – With 0.5 blocktime and 8,000 TPS, you can build any application on IOST without concerning about the speed
  • Affordability – You can attain free resources via staking $IOST
  • Developers-friendly – IOST network uses the widely popular programming language- JavaScript.
  • Users-friendly – IOST offers ultra-fast and gas-free transactions, and human-friendly users accounts names.
  • Booming Ecosystem – IOST has grown to host half a million global users, over 400 nodes across 20 countries and top-notch partnerships



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market sentimentCurrent Market Sentiments of IOST

Historical IOST price action shows a sideways trading for a long time. Today, IOST is trading around $0.0085 with a 1.24% loss for the session. The market shows a lot of indecisiveness in the price movement. Traders should be cautious about entry and profit booking on IOST during this time. Investors can wait for the entry. Let’s explore crypto experts’ take on the future of IOST crypto.

Based on our IOST price prediction, your current investment may be devalued in the future. IOST might reach $0.0011 by the end of 1 year. IOST can be a bad, high-risk 1-year investment option.
Wallet Investor

As per the IOST forecast, the price of IOST is expected to cross the level of $0.0147. By the end of the year, IOST is expected to reach a minimum fee of $0.00706. In addition, the IOST price is capable of getting a maximum level of $0.0187.
Digital Coin Price

The future price of IOST is predicted at $0.023115251133442 (166.305%) after a year according to our IOST crypto price prediction system.
GOV Capital

The IOST price forecast for 2023 anticipates a significant increase in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $0.01279. Averaging $0.011937 in price is quite ambitious, but it is feasible in the near future given anticipated collaborations and advancements. IOST is expected to have a minimum value of $0.010232.

IOST price is predicted to reach a lowest possible level of $0.010 in 2023. As per our IOST price prediction, the price of IOST coin could reach a maximum possible level of $0.011 with the average forecast price of $0.010.
Price Prediction



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technical analysisIOST Technical analysis

IOST’s price today is trading around $0.0085 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,670,843. The market cap is $160,531,827, with a circulating supply of 18,708,894,189 IOST. The highest price at which IOST coins are traded is $0.1365, which was in 2018. The all-time low of the IOST price is noted at $0.001562, which is in March 2020.

The current price of IOST is on moderate recovery. The latest trend shows that if the price level remains the same, there are chances that the IOST price will regain its strength soon.

The immediate resistance level is $0.009. IOST has to cross the immediate resistance level before a significant price rise. On the downside, it might trade towards its support level of $0.008.

Based on the current price action of IOST crypto, it may record a range-bound trading as of now. But the IOST price forecast system shows that a bounce and break out from this level is expected soon.



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IOST Price Prediction 2023 - 2030IOST Price Prediction for 2023-2030

The global cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing growth, driven by the rally led by Bitcoin. Our long-term cryptocurrency predictions suggest a positive outlook for major coins. In addition, IOST shows promising potential for investors and is expected to experience growth in the near future. Let’s delve into IOST price predictions for the upcoming years:

IOST Price Prediction 2023

Based on our IOST prediction for 2023 suggests that the maximum value of IOST could potentially reach approximately $0.016. The average price throughout 2023 is estimated to be around $0.011. On the downside, there is a possibility that the IOST coin may reach a minimum price level of $0.0066.

IOST Coin Price Prediction 2024

Our IOST forecast for 2024, the projected average price of IOST crypto is $0.015. The price of IOST may potentially reach a maximum level of $0.019, while the minimum level could be around $0.0115 by the end of 2024.

IOST Price Prediction 2025

IOST coin price prediction 2025 indicates that the IOST crypto might reach a maximum price of $0.026 by the end of the year. The IOST forecast indicates the average price for 2025 might be around $0.0221. with bullish indications for the year, there is no major price drop. IOST price predictions are comparatively stable for 2025.

IOST Crypto Price Prediction 2026

IOST would have gained extensive acceptance, and it has the potential to be one of the major players among top blockchains by 2026. Based on our long-term IOST price forecast, the coin price might cross the $0.0331 mark. The minimum price level might be around $0.0278. The average IOST price for the year might be around $0.0,301 as per our predictions.

IOST Price Forecast 2027

The IOST price prediction for 2027 is bullish and the price of IOST will reach around the minimum price of $0.028 and predictions expect it to reach a maximum price of $0.0351 by the end of 2027. Gradually bulls will make an entry which makes IOST a profitable investment. IOST forecast shows that the coin mostly trading with an average IOST price $0.0312 for the year.

IOST Price Prediction 2028

As per our IOST price prediction, the coin might continue with the upside momentum, and its maximum price may reach $0.039. While the minimum price may be $0.033. As per the IOST prediction, it might have an average price of $0.0356.

IOST Prediction 2029

The IOST price is forecasted to have an average price of $0.055. As per the IOST price prediction for 2029, the expected maximum price is $0.061, and the minimum price is $0.051. The value of IOST for this year is expected to rise steadily.

IOST Price Prediction 2030

Based on our IOST forecast 2030, we project that the token might reach the maximum value of $0.0821, with a minimum value of $0.0651. The average price of IOST crypto can be somewhere around $0.0736, with a marginal change for the year 2030.



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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Is it good to invest in IOST?

Yes, IOST is worth crypto for investment. IOST is upgrading day by day. Our analysis indicates that the IOST is a profitable investment option among cryptocurrencies for long-term investment.

How much will IOST coin cost in 2025?

Based on our IOST price prediction 2025, the coin might reach a maximum value of $0.026 and the average price might be around $0.0221.

What will be the price of IOST in 2030?

IOST coin may trade in a range from a maximum price level of $0.0821 to the minimum price level of $0.0651, as per our IOST price prediction for 2030.

Where to buy IOST?

IOST is available in all major cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy IOST form Upbit, Binance, BITTREX,, HitBTC, CoinEx, LiveCoin, Huobi Global, MANDALA exchange, WazirX, Coinbene,, Bitfinex, Gopax, etc.



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