Mina Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

  • Based on our Mina price prediction for 2024, the MINA coin price might hit $2.7 by the end of this year.
  • According to our Mina coin price prediction for 2025, the future of the MINA token is bright, and it might cross the $3.27 mark.
  • Our MINA price prediction for 2030 indicates that the Mina crypto might hit the maximum price level of $13.24.

Currently, the price of Mina coin is trading around $1.28. Over the last week, the Mina token has registered a rise of almost 7% in its value. Amidst positive market sentiment, we can say that Mina Protocol might continue to rise and it may reach $2.76 by the end of 2024.

If you are looking for a Mina forecast, our in-depth analysis aims to answer your questions like, Does Mina coin have a future? Can MINA reach $100? Before we start with a detailed Mina price prediction, let’s dive into the overview of Mina.

Mina Overview

ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.8047
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 886,948,222
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
1,109,169,105 MINA
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 28,131,572
all time high
All time high
$ 9.91
all time low
All time low
$ 0.4214
Mina ROI
No Data

introWhat is the Mina Protocol?

Mina Protocol, formerly known as Coda Protocol, is a unique “succinct blockchain” designed to optimize computational demands and enhance the efficiency of running apps. Notably, Mina stands out as the world’s lightest blockchain due to its ability to maintain a constant size even with increased usage. This ensures a balance between security and decentralization.

The rebranding to Mina occurred in October 2020. Remarkably, the Mina network has a size of just 22 KB, a significantly smaller scale compared to Bitcoin’s 300 GB blockchain.

Mina develops an efficient payment system, allowing users to verify the platform from the Genesis block using a succinct blockchain. It utilizes zk-SNARKs for authentication without revealing information.

To optimize scalability, Mina incrementally computes SNARKs for recent blocks, enabling users to check compressed proofs. MINA is the protocol’s native currency, serving as a utility coin and medium of exchange.


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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introHow Does Mina Work?

Mina differentiates itself from Bitcoin by its transaction handling and incorporates the account model from Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin’s list of unspent coins, Ethereum’s state comprises account balances.

In Mina, a prover (or snarker) replaces traditional miners and ensures each block commits to the state. Mina utilizes Ouroboros Samasika, a PoS mechanism designed for succinct decentralized networks, for bootstrapping from a genesis block.

Succinct blockchains perform two essential functions: verification (consensus, blockchain summary, and blocks) and updating (consensus and chain summary). Additionally, Mina employs a parallel scan state to enhance transaction processing speed by grouping unproven blocks and assigning them to parallel provers.

How does the Mina Protocol handle transactions?

When the customer initiates a transaction, it will be redirected to the meme pool. The meme pool is valid proof but an unconfirmed transaction. Then this will be taken over by snarkers by making proof or SNARK. Then the block producer will be selected to bundle transactions into blocks.

The block producer then chooses a SNARK and incorporates SNARK into a block. This block will be added to the chain and updated to the network. SNARK transactions will be removed from the chain to keep the size constant. Finally, the block producer will upgrade the protocol zk-SNARK. A new block becomes part of the chain.


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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expert reviewMina Protocol Market Sentiment

Here are some of the Mina price predictions from different crypto giants:

In 2026, the global acceptance and application use cases of Mina might drive its price up to an average of $45. The increasing demand for lightweight blockchain solutions will be a significant contributing factor. I predict that the market’s bullish trend and additional use-cases might push the highest price to $60.CoinMarketCap

There is a good chance that Mina 2027 Price Prediction will double in price, but it is also possible that it may not reach its expected maximum $5.80 level. Mina is predicted to reach an all-time high of $5.68 or $5.80 in 2027, and it could be the year of Mina.Digital Coin Price

If the upward trend continues until 2025, it could reach $4.78 and MINA may profit. If the market experiences a decline, the goal may not be met. MINA is expected to trade at an average price of $4.37 and a low of $4.10 in 2025.BitcoinWisdom

Mina has amazing potential over the next few years as acceptance for cryptocurrency increases. Our market forecast indicates that by 2030, MINA could reach a new all-time high of $12.62.Bitnation

The average projected price for Mina in 2030 is expected to be $15.77, with potential variance between $15.24 and $18.20.
Price Prediction

The Mina Protocol price prediction for 2025 is currently between $ 1.092177 on the lower end and $ 2.89 on the high end. Compared to today’s price, Mina Protocol could gain 123.56% by 2025 if MINA reaches the upper price target.CoinCodex


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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technical analysisMINA Technical Analysis

The current price of MINA is $1.28, with a 24-hour trading volume of $64,352,365 with a market cap of $1,362,388,766. The all-time high of MINA price is $9.91, and the all-time low is $0.352 as of Oct 11, 2023.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a major push recently and due to this major coins have recorded tremendous growth. The MINA protocol also exhibits huge price changes over the last since the beginning of 2024. After hitting a low at $0.352 in Oct 2023, MINA crypto registered a sharp spike which took it to a high of $1.2. However, the Mina coin couldn’t sustain itself and fell below $1.24 in the last week.

However, after hitting $1, Mina token has initiated a price recovery and currently, it is trading around $1.28. Looking at the current price action of Mina token, it is trading in a positive direction. If the ongoing recovery continues, then after a trend confirmation, traders can take positions to buy Mina Protocol.


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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price predictionMina Price Prediction: 2024-2030

We, at CryptoNewsZ, predict crypto price trends for major cryptocurrencies based on historical data, current price trends, fundamentals, forecast systems, and many more. Accurate long-term price predictions are difficult in the crypto space. Let us have a look into the Mina Protocol price forecast for the next few years, keep in mind crypto trade always accounts ample amount of risk.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $1.13 $2.76
2025 $2.72 $3.27
2026 $3.73 $4.51
2027 $4.86 $5.80
2028 $6.01 $6.93
2029 $8.53 $9.42
2030 $12.34 $13.24

Mina Coin Price Prediction 2024

With significant adoption and collaborations with the other influencing networks, the price of the Mina would grow enormously. Based on the Mina Protocol price prediction for 2024, the minimum price of the MINA token might be around $1.13. The price of MINA is anticipated to hit a maximum price level of $2.76 by the end of 2024.

Mina Price Prediction 2025

According to the Mina coin price prediction for 2025, the MINA cryptocurrency is projected to have a minimum price of approximately $2.72 and a maximum price of around $3.27. The average anticipated trading price is estimated to be $2.995.

Mina Crypto Price Prediction 2026

It is highly anticipated that the maximum price level of the MINA token may trade around $4.51 by the end of 2026 as per our MINA prediction. The minimum and average price levels might be around $3.73 and $4.12 during 2026.

Mina Price Forecast 2027

The average MINA price might be trading around $4.86 in 2027 as per our Mina price prediction. Later, it may show a good sign after the second half of the year, and it may reach a maximum price level of $5.80 by the end of the year.

Mina Protocol Price Prediction 2028

As per the Mina price prediction, crypto is going to emerge as a rising sun outshining the latest innovations in blockchain technology. MINA price might surpass traders’ expectations reaching daunting heights of $6.93 by the end of 2028.

Mina Prediction 2029

According to the Mina forecast, the coin is predicted to have an average price of $8.975 in 2029. While the predicted minimum and maximum prices by the end of 2029 are $8.53 and $9.42.

Mina Price Prediction 2030

According to our Mina price prediction, there is an expectation for MINA to continue its rally towards $13.24 in 2030. However, if this support is not attained, the average price of Mina could be around $12.79, with a potential bottom-out at $12.34.


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Is Mina a good investment?

Yes, Mina Protocol is a good investment as it is one of the most advanced blockchains with strong fundamentals. Our price prediction for the Mina Protocol shows that it will be a very profitable investment in the future.

Where to buy Mina crypto?

Traders and investors can buy MINA on the leading crypto exchanges like Binance, Kraken, OKEx, WazirX, Mandala Exchange, ZT, HitBTC, etc.

Why did Mina coin crash?

Mina coin crashed over the last year due to a combination of factors, including rising inflation and monetary policy changes in the world, as well as wider market sell-offs.

What will Mina price be in 2025?

Based on our Mina price prediction for 2025, the price of the MINA token might be trading in a range of $2.72-$3.27.

What will Mina token price be in 2030?

Our Mina price prediction for 2030 projects that the coin might trade in a range between $12.34 to $13.24 and the average price of MINA should be around $12.79.

Can Mina Protocol reach $100?

The possibility of Mina Protocol reaching $100 exists, but it is not guaranteed. Price will depend on supply and demand dynamics. If there is strong demand and limited supply, $100 is conceivable. However, cryptocurrency prices are volatile and subject to fluctuations.


Mina Protocol (MINA)

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