Nervos Network Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

Understanding the Nervos Network Ecosystem

Nervos Network (CKB) is an open-source, public blockchain ecosystem and set of protocols built to solve the loopholes in existing blockchain technology. It includes a collection of protocols for creating a universal network like the internet, and it comes with interoperability through scalable layer 2 solutions. Altogether Nervos Network (CKB) tries to establish an ecosystem of Universal Apps.

Nervos Network Overview

Cryptocurrency Nervos Network
Ticker Symbol CKB
Price $0.00504
Price Change 24h +5.38%
Price Change 7d +20.12%
Market cap $201,325,557
Circulating Supply 40,073,706,167 CKB
Trading Volume $76,861,718
All time high $0.04412
All time low $0.002083
Nervos Network ROI -44.50%

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Kevin Wang and Daniel LV co-founded Nervos Network in January 2018. The team behind Nervos Network is the pioneer in blockchain technology and related projects. So they came up with a blockchain that could be a solution for the performance needs of enterprise use cases. Nervos Network constitutes of the following:

Godwoken: It is an EVM-compatible layer 2 built on Nervos Network layer 1 for decentralized applications. Godwoken provides instant transaction confirmation and low fees. On top of that, it is completely Ethereum compatible with Nervos Network, so Ethereum blockchain developers can easily port the dApps now. The multi-chain solution utilizes advanced account abstraction.

Lina: CKB mainnet named Lina was launched in 2019. Initially, an open-source genesis block generator was released, which led to a mainnet launch. This lets miners and node operators launch and verify Lina independently.

Grants Program: Grants program started in January 2020. To bring new technology, the best developers, and ideas into the ecosystem, Nervos Network offered a $30 Million grant to developers and technocrats building new ideas for the blockchain infrastructure.

CKLabs: As a part of the project operation, CKLabs was launched in May 2020 to support the startups building application on Nervos Network. Startups can bring their products to market. Moreover, they have access to crypto ventures capital firms such as Polychain and dragonfly capital.

What is Nervos Network?

Nervos Network (CKB) is a public blockchain with a different design. It has a multi-layer architecture, and each layer addresses different concerns. The Nervos Network blockchain, also known as the common knowledge base, is the bottom-most layer of the Nervos Network ecosystem. CKB consensus is an improved version of Nakamoto consensus based on proof of work. Furthermore, this brings forth trust in all layers built on the top. CKB stores data and helps the upper layers with infinite configuration possibilities on different layers. In addition to that, CKB maximizes flexibility and security and preserves data stored within that.

While Layer 1 focuses on decentralization and security, Layer 2 acts as a high-performance application layer focused on scalability, also considered a generation layer. It possesses most of the transactions and generates new states also helps to provide unlimited instantaneous transactions with fewer transaction fees. The benefit of a multi-layer approach is that the upper layer will do most of the work independently. Together these layers provide high scalability and decentralization without compromising on security. The fee needs to be paid only when transactions are settled in common knowledge. CKB and layer 2 work together to serve the crypto economy.

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Features of Nervos Network

  • Nervos Network force bridge is a cross-chain bridge on its mainnet. Force bridge enables cross-chain transactions with Ethereum. So it acts as a bridge between the Nervos Network ecosystem and the Ethereum ecosystem. Force bridge supports all ETH as well as ERC-20 Tokens.
  • The network’s state is stored in cells. Updating cell content is a way of creation and destruction, and each transaction may destroy some cells and create new cells with new owners.
  • Nervos Network offers smart contract programmability using popular programming languages. Programs on Nervos Network can store data and state on-chain. This allows the development of complex applications and the creation of tokens easier.
  • CKB-VM provides a safe and flexible platform for developers. CKB-VM can execute different smart contracts simultaneously; the massive parallelization improves scalability.
  • The native token of Nervos Network has unique use cases. CKByte is used to store value, execute a smart contract, facilitate transactions, and be used for value preservation, which helps the network for value creation and growth. CKB can be stored in the native wallet of the Nervos Network called Neuron.
  • Nervos Network has sustainable crypto-economics with a built-in store value. This helps the network solve some of the sustainability challenges of public blockchain networks.
  • Nervos Network has an integrated development environment that was launched in 2021. Nervos Network IDE is easy to use for dApps development. It has features including coding, compiling, debugging, and deploying, which help developers build universal applications.
  • Bitcoin SPV library provides a tool kit for working with bitcoin and some other blockchains. Moreover, it validates all bitcoin transactions and headers.
  • The special smart contracts of Nervos CKByte function as inflation shelter, which stands against the effect of secondary issuance. Owners who deposit their tokens on Nervos DAO receive a portion of secondary issuance.

What is CKB?

The native token of Nervos is called CKByte with a ticker symbol CKB. Holding one CKB permit to store one-byte data in the Nervos Network. Any transaction fee on the ecosystem is paid with the help of CKB. In addition to that, CKB is used for resource management and incentivization. Ecosystem participants can lock the CKB token on Nervos DAO, compensating for locking.

CKByte is used to pay three kinds of fees in the ecosystem. Firstly, the Cycle fee is paid to miners. This fee is determined based on the number of computer resources used to verify a transaction, which CKB-VM measures. Secondly, the transaction fee and, finally, a state rent to minors for providing storage space. For the mining of each block, the miner will get back blocks full base issuance and a portion of secondary issuance. When mining rewards eventually end, the miners will still get state rent.

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CKByte is used for creating a new cell. The user needs to own an equal amount of CKByte to the space that the new cell will occupy. The amount is locked till the cell space remains the same. CKByte is released when the sell is consumed, and then it can be used for any other purpose.

Regarding the token distribution of CKByte, the genesis of the Nervos Network (CKB) contained 33.6 billion CKB. 8.4 Billion were immediately burned, 21.5% of tokens were allocated for public sale, 14% was allocated for private sale, 15% was allocated for the team and vesting over four years, 17% was ecosystem fund, 5% was reserved for strategic founding partners, 2% was reserved for foundation, and 5% was allocated to testnet incentives. The new issuance is either through base issuance or secondary issuance. Secondary issuance has a constant issuance rate of 1.344 billion CKByte for a year.

Nervos Network Technical Analysis

Recent pessimistic updates and forecasts on the cryptocurrency market have resulted in a sharp fall in the trading volume of digital assets globally. Trading volume and overall capitalization also plunged, and the average trading price of most of the coins plummeted.

Current price at which Nervos Network cryptocurrency trading is $0.004064, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,498,115. The total market cap is $162,278,922, with a circulating supply of 39,932,508,815 CKB. Today’s trading range is a minimum price of $0.003977 and a maximum price of $0.00423. The highest price at which Nervos network (CKB) traded was $0.04412 on March 31, 2021. Nervos Network’s price today is around 90.85% less than the all-time high. The all-time low is at $0.002083, which was on Dec 20, 2022.

Historical data shows CKB was traded sideways for a long time. In Feb 2021, CKB recovered from the trading market and started a huge upward trend. CKB investors were happiest in Feb 2021 as it gave excellent returns, but from the next day onwards, the price of Nervos Network started downward momentum. The token tried to recover with some in-between pickups and drops but could not overcome certain resistances. The highest CKB could reach was $0.03239 in Nov 2021. After that, the coin has been trading in a major downtrend.

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To sum up this deep technical analysis, notably, no turnaround pattern has appeared yet. Some of the technical indicators still show selling pressure, and some show a neutral trend. Hence, CKB crypto price prediction indicates that the coin will show a mixed candle formation for a few more trading sessions and turn bullish.

We can probably expect a Nervos Network price rise to the next resistance level within a few trading sessions of the coin. Still, a strong upward momentum needs a clear break-out and indicator confirmation, and this can be expected within the medium term. So CKB enthusiasts can wait for some time to invest in the coin. Mostly by the end of the year, investors can look for an investment opportunity in the coin. Know about the right entry points and predictions from the best crypto prediction site.

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CKB Price Forecast: Expert’s Opinion

As per Wallet Investors’ price forecast, the token is not a profitable investment option, with a minimum price of $0.000259 for 2023. Wallet Investor

The price forecast by Price Prediction suggests that the coin value for 2023 will be between $0.005 to $0.006 approximately. Price Prediction

The Gov Capital price forecast suggests that the price of Nervos Network will be around $0.01247 at the end of 2023. Gov Capital

The Tech News Leader forecast indicates that the CKB price for 2024 will be $0.009.Tech News Leader

Nervos Network Price Prediction 2023-2030

Analyzing the past price data, the coin has given a significantly good return in the past year with a market cap of $145,195,311. During the year-end, there was not much change in the Nervos Network price. But there was some loss in the previous month. Uncertainty is an inevitable appellation for the crypto market because the demand and supply mechanism of the coins sometimes depends on the company’s monetary policy.

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Let us look at the long-term future price predictions of Nervos Network cryptocurrency!

Nervos Network Price Predictions 2023

CKB Nervos Price prediction foresees a beginning at $0.0035. The maximum level for the year is $0.008, and the average trading value of 2023 is $0.0045.

Nervos CKB Coin Price Prediction 2024

CKB price forecast speculates to begin at $0.0082, it may reach $0.009 within two-month, but after that, a price fall is predicted to $0.0075. The minimum value for the year is $0.0074, the maximum value is $0.0095, and the average value expected is $0.00845.

Nervos Network Price Prediction 2025

CKB price prediction 2025 starts at $0.012. Predictions show a minimum price value of $0.01, and maximum price value expected by the year-end is $0.025, and the average price is predicted at $0.0175. CKB coin prediction 2025 corroborates CKB has been a profitable investment in the long term, so it is a good choice for the portfolio.

Nervos Network Price Prediction 2026

As per the current price of Nervos Network and forecast, there might be a slight correction in the year 2026 as compared to 2025. The average trading price for 2026 is predicted to be $0.015, with a minimum price of Nervos Network at $0.010. Lastly, the maximum level of price of Nervos Network might be around $0.020. The future price of Nervos Network is bullish based on the current price.

Nervos Network (CKB) Price Prediction 2027

The minimum level predicted is $0.0158, and the maximum level predicted is $0.0181, so the average forecast price for the year is $0.0168.

Nervos Network Price Prediction 2028

CKB price prediction foresees an optimistic beginning at $0.017. The maximum price expected is $0.022, and the average price is $0.0185 based on the Nervos Network forecast. The expected minimum price value is $0.015.

Nervos Network Price Forecast 2029

The price forecast throughout the year 2029 is highly bullish, the maximum price predicted is $0.030, and the minimum price for the year is $0.025. Based on the CKB price prediction for 2029 and our own research, the average price is around $0.0275.

CKB Price Prediction 2030

There is a high probability that the CKB coin will record tremendous gain, and it is also possible that it may reach its expected maximum $0.040 level. CKB is predicted to have a minimum of $0.029 in 2030.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Nervos Network CKB?

Nervos Network (CKB) is trading in major cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin, Huobi Global, Bittrex, Bitforex, Gate.Io, CoinEx, ProBit, and You can use this exchange platform to buy, sell and invest in Nervos Network coins. As per our Nervos Network (CKB) Price Prediction, the average price of Nervos Network may have a continuous increase.

Is Nervos Network a good investment?

Yes, the Nervos Network coin is definitely a good investment as per the future forecast, and technical analysis concludes that CKB has long-term earning potential. It is important to note that future prices may vary from the forecast price since the crypto market is highly volatile. So, do your own research, invest wisely, and take investment advice before investing in the future.

What is Nervos Network price prediction 2030?

Our CKB price prediction 2030 is quite bullish and is predicted to cross the average price level of $0.0345. The maximum price of Nervos Network is anticipated to reach $0.040, with the minimum level of price for Nervos Network of $0.029. Investing in CKB for the long term at the current price of $0.01293 can be beneficial for the future.

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