Polymath Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

introOverview of Polymath

Polymath is a blockchain platform for the issuance and investment of security tokens. Polymath developed a purpose-built blockchain called Polymesh to address the specific requirements and security regulations of security tokens. Polymesh is designed to create, issue, and manage digital securities on the blockchain.

Polymesh works on nominated Proof-of-Stakes consensus with the finality gadget GRANDPA and token protocol POLYX. Polymath is a one-stop platform to create your security token, access network trusted partners such as legal firm KYC providers, issue your complaint security token, and finally, manage your security token with fast and easy issuance.

Polymath Overview

ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.066776
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 60,047,710
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
898,550,830 POLY
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 5,514
all time high
All time high
$ 1.66
all time low
All time low
$ 0.01075
Polymath ROI

Polymesh blockchain technology is focused on four key design principles to solve the problems of regulators and institutions to enhance the functioning of the security token. Firstly, confidentiality protects information and ownership privacy; furthermore, Polymath provides precise reporting and auditing mechanisms. Secondly, governance offers methods for addressing and actioning proposals and an operating and governance structure that says Polymesh protects assets from contentious forks during network upgrades. Thirdly, a compliance structure that imposes appropriate rules for creating, issuing, and trading security tokens also, the same design feature helps the user to manage complex restrictions and distribution on-chain. Finally, Polymesh has an identity design feature. Identity is the most important feature that allows users to create and acquire or sell tokens without a validated identity. In certain instances, security regulations are vital for investors to confirm their profile before investment, and all the validators must be known and regulated entities. The open-source Polymath platform and token studio offer transparency for security token management. The standardization of ERC-1400 ensures token code meets specific requirements and reduces technical due diligence. Modules of token studio authorize users to customize their offering, manage tokens, and provide corporate actions.

Token Creation Studio provides end-to-end services that include broker-dealers, legal firms, ecosystem custodians, cab table management providers, and KYC/AML providers. This altogether helps creators to create a bespoke end-to-end solution. Moreover, the white-label solution of Polymath is a tool kit to deliver end-to-end token journeys.

Smart extensions are pillars of security tokens on Polymesh. Smart extensions allow issuers to program-specific rules into security tokens. The feature solves issuers’ need for functionality and regulators’ compliance. Specifically, capital distribution, record keeping, and corporate governance financial primitives can be adapted using smart extensions.


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

coin overviewNative Protocol Token

POLY is the ERC-20 token of Polymath that was deployed on the Ethereum network. Polymath (POLY) has a total supply of 1 billion tokens listed across major exchanges and traded actively. POLYX is the native protocol token that fuels the Polymath platform, and the POLY token needs to have material value. Hence, owners of POLY can upgrade their tokens to POLYX at a 1:1 ratio with the help of an Upgrade Bridge. POLYX was created under the guidance of the Swiss financial regulator FINMA.  Want to gain a comprehensive understanding? Check out our Polyx review page, filled with valuable insights and detailed information.

The overall POLYX supply is not fixed, and it will increase over time to fund block rewards. The network transaction fees (gas fee), developer fees, and administration fees are paid using POLYX. On top of that, attaching a cost in POLYX to transactions on the chain prevents network spamming. Nominators stake POLYX on validators, and validators stake POLYX on networks and run authoring nodes. Both parties will be rewarded according to blocks being added to the chain and the fulfillment of nodes.


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

historyPolymath Roadmap

Polymath was co-founded by Chris Housser and Trevor Koverko in 2017. Subsequently, in 2018, Polymath launched its first smart contract on Ethereum. Later in May 2018, Polymath ST-20 security tokens and Polymath token studio dApps were launched. Polymath dApp permits users to create and manage security tokens with Polymesh blockchain architecture. In 2018, Polymesh started focusing on standardization with security token round tables in Barbados. In Aug 2018, ST-20 and V1.0 went live on the Ethereum mainnet.

In the first quarter of 2019, Polymath announced the launch of Polymesh Blockchain in collaboration with Charles Hoskinson. It was a mission to create the best blockchain platform for security tokens. In the same year, Polymath achieved the milestone of upgrading ST-20 to comply with the ERC 1400 security token standard. The team released the Polymesh whitepaper and documentation of SDK 20 in the initial quarter of March 2020.

Later the team launched Testnet V1 for testing Polymesh wallet, POLY to POLYX Bridge, Token studio, and governance for token holders. STO updated with pre-mint function to raise. In the third-quarter Polymesh testnet, V2 was launched. V2 included additional features for testing unique identity and settlement. Polymesh incentivized testnet for POLYX rewards, and the Polymesh mainnet launch was completed in 2021. The entire team is consistently working for further advancements in Polymath technology.


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

technical analysisPolymath Technical Analysis

The crypto market boomed ahead of the long weekend. Most of the digital coins traded green. Polymath’s price today is trading at $0.1784, with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,505. It is a huge volume fall compared to the previous trading session. The total market cap is $166,882,463, with a total circulating supply of 924,998,413 POLY. The highest price at which Polymath (POLY) is traded was $1.66 on February 19, 2018. It is marked as an all-time high. The all-time low was marked at $0.01075 on March 13, 2020.

Historical data shows that Polymath (POLY) was traded mostly sideways after its all-time high for an extended period from 2018 to 2021, excluding some drops and minor pick-ups. During this time, the POLY price was hanging in a range without any marble price actions. Later, on February 18, 2021, POLY price skyrocketed to $0.69 in a single trading session, backed by huge volume.

The bullish candle initiated an upward move which remarked another medium-term high at $0.9197. Bulls failed to sustain the momentum, and prices plunged to $0.144 gradually. In between volumes supported, but the token was not able to break out, and for more than six months, POLY traded sideways. Currently, in 2023, a decent recovery is seen, which might increase more in the short term.

POLY has been trading green with moderate volume in the last two months, pointing out the resistance and support levels. Immediate resistance is placed at $0.20. Any further move can take POLY to the major resistance of $0.25. On the opposite side, nearby support is placed at $015. Any price drop below this will seek support at $0.13, and the major support is $0.10, below which traders can sell Polymath as per our forecast. POLY does not fall to major support within the short term based on the current trend.

To sum up the technical analysis of POLY. POLY has been forming short-line green candles for the past few trading sessions, eventually strengthening the positive trend. Overall, the cryptocurrency market sentiments of the coin are positive. Most technical indicators such as MACD, EMA, Bollinger band, and Stoch RSI are supportive of bulls.

However certain indicators specify a slight weakness in the trend. So short-term POLY price prediction is moderately bullish. As per our forecast, aggressive traders can look for a swing opportunity in the token. Since the trend may weaken at any time, it can reverse, so value investors can wait for explicit confirmation of a strong uptrend before initiating long-term positions. Visit here to learn about Altcoins prediction!


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

expert reviewPolymath Forecast: Experts’ Opinion

Historical price analysis of Polymath manifests all-time ROI Polymath has disappointed investors, but POLY gave a good return for its investors in the past. The maximum return for one year was significantly high; furthermore, POLY has also given noteworthy returns in the last six months of 2021.

Looking at some of the most interesting other predictions, experts are bullish on coins, and certain algorithm predicts POLY may reach $1. Apart from this, considering other forecasts and predictions, most of them are bullish on POLY tokens’ long-term earning potential.

The experts in the field of cryptocurrency have analyzed the prices of Polymath and their fluctuations during the previous years. It is assumed that in 2027, the minimum POLY price might drop to $$0.7219, while its maximum can reach $$0.8780. On average, the trading cost will be around $$0.7427.Changelly

Polymath Price Prediction, or POLY, will experience tremendous growth in 2028 as it has the potential to achieve new highs in terms of price points and market cap. Polymath’s price is expected to surpass $0.82 in 2028. It has been predicted that Polymath will reach the maximum price of $0.82 and the minimum price is expected to be around $0.69 in the next five years from 2028.Digital Coin Price

Long-term analysis suggests that Polymath price could potentially surge to $158.43 by 2050, with a potential range between $148.87 and $177.62.
Price Prediction

By 2029, some sources like OvenAdd and FinanceShots platforms predicted that Polymath could potentially reach a value of $1.52 or even higher. This prediction is based on the belief that Polymath’s limited token supply and increasing demand will continue to drive up its value over time.Coinmarketcap


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

price predictionPolymath Price Forecast 2024-2030

The cryptocurrency market is evolving day by day. New investors are pouring money into the riskier asset class. Data shows that long-term and short-term prediction is hyped more than valuations. Most importantly, prices depend on the purpose of the token, its use cases, burning mechanism, locking type, to what extent the particular coin solves the issues for what it was created, how the parent company is developing, and finally, demand and supply of the coin. External factors such as privacy, regulation prevailing market conditions also affect the Polymath price movement and predictions. However, let us now look at the long-term POLY price forecast.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.16 $0.40
2025 $0.39 $0.46
2026 $0.53 $0.66
2027 $0.69 $0.82
2028 $0.86 $0.99
2029 $1.22 $1.35
2030 $1.76 $1.88

Polymath Crypto Price Prediction 2024

POLY coin price prediction foresees a start at $0.16 in 2024. However, by the end of the year, POLY is predicted to reach $0.40, which is a good sign.

Polymath Price Prediction 2025

Polymath price prediction 2025 is speculated to open at $0.39. The second half is predicted to begin at $0.40 and eventually rise to $0.46 by the year-end. To sum up, the future price forecast shows POLY is a profitable investment for the long term.

Polymath Price Prediction 2026

The price will continue to rise even this year, as per the Polymath prediction. The maximum price of Polymath is anticipated to be $0.66 by the year-end, while the minimum price is anticipated to be $0.53 as per our Polymath price prediction. The average Polymath price may be $0.59.

Polymath Price Predictions 2027

Polymath token price may start at a minimum price of $0.69. The maximum price might be $0.82, and the average trading price might be $0.75. POLY will become a good investment within five years, considering the current price.

Polymath Price Prediction 2028

As per our POLY forecast, the average price is predicted to be around $0.92, with a maximum price of $0.99. The minimum price of the coin in 2028 might be around $0.86, as per our Polymath prediction.

POLY Price Prediction 2029

As per our Polymath price prediction, the average price at the beginning of the year might be $1.285, with a maximum level of $1.35. At the same time, the minimum level is predicted to be around $1.22.

Polymath Predictions 2030

Based on our analysis and forecasts, the coin is expected to trade at a maximum of $1.88, with a minimum price of $1.76. Looking at its future value, Polymath cryptocurrency will be an added advantage for your virtual currencies portfolio. Especially considering the current price, it is cheap and a good option for making money in the future.


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Is Polymath a good investment?

POLY price prediction shows Polymath be worth investing in for the future. But investing is a risk considering the nature of digital coins, so invest wisely. Doing your own research and taking a piece of investment advice is necessary before investing.

Where can I buy Polymath?

You can buy Polymath from major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Gate.IO. You can invest in Polymath using any of these exchanges.

What is Polymath price prediction 2030?

Along with the price, the market cap of Polymath will also increase in the long run. As per our Polymath forecast 2030, the maximum price is predicted to be $1.88 with a minimum value of $1.76.


Polymath (POLY)

$ 0.066776 Trade Now

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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