Serum Price Prediction

What is Serum?

Serum project is a protocol for decentralized exchanges characterized by high speed and low transaction costs. A completely permissionless project for decentralized finance is built on the high-performing censorship-resistant blockchain called Solana. It is an open-source project launched in July 2020, co-founded by Sam Bankman-Fried who is also a founder of FTX. Sam initially founded Alameda research a cryptocurrency trading firm. In 2019, he founded FTX derivative exchange. The Serum project is mainly backed by the Serum foundation and a group of cryptocurrency experts.

Serum Overview

Cryptocurrency Serum
Ticker Symbol SRM
Price $1.62
Price Change 24h +1.53%
Price Change 7d -0.84%
Market cap $62,792,122
Circulating Supply 263,244,669 SRM
Trading Volume $11,044,448
All time high $13.72
All time low $0.11
Serum ROI +149.29%

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Serum Dex has formed with the alliance of Alameda research, FTX, and Solana foundation, still, they help Serum to excel in services. Serum’s on-chain central limit order book allows ecosystem partners to share liquidity and power market-based features. Users can create applications that leverage the liquidity of the platform and its ecosystem benefits.

Serum is specialized in SPL-token assets. It uses Solana because its myriad advantages include low transaction latency, low fees, high throughput, and security. It supports nearly 50k transactions per second with a block time of 400ms, no sharding is required for the Solana blockchain. Solana has a bridge to Ethereum and it works with a policy to double its capacity and improvements every two years.

The backbone of Serum consists of the following things. Serum tokens which are used to pay for all the services and governance of Serum project, cross-chain swaps by which buyers can exchange assets, automated full limit decentralized order book, Ethereum-Solana integration which allows Serum project to interoperable on both Solana and Ethereum ecosystem and ERC-20 tokens, cross-chain contracts which allow easy margin position in DeFi on synthetic assets.

Phase one of the Serum project was completed by listing the token on major exchanges and implementing on-chain DEX on Serum. Phase 2 concluded by completing the goals of implementing Solana cross-chain bridging, active wallet ecosystem, pools, provision of creating own wallet, active GUI ecosystem, and grants for projects. Phase three has not been completed yet but going on.

Some of the major goals listed include yield, more cross-chain bridges, AMM, Margin trading contract, volume, and TVL growth. Serumswap was a significant milestone of the ecosystem, when swaps are cheap and fast power of AMM will also increase. Raydium is an automated market maker and liquidity provider on the Solana blockchain for the decentralized exchange of Serum. Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to the order book. Serum project has partnered with Psyoptions derivative protocol. They use Serum protocol to create an undercollateralized European option protocol. Serum DAO recently announced its first proposal for a liquidity mining program.

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What Does Serum Offer to Customers?

ORDER BOOKS: Serum online central limit order helps customers by providing price-time priority matching to trades and also for composing projects. This exchange model allows buyers to choose the price of Serum, size, and direction of trades. Serums’ existing architecture, matching service and bootstrapped liquidity help projects. Aside from the spot market, Serum can match orders of derivatives (psyOptions, Offpiste, HXRO).

SERUM CORE: This is conceptualized and developed by Bonfida. Serum’s backend matching engine -asset agnostic order book helps to match any Solana-based products including options, future, and other financial instruments. Other projects can also utilize the asset agnostic order book to use this as their backend matching engine.

TRUE COMPOSIBILITY: Serum tries to maintain standard design principles and composability. Programs that use Serum will have more flexibility. It has a diverse range of applications and buyers can share middleware in one place. The design of the Serum order book supports Serum’s architecture to enhance its modularity.

SOLANA SPEED AND COST: Besides ultra-low transaction costs of $.00001, Solana allows sub-second trading and settlement.

CROSS CHAIN SWAP: Any participants can trade tokens that exist in another platform. Taking an example of the cross-chain exchange between ERC-20 tokens, the cross-chain mechanism works when both parties send ETH to smart chain contracts. Serum allows the user to build their state-of-the-art DEX, embed the Serum swap feature, and utilize Serum as a liquidity layer and matching engine for protocol’s trading features. Serum power liquidation for Jetprotocol, Solfarm. It is calmly building the future for DeFi.

OTHER SERVICES: Decentralised on-chain order matching service of Serum cater infrastructure for dealing applications granting developers flexibility and control. The decentralized exchange of Serum is a greater source of pooled liquidity and shared resources to power-based trading features. Validator nodes on Serum can entrench in two ways: Voting stake and Delegated stake.

Overview of SRM Cryptocurrency

SRM is the native utility token of Serum project SPL token cross-listed as ERC-20. SPL token in Solana blockchain, ERC-20 in Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20 can be converted into rapid SPL with a MetaMask wallet. 1,000,000 SRM tokens stacked together is called Mega Serum (MSRM). SRM is used for the fee and governance in the Serum ecosystem. Users can create 1 mSRM by blocking 1 Million SRM. There is a limit of 1000 MSRM in the world, but the holding power and benefits of MSRM are beyond SRM. 10% of tokens are unlocked and 90% have a long unlocking period.

Trades executed way Serum are chargeable. 20% of tokens allocated for contributor of project, 20% for the team and its advisors, 27% assigned as ecosystem incentive fund, remaining 27% partners and collaborator fund. The initial exchange offering was on Aug 2020 in two exchanges. FTX and Bitmax with an amount of $.11/token. Approximate data shows that around 6 million tokens have been sold and $660000 has been raised.

To ensure liquidity 175M tokens were in initial circulation. Henceforth, holders of SRM have reserved tokens to provide liquidity to extraordinary buy-side demand. Around 125 million are in circulation and 800 million are put aside. For a stake, each node requires one MSRM user receives rewards based on nodes’ performance. Each node has a creator, who creates it is known as the leader of the node, part of the fee will be credited to the leader. MSRM earns slightly more rewards compared to SRM buyers who want to be the long-term participants of the SRM project can participate in the presale of blocks.

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Serum Technical Analysis

Serum price today is trading at $2.63 with 24 hour volume of $144,641,678.02. The total market cap is $350,745,995.39 with a total supply of 1,092,844,982 SRM, circulating supply of Serum is 133,231,781 SRM. The highest price of Serum SRM at which it is traded is $13.72 on Sep 11, 2021, and the lowest price of Serum SRM is $.11 which was on Aug 2020, just after the launch of Serum cryptocurrency.

Serum Price Forecast

Technical analysis data on the weekly chart shows that after the all-time high, the SRM is in a downward trend. After a bearish double top pattern, it was unable to find support. The intense selling pressure the price of Serum SRM faced after the all-time high has beaten Serum SRM price prediction to a new bullish track.

This has been created bewilderment in traders. They have started selling Serum, which admitted retracement in the chart. There was no significant price increase has been found in the future price Serum SRM.

SRM Coin Forecast

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The last major uptrend on the chart is after the huge fall of Sep 7, 2021, which was a red day for most of the digital coins globally, Serum started an uptrend with a moderate volume increase. The Serum price increase was continued for the next 5 trading sessions with a tremendous volume addition which gave a good return to investors and touched an all-time high Serum price.

With the obvious Serum price drop from $12 to $7 investors has lost more than 40% within a week. The hefty confusion of the drop has never confirmed a direction in trend. From September 2021 onwards price is hanging between $9 and $5. Volume is also very less resulted from the degradation of value.

Serum Prediction

Analysis of EMA shows that the Serum price is above 20 EMA, and 200 EMA. The trading price and 50 EMA are both almost at the same place. Investors and traders can think for Investment as of now.

SRM Price Predictions

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From November 2021, first week onwards SRM again broke the calculation, data shows, it cannot bounce back from the predicted support levels. Serum price trend shows that after every two big bearish candles there is flat trading for the next few sessions, unable to find support, which again created a bearish red candle, comparison of the last three weeks showed the same trend in SRM.

Analysis of the Bollinger band shows that beginning of November 2021, bears have won the tug of war completely and candles started trading below the middle line of the Bollinger band, even falling below the lower levels.

SRM Forecast Chart

Technical analysis of resistance and support levels show Serum price has broken most of the major support levels without any price rise. Serum SRM price is now trading in an important support zone. The zone consists of support at $2.130, and $1.601.

Resistance is placed at & $3.753 and $4.424, and the major resistance is $6.133, which was an uphill battle for Serum.

SRM Price Prediction

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It is clear from the candle itself that MACD losses its momentum and lagged behind the signal line, it failed to intersect the signal line, lost momentum for the last two months. RSI is at 45.50 which is an obvious oversold zone. Stochastic RSI is also falling eventually. From technical analysis, the Serum price is falling and the sentiments of the token are negative. SRM price prediction for the short term is bearish with unpredictable trends, accompanied by a lack of momentum.

Short-term traders can expect a minor increase in Serum price level for the upcoming session, but the token has to ensure it catches the support level and confirms the trend reversal, otherwise, the same trend that we have seen earlier will be repeated. The current trading price level is crucial for SRM. Investors and traders have to wait for at least the token to move above the specified resistance level or bounce back from the mentioned support level. Then only Serum can turn into a profitable investment.

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Expert’s Opinion on Serum Price Prediction

Understanding best crypto coin price prediction from an expert’s point of view makes it easy for beginners to put their money in the right places. No matter how volatile the crypto world is, it is considered intelligent to carry out a tentative calculation of the Serum price’s rise and fall during the coming years before investing. Let’s dig into what some of the experienced publications and experts have to say about Serum price predictions!

As per Wallet Investor, the Serum forecast for the price is quite profitable in the long term. The one year forecast is expected to be around $0.235.Wallet Investor

Based on Digital coin price, their Serum price prediction suggests a continuous growth in the coming years. The maximum price of Serum might reach $5.16 at the end of 2026.Digital Coin Price

Serum price prediction by Gov Capital suggests that there is a rising tendency for this crypto in the future. Their Serum forecast has claimed that in the next 5 years, the price might reach $102.528.Gov Capital

As per price prediction, their Serum price prediction says that with a market cap of $350,745,995.39, the maximum price in the next 5 years can be $15.25, the minimum price can be $13.40, and the average price can be $13.77. Price Prediction

Serum price prediction by Technews leader says, the 5-year Serum forecast suggests the price can go as high as $2.79 by the year-end and the average price can be somewhere around $2.45. Tech News Leader

Serum SRM Price Prediction 2022-2026

Many of the countries are planning for regulation over cryptocurrency, India is planning a crypto bill to implement, same way latest news is coming on the regulation of coins. But the market cap of digital coins showing mixed trends for the past few days. This is a critical situation in which new investors want to enter into digital assets for investment but authorities are worried about their citizens that they are putting money in the risky asset classes.

The demand for cryptocurrency highly depends on global cues and the news coming out from different corners of the world. Agile technology in the crypto industry is getting more public attention and parent companies are competing with each other. Though the situation prevailing across the world is a little controversial, crypto lovers are still confident about the future, public acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Analyzing the data of the future price of Serum, most of the tokens are predicted to give a good return. The dilemma can be solved only by investing and waiting for another five years. But it is always important to invest with an understanding of tokens. The next part discusses the Serum forecast for the next five-year period.

Serum Price Predictions 2022

Serum price Prediction foretells Serum to reach $3.65 by half of the year and a maximum of $3.56 by the end of the year, excluding minor corrections. Minimum value predicted is $3.18.

Serum Price Forecast 2023

SRM price forecast for 2023 starts at $3.96, in comparison with 2021 and 2022, this year seems to be slightly bullish. Expect a future price of $4.07 by the middle of the year. The maximum value predicted is $4.15 breaking it at its all-time high and turning to a profitable investment.

SRM Coin Price Forecast 2024

Serum coin forecast commences at a price level of $3.59, the minimum value for the year is $3.19. In the last half of the year, a maximum value of $4.40 is supposed based on the Serum forecast algorithms.

SRM Coin Price Prediction 2025

SRM coin forecast hopefully looking for a fresh opening for January 2025. Five years over the time frame Serum is starting with a minimum of $4.51, analysis for future anticipates Serum will touch $5.50 by July 2025, a further increase is predicted with a maximum price of $5.60. Hence long-term prediction has a lot of expectations in the performance of the coin. This Serum price prediction is based on a long-term algorithm considering current levels. They will highly depend on the performance of the company and cryptocurrency market across the world.

SRM Price Prediction 2026 and Beyond

There might be correction observed in the year 2026 as compared to 2025. According to our Serum price forecast based on past data, the coin is predicted to reach around a minimum value of $4.23. The Serum price can reach a maximum of $5.15 with an average trading value of $4.68. With new collaborations, increased adoption, and a dedicated community, the Serum ecosystem may reflect significant growth in the future, and the SRM might be a worthwhile coin by 2030. According to our SRM coin price prediction 2030, the price of Serum might hit the maximum price level of $12.29.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy SRM coin?

To buy a Serum digital coin, you have to open an account with any of the exchanges where the coin you are looking for is currently listed and actively trading. For Serum also find out the exchange it listed, open an account by completing the KYC. Open a wallet if necessary, and make your investment anytime in the future.

Where to buy Serum coin?

The SRM token is listed on FTX, Binance, OKEX, Bhex, AscenEX, Upbit, Uniswap. You can purchase or sell Serum through any of these platforms for investment needs.

Is Serum a good investment?

Yes, Serum is definitely a good investment for profit. While analyzing Serum coin price prediction 2025, it has long-term earning potential. But the cryptocurrency world always has huge volatility. There is no universal consensus regarding the rising price or falling price of Serum cryptocurrency. And there is no clear idea about Serum coin price prediction 2030 or beyond. Unlike the money market in which we are concerned about the circulation of different currencies and associated data, crypto depends on various factors like global cues, technology, inflation fear, regulation, and acceptance of digital currencies. So, do your own research before making any investment decision.

What is SRM Coin Price Prediction 2030?

Serum price predictions anticipate a maximum Serum price equal to $12.29. The minimum price and average price predictions suggest that the value may reach $11.56 and $11.86 as per SRM price predictions. The price movements vividly depend on the the market fluctuations. However, major crypto giants have given value for the money to the investors.

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