Swipe Price Prediction

Overview of Swipe

Swipe is a platform where businesses can create branded virtual or physical cards for their customers for transactions globally. Users can quickly launch their program with banking partners; Swipe will take care of the governance issue, compliance, and network economics.

Swipe Overview

Cryptocurrency Swipe
Ticker Symbol SXP
Price $0.4589
Price Change 24h -2.35%
Price Change 7d -8.27%
Market cap $163,167,204
Circulating Supply 498,209,090 SXP
Trading Volume $27,526,014
All time high $5.86
All time low $0.161
Swipe ROI +64.02%

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Swipe tokens connect with major payments systems globally and help businesses to convert their cryptocurrency to stable coins or fiat-funded cards rapidly. Swipe card enables access to the master card, google pay, apple pay, and many more. It has a decentralized, Swipe network-enabled, cross-chain protocol on finance smart chain and Ethereum.

Swipe was founded by Joselito Lizarondo in 2018 with an aim to create crypto interoperability with traditional finance, and it was later acquired by Binance in 2020. Swipe has mainly three components, firstly, the main company which develops debit cards, Swipe API, Swipe swap, etc. Secondly, Binance -the main stakeholders partnered to bring developments. Swipe ecosystem, which includes decentralized application, community, and lastly its users.

Unique Features of Swipe (SXP) Coin

The SXP token is the native cryptocurrency of the Swipe. It powers an SXP ecosystem and governs the decentralized protocol. As per the Swipe token economics, the total circulating supply decreases when the network is more utilized. Swipe wallet can be used for payment for all the services provided by Swipe (SXP), creating proposals and voting for protocol changes; users can pay over 60 million merchants worldwide and use to participate in liquidity mining programs.

Market Sentiments and Price of Swipe Coin

The current price at which Swipe (SXP) trading in the market is around $1.27, with a trading volume of $112,514,804. It has a market cap of around $249,375,781, a fully diluted market capitalization of $308,057,039, and a maximum supply of 239,612,084 SXP. The highest price at which Swipe traded was $5.86 on May 03, 2021, while the minimum price was $0.161, which was two years ago. Technical analysis shows that Swipe price today is trading bearishly. Still, after the bearish signal formation, the sideways trading continues for the next few days.

Technical Analysis of Swipe

Swipe price prediction

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After the bullish trend of SXP trades from July to September, the Swipe price bounces and hits $4.665 on August 23, September 7 is the dark day of the crypto market; the entire cryptocurrency market has plunged, breaking all the predictions. Swipe investors turn to sell Swipe mode and profit booking. The price of Swipe (SXP) has fallen from $3.925 to $2.134. SXP price continued a sideways trend without making new heights.

Swipe price forecast

The current price of Swipe (SXP) coin is around $1.27. The next immediate resistance level is $1.8; if it breaks the level, it will hit a resistance level of $2.35. The major resistance hurdle for the year is $3.52. Short-term technical analysis shows that Swipe cryptocurrency has to break the $1.8 resistance level to reach the Swipe price in the $2-$3 range. As per analysis, $3.52 is acting as a major resistance level to register a new high of Swipe (SXP), but it may not happen in the year since many factors always influence crypto coins and the crypto economy.

This is the trade set of Swipe (SXP) from the last month onwards, even though it gave massive profit for investors in the last year, last month a moderate loss booked. Swipe (SXP) was sideways in the parallel range of $1 to $2. As per the predicted level, it will turn bullish by breaking the sideways zone and catching the momentum soon.

Swipe forecast

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The price of Swipe (SXP) is moving below its 20 EMA, 50 EMA, and 200 EMA, fear and greed index is placed at 4, which means the Swipe price could move in any direction, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are not sure about the Swipe (SXP) risk.

Swipe price predictions

Technical indicators for Swipe (SXP) price prediction are shown in the figure. The MACD line may cross the signal line in the upcoming sessions but is not strong enough to move up. Relative index strength (RSI) is placed at 37, which is neutral; the price neither indicates the ‘Buy Swipe Signal’ nor does it indicate the ‘Sell Signal’.

Market sentiments on Swipe price are neutral, and the same will continue for the week. Immediate support is placed at $2.3141, and major support levels are $0.62 and $0.15; breaking the $1 support zone can make a sudden fall in Swipe (SXP). As of now, technical analysis is not indicating a break down below the major support zone, and a rise above resistance levels can take Swipe (SXP) into a higher value zone.

Swipe Price Prediction: Expert’s Opinion

The Swipe forecast by Wallet Investor indicates that the token is an awesome long-term investment choice. Based on the analysis, the price may reach a maximum level of $6.151 by 2027. If traders invest in the coin today for 5 years, they may earn a profit of around +396.05%.Wallet Investor

Based on the analysis by Price Prediction, the Swipe token will not be a profitable asset for the short term. According to the past price movements and data, the maximum price level for 2022 can be around $2.18 with a minimum price and the average price of $1.83 and $1.89.Price Prediction

The SXP forecast by Digital Coin Price is based on historical data. As per their forecasts, the price will increase in the future and for the year 2025, the average price might be around $2.49.Digital Coin Price

The future prices of the token is predicted to be bullish. By the end of 2023, the minimum price can be $6.32315, while the price can reach a maximum value of $8.55485. The average trading price for the year might be $7.439.GOV Capital

According to TechNewsLeader, the crypto market is quite growing and the prices of SXP tokens will also grow in the future. It can reach a maximum price level of $12.68 by the year 2027. While the average price is expected to be $11.00.TechNewsLeader

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Swipe Price Prediction: 2022 – 2026

The Swipe price forecast for the future is very bullish. If the coin can break significant psychological resistance levels, the value of the SXP token may increase and create a new all-time high. It is a big hit and a great cryptocurrency available at a lower price; the value of coins may increase soon in the market. Swipe price is expected to increase and give good returns by the year ending itself if global cues are in favor. Traders may invest in dip for a good return. Risk is an inevitable part of the crypto space; for investors who are willing to take risks, SXP can be a new addition to their portfolio.

Let’s have a clear picture and know more about Swipe price predictions!

SXP predictions

Swipe Price Prediction 2022

The SXP forecast for 2022 suggests that the price could be around $1.63 in the beginning. The average price range maybe around $2.75; the maximum price for the year-end is forecasted to be around $2.25. The coin price is not expected to increase drastically in the year 2022 as per the forecast. Thus, the Swipe cryptocurrency market is not giving a sudden money-making signal for those planning to invest for 2022 only.

Swipe (SXP) Price Prediction 2023

SXP price prediction shows that the future price of SXP during the initial months will be trading at a maximum range of $3.00 to $4.00 with an average price of $3.53. As per the forecast, the SXP price is favorable for the year. If the cryptocurrency market is bullish, then Swipe can break the maximum price in the same year.

Swipe Price Prediction 2024

Our forecast shows that Swipe will break the $5.567 resistance level and create an all-time high. The price of SXP is bullish and is expected to be around $6.436. Many traders may gain money if they invest strategically, and our SXP token forecasts show that the price won’t go below $5, which will be the lowest price of the coin in 2024.

SXP Price Forecast 2025

Five years down the line, tremendous developments and acceptance of Swipe are expected to happen. The coin will create a huge spike and it will lead to an increase in SXP price. Our forecasts show that it will cross the $7 mark by the end of 2025. Long-term investors may look for a good opportunity for long-term investment.

SXP Price Prediction 2026

Technical setup indicates the price of SXP could turn to a bull run in the near time. Swipe coin is expected to trade at a level of $7.23-$8.95 by the year ending. Swipe has a long-term earning potential; it works on quality improvements to provide better service and advantages for all the platform users. Swipe as per the current valuation is undervalued and will have a good hike for the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swipe is a good investment?

Yes, Swipe is a profitable investment option as per our price predictions. Ongoing developments, their strong potential in the crypto space and blockchain industry show that SXP will have a price rise in the future. As per current data, it is considered a good investment. Virtual currencies have an unpredictability over fiat currencies; own research and proper investment advice are needed before investing for profitable investment.

Where can I buy Swipe (SXP)?

SXP is available in all the major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Some of them include Binance, UpBit, Bittrex, FTX, Poloniex, Bitmart, KuCoin, and Gate.io.

Will Swipe go up?

Yes, the Swipe price will definitely go up as per our Swipe price prediction. It has the tendency of catching attaching of investors and traders. In the long run, it will give good returns to those who hold trust in the coin.

How high can Swipe coins go?

By the year 2026, the maximum value of the coin is expected to be around $8.95, while for the year 2030 the value will spike up to $13.22 approximately. While investing in SXP, the investor must remember that ‘Patience is the key’ since the coin may not be able to give huge profits overnight, but will definitely turn profitable in the long run.

What is Swipe price prediction 2030?

As per our forecasts, the Swipe may have a minimum price value, maximum price, and average price of $9.63, $13.22, and $11.39, respectively for the year 2030. SXP’s price will grow slowly and gradually and the coin is more suitable for long-term investment.

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