Wagerr Price Prediction

The Overview of Wagerr WGR

The Wagerr is a venture capital-backed startup evolving in sports betting. WGR is a public blockchain technology-based sportsbook, which is working on a decentralized network. A sportsbook is nothing but an establishment that takes bets on sporting events. The word Wagerr means a sum of money or any valued item simply a place for a bet against someone else, is based on the result of an unpredictable event. This is what Wagerr WGR does on its working. It was founded by Davide Mah in 2017.

Wagerr Overview

Cryptocurrency Wagerr
Ticker Symbol WGR
Price Change 24H +2.29%
Price Change 7D +17.08%
Market Cap $1,257,456
Circulating Supply 216,761,204 WGR
Trading Volume $61
All-Time High $27
All-Time Low $0.001783
Wagerr ROI -89.78%

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Why is Wagerr WGR Used for Predictions?

The unique factor of Wagerr WGR is that it is the world’s first sportsbook for sports bet enthusiasts. It offers privacy and unique features, low fees, accuracy in technology, true odds, unlimited betting liquidity, reliability for smoothening the process, which is not available anywhere else. Wagerr is a blockchain network that will accept bets and do accurate payouts for the participants.

The oracle retrieves the general information and detailed information of all the sports events, analyzes that information, posts the outcomes of the event in the blockchain. Wagerr WGR network uses this data to pay to the winning party.

The Benefits of Wagerr WGR

It enables ‘peerless on-chain betting.’ When a person bets on Wagerr, that particular WGR will be burned, and blockchain will mint new WGR for paying for that Wagerr. It provides infinite capability, and it can take very large bets at any time. When the person wishes to cash out, he can sell the WGR through any cryptocurrency exchange.

Wagerr carries a small amount of risk with inflating the WGR supply betters who win the Wagerr chain have to mint WGR. Master node provides governance over the Wagerr network to ensure workflow for operating a node a user needs 25000 WGR. WGR is the native coin of Wagerr, which is used for all these transactions in the cryptocurrency market. Day by day, the sportsbook market is increasing, and Wagerr is trying to build an economy with the users.

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How Does Wagerr WGR Work?

  • Users can easily create an account with three clicks on Wagerr
  • Purchase the WGR digital coins
  • Make a bet as per your choice

Since Wagerr has its blockchain and reward services, users need to purchase coins of WGR to bet on the Wagerr platform; users cannot bet with other coins. Wagerr serves as an open-source, and all the bet data are available for the public. All the bets are recorded in the Wagerr blockchain. When WGR as a service increases its demands, then demand for WGR coin also gets increased. No third-party limits and no other risks on betting with the price of Wagerr WGR.

Wagerr Technical Analysis

The current price of Wagerr WGR is around $0.02396. Wagerr price drop for the third trading session. The market cap is $5,163,769.27, and the fully diluted market cap is $5,294,273.51. The coin has a total supply of 232,115,230 WGR; among that circulating supply is 216,761,204 WGR.

As per historical data, the highest price reported is $1.03, which is on January 10, 2018, and the minimum price at which Wagerr WGR traded is $0.001783, which is on November 13, 2020. After a significant price rise on October 09, 2021, the Wagerr WGR price fall started immediately since then. There were slight recoveries seen in between November 2021 end and December 2021 end but the price again dropped. Currently, there is a price rise observed in March 2022 which might lead a positive trend in the short term.

WGR Forecast

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Resistance for the current price of Wagerr has been placed at $0.027, and the next resistance is at $0.037. Immediate support for the price of Wagerr WGR is placed at $0.018 as per the analysis and major support is $0.017. Wagerr price today is approaching this level; any WGR price drop beyond it will be a new downtrend starting, but expecting this to bounce back from support, the current bearish move is correct on WGR price as per short term Wagerr price prediction.

Wagerr WGR price is expected for a considerable hike till $0.0453 as per short-term price predictions, breaking the major resistance level of $0.040 levels will be a Wagerr crash as per Wagerr forecast.

WGR Prediction

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The current price data shows that price is moving below both their 20 EMA, 50 EMA and 200 EMA. Wagerr price predictions for the short term are positive, and analyst reports are favorably expecting a Wagerr price increase in the short term.

Wagerr Forecast

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RSI indicator is placed at 46.18, which means it has a buy signal, and WGR enthusiasts are bullish on the price of Wagerr. MACD line crossed the signal line, neutral for now but expected to become strong on upcoming trading sessions according to our technical analysis.

The market sentiments are neutral; any confirmed Wagerr forecast has to start moving on the uptrend by breaking the nearby resistance level. Bulls and bears are continuing tug war.

Wagerr Price Predictions: 2022-2026

The price forecasts are positive for the future trade of WGR. Financial analysts predict that it will reach a price maximum of $0.0338 by the end of 2022. The cryptocurrency market believes that in the long term, Wagerr price equal major cryptocurrencies’ price trends. The value of Wagerr will increase since the demand for sportsbooks is increasing. Countries are promoting sports a lot, and people are fancy about sports bets. Wagerr will be worth investing in the future, and it will be one of the most profitable investment options.

Wagerr Price Prediction 2022

As per the price data, if the WGR coin continues to uptrend, the average price will be around $0.0316. The maximum Wagerr price forecast is $0.0338, and the minimum WGR/USD price might be about $0.0293.

Wagerr WGR price prediction 2023

Those who have made an investment into WGR or HODL in their portfolio are looking at 2023, which is a year to invest in WGR. As per the price prediction forecast, Wagerr will be a profitable investment option. Based on our forecasts, WGR will reflect a positive price change and start trading at $0.0344 in 2023.

Since the crypto market is volatile, every digital coin value will expect volatility after a price increase. By this time, the market cap value will also be increased.

Wagerr WGR Price Prediction 2024

The Wagerr forecasted price will be at a level of $0.0481 in the beginning and may go down to $0.0384 by the end of the year. In this year, investment option might not be a good option.

Wagerr Price Prediction 2025

Sports betting will be a common thing among youngsters like gaming now. Hence, the value of WGR will also get increased, $0.0537 price in the crypto by the time. Long term investors can look into five year period for investments.

Wagerr Price Prediction 2026

This year might show correction as compared to the year 2025. Based on our analysis of past price change data, the future price of Wagerr WGR is predicted to be at around a minimum value of $0.0391. The Wagerr value can reach a maximum price of $0.0480 with an average trading value of $0.0429 by the end of 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Wagerr WGR?

Users can invest or buy Wagerr on Pancakeswap, Coinsuper, Crex24, Beaxy, and other major exchanges.

Is Wagerr a good investment?

Wagerr price forecast is bullish for the long term, and the future price change for the short term is also on an uptrend. The price prediction/forecast is always for information purposes. It is not a bad investment but your own research and proper financial advisor opinion are required before investing.

What will Wagerr be worth in 2030?

Over the next few years, Wagerr will register significant price change, and as per our altcoin forecast, the WGR price might hit the $0.12 mark if it continues to show upside momentum in 2030.

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