OctaFX Review 2022

The firm’s idea behind the launch into the trading expanse was to be of service to high-skilled traders by offering them a reliable and robust trading platform. OctaFX has headquarters in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the United Kingdom. They are generally well-suited for OctaFX to provide their Forex/CFD trading services to global clients. OctaFX measures its success by providing cost-effective trading conditions, along with a completely transparent service worldwide, regardless of how high its clients’ expectations are. OctaFX offers a wide range of account types suitable for any strategy and any level of experience. Our in-depth OctaFX review covers everything you will need to know, whether you are new to trading or you are looking to add more trading instruments and charting tools to your repertoire. Let’s check out all the features of OctaFX & dig deeper into the OctaFX review.

OctaFX Overview

Official Website https://www.octafx.com/
Headquarters St Vincent and the Grenadines
Founded Year 2012
Regulated Yes
Product offered Trading Platform, Forex Broker, Stocks
Minimum Initial Deposit $25
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Islamic Accounts Yes
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Yes
Trading fees Low
Inactivity fee No
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF & More
Customer Support 24/7 Support, Email, Social Media, Live Chat & FAQs

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Moreover, OctaFX now factors in all types of traders and offers a variety of account types for their trading activities. Additionally, OctaFX is one of the most sought-after platforms due to its no commissions offer. OctaFX also has promising instruments, CFD tools that have high-scale competitive valuations, and insightful data for their users’ informed trades. OctaFX also has the DOW index tradable on both Metatrader 4 and MT5 trading platforms.

When it comes to OctaFX’s Customer Service, they are the best in trading compared to other UK forex brokers. Their support team is interactive and accessible at all times and responds to clients’ trading inquiries in no time.

With no commissions and no fixed fees, OctaFX derives its revenue from the spread on the various asset types it offers. OctaFX has been recognized as the best in the two most prominent categories: Best Forex Broker Asia and Best ECN STP Broker by FXdaily.

What Is OctaFX?

Many broker reviews view OctaFX as the most reliant Forex platform out there. Its team is committed to providing spectacular trading services with no extra commissions. The platform helps advance the pursuits of traders and retail traders to get the most valuable outcome for their trading activities. OctaFX is at present operating via a St Vincent and the Grenadines subsidiary.

The core mission of OctaFX is to ensure clients get a genuine and profitable experience. Moreover, OctaFX offers a 50% deposit bonus, a profitable loyalty program, and accelerated deposits and withdrawals. OctaFX offers mt4 and mt5 trading platforms for trading CFDs on stocks.

Its Metatrader4 platform is available for high-scale trading not only for skilled clients but also for novice traders. Currently, OctaFX is available for trading utility services and exchanges in more than 180 authorized countries around the globe. This company has also been regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange CySEC 372/18, FCA (UK) 679306, and IFSA (St Vincent and the Grenadines) 19776 IBC 2011. It is important to note that while the FSA is responsible for policing international business companies (IBCs), it does not regulate online forex brokers. As a non-dealing desk broker OctaFX simply offsets all orders with the liquidity providers to be executed at their end.

Read the facts you must know in this OctaFX review before you open an account for online trading. We’ll review OctaFX for its products and services. We’ll also discuss the app, mobile trading, and the platform’s features in this OctaFX review.

OctaFX Platform Interface

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Features of OctaFX

As per the OctaFX reviews, it offers a variety of additional features such as the Copy Trading platform and the AutoChartist trading and research tools.

A Variety of Trading Account Types 

Traders have the ability to benefit from the Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, and cTrader trading platforms. These trading platforms provide a variety of trading advantages. The mt4 mt5 and ctrader peculiarities service a host of trade types and the most convenient experience.

High-level Competing Scopes

There are 28 available currency pairs and high-priced metals. All the pairs are at an affordable cost per trade with financial market execution in under 0.1 seconds.

Extensive Market Device Offerings

OctaFX broker provides a host of investor education resources. This includes charting tools and trading signals. Additionally, OctaFX offers insightful educational resources for traders and organizes webinars.

Supports High Skilled Traders

To get this feature, a user needs to have an OctaFXplatforms, and select the top trader strategy.

Trusted Cryptocurrency FX Platform

OctaFX supports cryptocurrency networks for the purpose of deposits and withdrawals on the platform site. The cryptocurrency networks that are authorized are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. An OctaFX trader can initiate the exchange pairs with as little as $100 and have the leverage of 1:25.

Services Offered by OctaFX

As per the OctaFX review, it basically offers two types of trading options – spot market trading and contracts for difference or CFD trading.

Currency Pair Trading

At OctaFX, a user can profit from 32 of the most volatile currency pairs. The highest leverage of these pairs is 1:500. 

CFDs Trading

With OctaFX, users can avail CFDs of the ten most promising indices. The CFDs at OctaFX currently include markets such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and Euro Stoxx 50, to name a few. The CFDs are issued by a host of prominent stock market companies. The CFDs can be traded on Mt4 Mt5 apps as well. 

Commodities Trading

OctaFX provides users the ability to invest in commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas, to name a few. The highest leverage for gold and silver is at 1:200 and for the remaining commodities available at OctaFX, digital regulatory, it is at 1:50.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are available on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. OctaFX supports trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. Litecoin, and Ripple. Additionally, these crypto networks are available on the mobile application with the Mt4 Mt5 platforms.

OctaFX Services

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Is OctaFX Regulated?

OctaFX is regulated in Cyprus and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Their regulatory licenses are:-

  • CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySec): 372/18.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines FSA: 19776.

OctaFX Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
OctaFX provides traders with low trading spreads for the purpose of a scalping trading strategy. US clients are not authorized to access OctaFX. OctaFX lacks regulation in major jurisdictions, which puts it at a severe disadvantage compared to other trusted forex brokers.
OctaFX has the best possible market liquidity valuations for trading instruments. There are not a lot of tradable funds for users to share assets. There are only 40 trading assets.
OctaFX services give traders the opportunity to perform accelerated exchanges in the trading market ecosystem. OctaFX does not offer its traders the stop-loss order feature.
There are no commission charges. The trading instruments provided to users are not that many for high-scale trading activities.

OctaFX Account Opening Process

To initiate the trading process with the most high-grade Forex company, As per the OctaFX reviews, it requires a user to register and make their own personal account.

To have an OctaFX Login ID, Users need to fill up a regulatory digital form to authorize their email ID. After the form is filled diligently, the user has to email OctaFX’s accounts unit to authorize the identification certificate of the country of residence. This includes passport and service bills. This authorization procedure is followed as part of the KYC compliance of the country of residence.

After all the user identity provided is authorized by the accounts unit, the user can start trading on the platform. With login access, the user can initiate their trading investments and exchanges to gain valuable returns.

OctaFX Account Opening Process

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Types of OctaFX Accounts

According to the OctaFX review, it provides three different account types, namely the MT4 Micro account, the MT5 Pro account, and the cTrader ECN account.

Micro Account

To start with you need to create a Trading Account in your Personal Area. The MetaTrader 4 account also known as the Micro Account at OctaFX is generally offered to novice investors. The reason for MT4 being ideal for a new trader is because it allows them to invest small funds, thus the term ‘Micro Account’.

For MetaTrader4 trading, spreads are initiated from 0.4 pips.

Notably, for the MetaTrader4 account, no fees are imposed on the users, and the minimum deposit that is applicable on this account is $100. Additionally, the leverage for the mt4 account is at 1:500 for fiscal currency.

As for metals, the leverage is at 1:200. For cryptocurrencies, the leverage is at 1:2, and for indices, the leverage is at 1:50. Stock market indices offer low-cost entry into the financial markets.

Furthermore, the mt4 account has the facility of 28 fiscal currency sets, leverages of gold and silver assets, three prominent cryptocurrencies, and four well-known indices. Since stock indices are not physical assets, they can be traded via products that reflect their price movements via the OctaFX CFD trading platform.

Pro Account

The Pro Account is commonly known to traders as the MT5 Account and is offered to high-level, experienced traders. The C-Suite Forex investors have the facility of an MT5 account to profit from the lowest trading spreads. These trading spreads in the Pro Account are economically feasible when it comes to exchanging compensations.

Notably, for the MetaTrader 5 account, no fees are imposed on the users, and the minimum deposit that is applicable on this account is $500. Additionally, the leverage for the mt5 account is at 1:200 for fiscal currency. As for metals, the leverage is at 1:100. For cryptocurrencies, the leverage is at 1:2, and for indices, the leverage is at 1:50.

Furthermore, the mt5 account has the facility of 28 fiscal currency sets, leverages of four metals including but not limited to gold and silver assets, three prominent cryptocurrencies, and 10 well-known indices.

ECN Account

The ECN Account is commonly recognized by traders on the site as the cTRader account. This account is available to progressive investors that are in need of more enhanced precision in their trading valuations.

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Notably, for the ECN account, no fees are imposed on the users, and the minimum deposit that is applicable on this account is $100. Additionally, the leverage for the cTrader account is at 1:500 for fiscal currency. As for metals, the leverage is at 1:200. Moreover, users have the ability to trade from the OctaFX site with 28 currency pairs and metals such as gold or silver.

The broker compensation for a cTrade account depends on the changes in the market. Traders need to analyze the current market while selecting this type of OctaFX broker account for their FinTech exchanges and business ventures.

In addition, the brokerage businesses listed on OctaFX need to abide by a regulatory authorization mandate. Furthermore, users can profit from the OctaFX broker website as it provides Forex trading signals peculiarities for brokerage profits and the trading margin requirements for a Forex broker. OctaFX broker has been recognized as the Best ECN STP Broker by FXdaily.

Demo Account

Before diving into Forex trading with a live account, it’s best to open a risk-free Forex demo account. As OctaFX review, suggests its Demo Account provides the same Forex trading experience as real accounts. The OctaFX Forex Demo Account is essentially a practice account. You just need to sign up and create one in a couple of clicks to get started. The only difference is that the funds on the Forex demo account are simulated.

OctaFX Trading Platforms

OctaFX offers three very well-known trading platforms: mt4, mt5, and cTrader platform.

MetaTrader 4

The OctaFX broker website functionality of MetaTrader 4 software implements very identical operatives of the desktop interface for high-skilled charting services. This gives Forex traders the chance to use a well-curated market trade ecosystem.

This Metatrader 4 (mt4) functionality allows a seamless process for digital trade ventures with an array of exchange tools to choose from.

The mt4 Micro Account website provides the lowest trade spreads. With the mt4 account, traders have the opportunity to make use of 39 profitable trading tools. The EUR/USD listings of the mt4 account have a traditional trading spreadsheet of 0.7 pips. The number of trading instruments available with the MT4 Micro account includes 28 currency pairs as well as gold and silver. 

MetaTrader 5

OctaFX broker facilitates the MetaTrader 5 (mt5) Pro Account, the most profitable amongst C-Suite investors and novice traders as well.

At OctaFX, the Metatrader 5 (MT5) trading platform has the most seamless interface and software. In addition, newer products have been implemented in the MT5 Pro network functionalities. These modish offerings have enhanced the comprehensive trading encounter.

Metatrader 5 brings to the table an enhanced level of automated trade indicator products and significant trading chart insights. Additionally, for the trader’s pursuit, they have 21-time stamps of trading, graphs, assistance for additional order products, and a financial calendar for trading activities, to name a few. The exclusive mt5 pro account gives investors the lucrative offers of 45 trading devices with a deposit of $500 and compliance with enhanced margin requirements.

The platform for trading MetaTrader 5 is available on all iOS and Android devices apart from the website.


The OctaFX cTrader feature offers investors an expanse for more adaptable Forex and Forex broker exchanges. Moreover, the cTrader platform can be curated according to the needs of the trader. The OctaFX ctrader is a leveraged asset for fixed API and the benefits of 26 trade time position data. 

The OctaFX cTrader app provides a premium mobile trading interface.

The cTrader is available on all devices and platforms of iOS and Android. An added advantage is that cTrader is available for mobile trading as well. cTrader makes it easier than ever to create and save chart templates for future use both in cTrader and cAlgo.cTrader Web brings transparent pricing, lightning-fast speed, and all the features of cTrader to your browser.

OctaFX Copy Trading

OctaFX offers “Copy Trading.” Copy-trading gives business associates of OctaFX the opportunity to very easily copy their trading signals from a host of other investors in the market. Moreover, the copy trading feature has a very convenient and optimal interface for users to maximize their trading profits. OctaFX Copy Trading is a top-rated service among the company’s clients

You can put your investment to work with the OctaFX Copy trading App by viewing the Master Rating to decide whom to invest with.

With the assistance of Copy Trading, business associates can review their trading portfolio, track their exchanges in the market, and utilize the trading strategies for optimal results.

OctaFX MT4 & MT5 Trading Platforms

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OctaFX Review: Leverage

The OctaFX broker leverage is a digital credit provided by the firm. The higher the user’s leverage, the lower marginal compliances will be. For instance, if a user has no leverage (ratio 1:1), they will need 100 000 EUR to open 1 lot of EUR/USD pairs. If their account leverage is 1:200, only 500 EUR will be required. Also, the highest leverage OctaFX offers is 1:500. For this lucrative offering, the user will need 200 EUR to open 1 lot.

For all OctaFX account types, the Access leverage is at 500:1. However, this access leverage comes with negative balance protection. With the balance protection measure, the user will not lose more than the funds they deposit. The balance protection assures the user’s account does not fall below a zero valuation.

OctaFX Review: Fees

OctaFX broker doesn’t charge users fees when they register with their trading platform. Additionally, there are no pre-mandate trading fees applicable on joining the platform. OctaFX fees spread and commissions start from US Dollar 7 with spreads as low as 0.0 pips. OctaFX broker has a low and incredibly competitive spread when compared to what other brokers offer by offering a spread list that starts from 0.0 pips along with commissions charged from US Dollar 0.02 per 0.01 lot using the ECN CTrader account.

On the user’s Micro Account, trade swaps are available. However, the Pro Account Type does have a compensation of only three days for trading swaps. know more about its fee structure by clicking here.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 

To deposit and have the opportunity of funding prospects, clients can deposit through multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin, Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, and Wire transfers. OctaFX has over 50 different payment options, the availability of which may also depend on your country of residence. When it comes to bank account transfer payment methods, the deposit clearing takes a few days.

Deposits with local banks are processed within 1–3 hours, credit/debit card and e-wallet deposits are instant. Whenever you make deposits into your OctaFX live account, you are given certain deposit bonuses; these bonuses are meant to give you extra power to make trades. Additionally, trading accounts can be opened in USD and EUR as well.

OctaFX Referral Program

For a user to acquire their private referral link, the client needs to authorize and make a deposit through their broker account or OctaFX wallet.

OctaFX Resources Offered

Both novice investors and high-skilled investors can benefit through quality and in-depth insights into the market. OctaFX hosts live webinar sessions to gain knowledge on the current market conditions. These webinars are conducted in multiple languages for the accessibility of all users on an international scale.

OctaFX also offers insights on ECN exchange practices, risk management that users can avoid during market exchanges, and strategies for optimal returns on investment. The Forex market exchange resources also provide analysis of the current market so that the user can make an informed decision.

OctaFX Review: Promotions & Sponsorship

OctaFX offers traders a 50% bonus on each deposit they initiate. A required 100 lots are needed to credit the bonus offered.

For instance, if the deposit amount is $400, then OctaFX will provide a bonus of $200. The user needs to divide their bonus by half $200/2, which will give them 100 lots to credit the bonus offerings.

Secondly, for Indian associates, there is a Fixed Rate feature of $1= Rupees 55. With this fixed-rate, users can withdraw funds with their mt4 mt5 account at the same rate. Additionally, when users collect prize lots, they can exchange them for gifts as well, have such as an android phone, laptops, and so on.

In terms of Sponsorship currently, OctaFX is branding the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Delhi Capitals. In the past, it has sponsored sporting teams such as Southampton FC and Mitra Kukar FC Football leagues.

OctaFX Promotions and Bonus

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OctaFX Trading App

As per the OctaFX review, the app offers mobile trading for the most convenient and optimal results at the clients’ fingertips.

The mobile trading app is available for download on iOS and Android. Traders can access all their registered trading accounts in one OctaFX app through their mobile. Additionally, they can even download separate apps for MetaTrader 4 (mt4), MetaTrader 5 (mt5), and cTrader, depending on their trading activities.

OctaFX Trading App

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OctaFX Security Measures

With the security features of OctaFX, traders and retail traders can rest assured that their funds are well-protected.

As per the OctaFX review, it regards security measures as a top priority of its business. The assets of OctaFX’s users are withheld in different trading accounts when it comes to global financial protocols. With this unique feature of storage away from an investment company, assets allow less access for additional purposes that are detrimental.

OctaFX provides users with a negative balance certainty. With this feature, if the user’s account turns negative, the platform will convert it to a standard amount of zero mechanically. With this in place, the user will not lose out on funds that were invested originally at the start. This allows a lesser chance of falling into the trap of losing out on all the investments made.

OctaFX Security Measures

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OctaFX Customer Support

In the majority of cases with trading, as per the OctaFX review, it is smooth and reliable, however in case you need any help or have any questions, the customer support team of OctaFX can easily be reached out through their most useful option, the live chat function. This live chat feature is available to Forex traders on the platform on the mobile app, WhatsApp, Social Media channels, Email, and most definitely on their website 24/7. The customer support team also has positive reviews.

OctaFX Customer Support

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OctaFX Review: Our Verdict

To conclude this CommSec review, OctaFX offers the best online forex brokers trading costs on the market. Its protected measures are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySec, and it employs high-grade SSL encryption practices to safeguard users’ funds.

OctaFX has provided over four million traders steady access to global financial markets. OctaFX’s top priority is making the user experience great by providing negative balance protection to all their clients. With OctaFX offering CFDs along with other instruments, you can profit from the 10 most popular indices, OctaFX has a commitment to provide forex traders with the best experience, they not only have tied up with tier 1 liquidity providers but we avail legendary MT5 Trading Platform. Apart from trading costs, one area where OctaFX really stands out is the absence of fees for its speedy deposits and withdrawals. Most reviews recognize OctaFX focuses on delivering top-quality service, strong customer support, and cost-effective trading conditions.

OctaFX Achievements Till Date!

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Is OctaFX Legal?

According to the company’s website, it is fully compliant with international legislation and allowed to operate worldwide.

Can I Withdraw Money from OctaFX?

With the OctaFX trading platform, clients have the ability to credit a withdrawal in less than one second. The withdrawal process does not have any compensation fees or deposit compliances.

Who Owns OctaFX?

OctaFX is under the authority of Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd and is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd is authorized and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC with license number 372/18. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd aims to establish a reputable, reliable, fair, and transparent Forex Broker.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for OctaFX?

At OctaFX, you can start trading with a minimum of $25. The minimum deposit can vary depending on your region and the payment method. Any applicable minimum also depends on your country of residence and which OctaFX entity you choose to establish a trading account.

What Are the Advantages of Trading with OctaFX?

OctaFX values every customer and does everything possible to make their Forex trading experience with us positive and profitable. The company’s aim is to make the user’s experience convenient and outstanding, striving to drive Forex to a completely new level. OctaFX offers market execution of less than a second, no commission on deposit and withdrawal, lowest spreads in the industry, various deposit and withdrawal methods, negative balance protection, and a wide range of trading tools.

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