Best Ethereum Dice Sites 2023: Top Online ETH Dice Sites!

What Is Ethereum Dice?

Ethereum dice is a decentralized application (dapp) that utilizes Ether, the second most popular cryptocurrency globally. It enables users to place bets on the outcome of a 100-sided dice roll game on a gambling platform. The unique aspect is that it does not require users to deposit funds or go through sign-up processes. With its innovative user interface, players can set odds and receive rewards instantly. The game code is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring transparency and accountability that traditional online casinos cannot match. Below is a list of the best Ethereum Dice sites worldwide.

Several online casinos operate on the Ethereum blockchain, providing small contracts to gambling platforms or websites or a game to process games of dice online. Games of ETH dice are by far the most popular because players may set their odds. Depending on the platform’s unique web-based UI, players may determine and decide their price percentages as low as 1% and as high as 98%. Several games, like Jackpot, use ETH dice on the gambling platform.

History of Ethereum Dice

Games of dice have long been popular in many civilizations, with cubical, 6-sided dice dating back to roughly 600 B.C. in China. Dice were first used for divination, but they were rapidly used for various activities, including games of chance. Hazard, “Cho-Han Bakuchi,” Under-Over 7, Mexico, and Shut the Box are all dice-based games.

The technological revolution has introduced digital currencies, online casinos, and sports betting, paving the way for Ethereum dice. In Ethereum dice games, players utilize real money in the form of Ethereum to place bets and participate in dice games. These dice games are duly operated on a technological basis and are created to indulge players in games involving several crypto exchanges for performing casino gaming tasks digitally.

Best Ethereum Dice Sites 2023

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  • Stake – Experience Unbeatable ETH Dice Casino
  • 1xBit – Safe, Secure & Trusted Ethereum Dice Casino
  • – 100% Welcome Offer up to 1 BTC
  • Bons Casino – Upto 5000 USDT for First Deposit
  • BC.Game – Best Ethereum Dice Casino
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  • Bitstarz – Best Mobile Ethereum Dice Casino
  • – 24/7 Customer Support
  • mBit Casino – Leading Online ETH Dice Casinos
  • Metaspins – User-Friendly Platform

How Does Ethereum Dice Work?

Ethereum dice games platforms include smart contracts that allow players to gamble on a 100-sided dice roll with no deposits or sign-ups using Ether. Due to the Ethereum blockchain’s nature, each crypto dice roll is provably random and cryptographically safe. The dice result must be lower than your number to win.

The players win if the dice roll is less than your number. 0.1 Ether is the minimum wager. Lower stakes will be removed from the crypto game and silently repaid. One percent of the entire house bank is the maximum profit for each roll. Higher stakes with higher risk will ensure to be removed from the game and silently repaid.

Are Ethereum Dice Fair?

Ethereum Dice is a provably fair game, the most recent technology to grace the world of online gaming. The majority of gamblers are still unaware of it. The most prevalent application of the technology is in the realm of ETH dice, crypto casinos, and games. An algorithm that evaluates and certifies an online casino’s fairness to its players is known to be equitable. It allows most gamers’ fears that online gaming firms will defraud them.

What Is Ethereum Dice Faucet?

An Ethereum faucet is a website or software that rewards users with tiny amounts of Ethereum in exchange for playing, cryptocurrency gambling, or performing simple activities. The rewards are modest, like little drops of water falling from a faulty faucet, so they’re called “faucets.” In the case of Ethereum faucet, the user receives small quantities of free Ethereum or earned crypto or tokens in their crypto wallet.

Users may win a chance to earn free ethereum faucet or tokens by performing basic tasks such as a feature of seeing advertising, watching product videos, taking quizzes, visiting links, or solving a captcha for ETH dice tokens they receive in the online gambling market.

How to Play Ethereum Dice?

Playing Ethereum dice is easy and is similar to several other simple eth gambling games available on different websites that you can access from any browser. In an ETH dice game, players choose between 1 and 100 and place a wager or a bet on whether a dice roll between the exact numbers will roll above or below that number.

Best Ethereum dice game odds are transparent, with a 1% house edge. The basic steps of playing ETH dice include choosing a number that the player predicts the dice roll will land over or under and placing a wager and then rolling the dice.

Ethereum Dice Benefits

ETH Dice is a game that has become synonymous with the cryptocurrency casino business because it fully encapsulates the idea’s advantages. However, it’s only one sort of dice game in a pool of never-ending fun offered by every self-respecting cryptocurrency casino.

House Edge

Compared to other forms of crypto gaming, top ETH dice websites feature a minor house edge and USD for cryptocurrency online betting. As a result, this game of Ethereum dice pays out more than regular online dice.

Faucet Function

Each website or platform has something unique to offer, as well as enticing deals. Some websites even include Ethereum faucets where players may get tiny amounts of free Ethereum at specified periods, which they can use to play additional ETH dice games.

Provably Fair Games

Provably fair games are one of the most significant advantages of Ethereum dice. All of the best Ethereum dice sites provide games where you may check if the outcome was fair. Players may evaluate the fairness of the Ethereum dice game for themselves to guarantee that it is not tampered with.

Pros and Cons of Ethereum Dice

Pros Cons
ETH dice ensure safety & security through the proper development of the ETH blockchain. Some games of ETH dice by non-reputed developers might create a breach of your data.
It ensures the anonymity of players without disclosing the user’s identity in any way. ETH dice platforms require an investment of real-time for reviewing and researching before making any bit of moves.
With easy access, the ETH dice allow users to deposit and withdraw winnings quickly. The players are disallowed to use ETH dice wherein crypto doesn’t own a license or is banned.
Every transaction occurring in any corner of the world is safe with a secure payout and data security without third-party involvement. Dice have supply & price volatility, and inherent existence is one of the major cons of ETH dice and cryptocurrency in the market.

What Is the Difference Between Ethereum Dice and Regular Dice?

Compared to the initial list of options, ETH Dice primarily operates with FIAT money and is regarded as a downgrade. The differentiation lies in the monetary choices that are accessible between the two. ETH dice’s advantages stem from using cryptocurrencies, making the two options more sophisticated and user-friendly.


Unlike the regular dice in traditional online casinos, which are tied to financial institutions and banks regarding transactions, ETH Dice is entirely free of all issues. Ethereum Dice, on the other hand, enables you to enjoy heightened security features and maintain secrecy in matters of the user’s personal or monetary information.

Speedy Transactions

Ethereum Dice allows speedy financial transactions on their gambling platforms. Whereas traditional dice and casinos take days to complete deposits, payouts & withdrawals, the Ethereum Dice website completes such transfers and transactions in seconds.

Provably Fair

The equitable approach is based on the SHA-2 hash technique and may offer mathematical proof of the game’s absolute fairness. The greatest technology in the crypto casino sector is always used in Ethereum Dice’s gambling games. It is quieter and fairer than the traditional online casinos.

Are Ethereum Dice Sites Safe?

Several dice-based gambling games are well-suited to ethereum betting websites. Ethereum dice games are risk-free. They also use advanced technology to ensure the most significant degree of justice. You won’t have to worry about loaded dice as you would in a gamble. It is safe to play games of dice with Ethereum. The transactions on Ethereum are entirely anonymous. In rare circumstances, gamers can register and play anonymously.

Exchanges such as deposits and withdrawals are made via the Ethereum Blockchain, which has yet to be hacked. Ethereum deposits and withdrawals are fast, making them a more secure option than traditional methods, which might take up to a week or more. Ethereum dice game conducts the swift transaction and has taken a step forward to create a safer market space for players playing with crypto.

How Do I Choose the Best Ethereum Dice Sites?

The selection of the best Ethereum dice site depends on several features that are listed as follows:-

Restricted Countries

ETH dice’s most crucial consideration is whether the participants can play where they are. Check to see if the country allows players to gamble in their jurisdiction, and make sure you’re of legal gambling age. Best ETH dice sites will mention their criteria and price in their terms and conditions.

Reputation and Trust

Users may check out numerous review sites to see whether they are worth their time and trust. They may also look into each site’s history and reputation to guarantee that the players discover something in their best interests.

Available Games

Casino games and crypto slots casino, video poker, a sportsbook, and even live cryptocurrency poker are all available on many websites. Many games are available on ETH dice sites. It guarantees that you have diverse games to entertain and persuade your consumers to generate a price or funds.

Provably Fair Games

Games of Ethereum dice are equitable as online gaming firms always include explicit explanations of their fair play regulations. Online casinos cannot manipulate the outcomes of randomly generated rolls produced by the user.

Bonuses and VIP Programs

Each site has something distinctive to offer. Some web pages even have ETH faucets where you may get free ETH in modest quantities. Bonuses and VIP schemes are standard at the finest legit ETH dice sites. Weekly and monthly contests, deposit incentives, and even specialized awards for executing tasks are offered.

Payout and Withdrawal Speed

Unlike traditional money transfers, Ethereum transactions take only a few hours to complete, regardless of the size or location. This also means faster payments and simpler exchanges or withdrawal methods.

How to Register and Deposit Funds at an Ethereum Dice Site?

Depositing and performing activities on ETH dice sites is simple and uncomplicated. When it comes to playing their favorite games on the ETH dice casino, major ETH dice gaming platforms ensure users’ cleanest and easiest dice gambling experience.

Choose a Trusted Ethereum Dice Site

As features stated above, review websites carefully, and choose a trusted and reputed ETH dice gaming platform to play games on.

Open an Account

Carefully fill in the required details and tags, such as username & password and other information to sign up or approve access for opening an account.

Deposit Funds

The users can utilize the deposit button in the top-right corner of the web page to make a deposit. Credit cards and a variety of local payment alternatives are among the deposit and payment choices available to registered users.

Withdraw Funds

No matter how large the transaction is or where you may be situated, to complete ETH transactions, you might have to wait for a few hours. This implies on winning conditions; users will receive faster payments and a more easy withdrawal option.

Ethereum Dice Bonuses

There is no initial deposit bonus on the majority of the sites that you select from to play ETH Dice games. Many Ethereum dice games provide an exciting referral benefit, and users may sign up without disclosing personal information, including email addresses. Although the wait between claims is a few hours, the large referral price compensates for this, and profits may be remitted to a personal crypto wallet after reaching the platform’s minimum limit for a minimal withdrawal charge.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Ethereum Dice

The most prevalent ETH dice methods involve keeping track of past rolling and looking for patterns. This is utilized to determine the forecast. It’s vital to wait and remember that the future of random games like ETH dice is unaffected by unexpected past occurrences – yet patterns don’t last forever. Here are a few strategies for winning Ethereum dice games.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy, developed in 18th century France, is the most prevalent staking strategy. When ETH dice participants are on a losing run, they use the Martingale dice method to raise their stake size gradually. When a player wins a bet, the winnings are used to offset losses from earlier lost chances.

The Break-Even Martingale Strategy

The break-even Martingale, ETH dice gaming approach, is similar to the traditional Martingale, except it staggers the staking process, decreasing the rate at which stakes are grown.

The Inverse Martingale Strategy

The inverse Martingale ETH dice approach is the opposite of the traditional strategy. Players use inverse Martingale to increase their support amount when winning and decrease it when losing.

The D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert dice approach is quite simple. Instead of doubling the stake after each role, as with the standard Martingale approach, players only raise their bet by 1x after each subsequent roll.

Why Is Ethereum Dice So Popular?

Many people are flocking to the most well-known ethereum casino to play one of the most thrilling games in ETH gambling: ETH Dice. People like the excitement of placing a bet, whether they use their techniques or the most excellent ETH dice strategies. It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular games.

Due to the security and ownership advantages of numerous online crypto-gambling platforms, many individuals have transitioned to these platforms, making ETH dice one of their primary choices for gambling games. It’s relatively simple to state some reasons behind the ETH dice game’s appeal. The entire game’s premise is clear, so newcomers can quickly grasp its concepts, making it popular among the target population.


To conclude, the growing popularity of ETH dice games and the emergence of crypto casinos are secure and fair gambling options. It highlights the advantages of using ETH for dice games, such as enhanced security and low risks. The importance of playing at regulated online casinos and understanding cryptocurrency is emphasized. Overall, it concludes that ETH dice games offer a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience for users familiar with the technology.


Is Ethereum Dice Legal?

Playing ETH dice is subject to the user’s age and location. Users must meet the legal gambling age requirement in their country or the casino’s designated age. If both conditions are met, and cryptocurrency is allowed in their jurisdiction, they can participate.

Is It Safe to Play Dice Games With Ethereum?

Leading ETH dice platforms boast exceptional security measures, providing you with a sense of safety when depositing your Ethereum and participating in games. As long as you possess a solid understanding of cryptocurrency functionality, you should encounter no difficulties.

Are There Any Bonuses When Playing Ethereum Dice Games?

Numerous websites offer incentives or tokens to customers as they progress through different levels, earned by regularly playing games on the site. Regular gamers can enjoy daily chests containing substantial bonuses, as well as random bonus rewards such as free spins or additional funds.

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