Peter Schiff Slams Bitcoin as Fraudulent Investment

Peter Schiff has increased his earlier complaints to describe Bitcoin as a ‘fraud. ‘ He says this is due to the comparison of the digital currency to traditional precious metals such as gold and silver. He thinks the cryptocurrency requires constant funding for its mining and promotion, which, according to him, the Bitcoin community has to bear.

Peter Schiff Calls Bitcoin a Risky Fraud

Peter Schiff’s stance on Bitcoin has not changed. He once again recently blasted the virtual currency, although he admitted that in the past, he had failed to capitalize on Bitcoin’s meteoric rise. He continues to explain that Bitcoin has more issues than the US dollar and encourages investors to invest in precious metals as they are less risky. Schiff also played down the impact of Bitcoin ETFs and expects the cryptocurrency’s price to slide in the next few years.

In response to the new promotional campaigns by Bitcoin enthusiasts, Schiff rubbished the idea that the Bitcoin market should be viewed as a communal structure such as a church. He has claimed that since certain recurring expenses are linked to Bitcoin, it is not a good investment. These costs, as Schiff highlighted, are a Hercules for the entire Bitcoin community and a minus in the sphere of its usage as a financial tool.

Saylor, Draper Defend Bitcoin Against Critics

Where Schiff is critical, other people, such as Michael Saylor and Tim Draper, share a different view. Saylor also recently expressed concern with the fact that the purchasing power of the US dollar has been declining, with Bitcoin being a much more solid option. He defines Bitcoin as a ‘spiritual/ethical ideology’, which means that the use of Bitcoin has a spiritual-ethic aspect to it.

In the same light, Tim Draper backed Saylor’s opinion by likening Bitcoin to a good church, noting that the Bitcoin economy is for everyone. This can be compared to the Bitcoin community’s general feeling, where they consider it not only a form of currency but also a cause.

As optimistic as some of these industry leaders may be, Schiff is not swayed. He still encourages people to stick with physical commodities such as gold and silver, which he sees as more sound.


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