Cardano (ADA) News

A smart contract platform build with an aim to provide high quality security with the help of multiple-layered architecture, Cardano (ADA) was introduced into the market and was self described as third generation blockchain. A platform built by a unique programming language called Haskell, it is a revolution in itself as it brings flexibility in the projects. Their long term goal is to use blockchain technology in such a way that it can make the implementation of banking systems inexpensive in the developing world. As said above, Cardano (ADA) is a layered architecture and it comprises of two different layers which works as separation of account values and the reason behind the movement of those values from one account to another. With the help of these two layers, smart contracts have become more flexible on this platform. These two layers are known as Cardano settlement layer which acts as the balancing ledger and the second layer known as Cardano computation layer contains the information about the movement of accounts. It also has its own wallet known as Daedalus wallet, an open source wallet supporting multiple currencies giving user the option of exchanging different supported currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and many more.
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