MoonXBT Exchange Review 2024 : A Comprehensive Analysis

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In this MoonXBT review, we’ll explore how the first social cryptocurrency platform has gained a lot of attention and has been rising in market trends. MoonXBT has also helped both new and experienced traders start crypto trading efficiently with their digital assets. Selecting the best cryptocurrency trading sites is not easy, and making the process easier for you is the goal of this review.

MoonXBT Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Cayman Islands
Found in 2021
Native Token N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, CAD, IDR, AUD, VND, KRW
Supported Countries 200+
Minimum Deposit For OMNI – 50
For ERC-20 – 50
For TRC-20 – 20
For BTC – 0.001BTC
Deposit Fees Charges No Deposit Fees
Transaction Fees 0.1% for Maker & Taker
Withdrawal Fees For USDT (OMNI) – 28
For USDT (ERC20) – 20
For USDT (TRC20) – 1
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Live Chat, Email, Submit Request Form, & Help Center Support

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MoonXBT focuses on “fair price, outstanding liquidity, and low trading fees,” according to its website. MoonXBT has become popular among new investors because you can start trading with just 1USD for reasonable transaction fees.

More importantly, with the social features of MoonXBT, people can freely post on the forum and add comments, and conversations can be translated to any language in real-time. One of the most fun parts is Trading Battle, where everyone can create a battle, and everyone can participate in the battle at a low entry charge. People can also create private battles and invite their friends and followers to participate.

About MoonXBT-The First Social Trading Platform

MoonXBT trading platform is based on the idea of taking your investment to the moon while enjoying social benefits! MoonXBT is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, has offices across East Asia, and the MoonXBT team includes experts in secure trading systems. It offers investment products such as spot trading, futures, warrant options, social trading, advanced features, and additional information. MoonXBT has a range of features compared to other trading exchanges and has offered users several benefits since 2021.

One of the major reasons that MoonXBT can take your investments to the moon is MoonXBT’s liquid contract. MoonXBT’s liquid contract allows a trader to place a margin of as much as 5000 USDT and to trade with up to 100 times leverage. And the orders can usually be filled in milliseconds. Compared to the 2000 USDT margin and up to 20 times leverage of exchanges such as Binance, MoonXBT delivers almost 12.5 times of liquidity which can maximize your trading profit, i.e. take your investments to the moon.

MoonXBT Platform User Interface

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On the other hand, new traders who’d like to try their hand at copy trading can expect an engaging and comfortable experience with MoonXBT, as it will reduce the risks. The trading platform also has an affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn up to 50% commission and the rebate rate is up to 30% for general users.

Top Services Offered by MoonXBT

Exciting Social Trading Platform

Social trading platforms are the fastest-growing type of investment platform in today’s world. They allow investors to invest in various cryptos through a platform. The social trading platform is a new way of investing that has been around for less than 12 years and has seen explosive growth in recent years. It has become a popular alternative to the traditional way of investing. A senior member can greatly enhance earning revenue by receiving up to 10% of the profit share of their followers.

Easy and Simple Copy Trading

Copy trading is one of the most important social trading features on MoonXBT and it is available on both the web and mobile applications. Copy trading is one of the best ways to follow the moves of professional traders. The liquid contract has great profit potential if you copy experienced traders’ orders. You can choose to follow one or more traders to improve your trading skills. Users can also see market conditions, tactics, and positions thanks to copy-trading, allowing traders to benefit from the community.

Trading Battle

Fast trading battles occur between professional traders on MoonXBT. With no extra trading fee, professionals can finally trade their resources and gain the profits they want. Buy crypto easily and order the offering that you want. You can view the market, take advantage of it, and enjoy the numbers. MoonXBT also has a ranking for traders to motivate them to trade more.

However, the platform decided to hold a Global Trading Battle event this month, so that users can know more about MoonXBT’s Trading Battles, and check the information to know about it in detail. Although, anything related to Trading Battle you will get your answers here.

MoonXBT Trading Battle

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Community Forum (App)

On the mobile application, users can enter the community forum. It is free to enter, and you can discuss many topics like margin, view, fees, features, services, leverage, and liquid contract with other users. However, people can also share opinions, ask questions, help professional traders build a community reputation, and leave comments too.

Efficient Trading Mechanism

To trade appropriately in a market, you must understand, review and focus on margin leverage, crypto offering, buy & sell, terms, order, and more technicalities. MoonXBT makes it incredibly easier for users to understand leverage, crypto, and fast buy and sell.

Lucrative Options Trading (Warrant, Touch, The 4 American Spread Option, European Options)

Options trading is a way to profit from fluctuations in the price of an asset. It is a type of derivative security that gives the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date. On MoonXBT, you get Warrant, touch, European spread options, and American options.

The options offerings from MoonXBT highlight the various advantages of options, such as better risk management.

MoonXBT Lucrative Options Trading

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Liquid Contract Trading

To increase liquidity, MoonXBT has implemented the “liquid contracts” feature, which allows traders to trade on an open order book without waiting for other traders’ orders to be filled. The filled order will then be submitted to the market, where the price may be affected by market movements and volatility.

These contracts can then be closed out by either party before expiration, giving liquidity and stability to the movements. MoonXBT offers a margin higher than Binance, and this lent liquidity contract trading its name.

Leveraged trading (1-150X)

The leverage ranges from 1 to 150x, and the offering on MoonXBT is excellent compared to many other online BTC trading sites. Leveraged trading is a type of trading where an investor borrows money to purchase an asset. Leveraged trading increases the potential return and increases the possibility of losing money. Leverage is a crucial part of a market, and MoonXBT is providing the best of it.


Slippage is the difference between the price at which a person or entity buys and sells an asset. It usually occurs when there is a time lag between the time an order is placed and its execution time. Slippage can occur when there are multiple orders, with each order waiting to execute until all others have been filled.

Slippage is more likely to occur during volatile markets where users place orders quickly to take advantage of quick prices. MoonXBT distributes your transaction orders over different spot exchanges, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the market depth and liquidity. This action helps minimize the possibility of slippage.

MoonXBT - The First Social Trading Platform

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Spot Trading

MoonXBT will provide spot trading in the near future to meet the demands of the users from new markets who need to switch between spot trading and derivative trading based on risk management.

Features of MoonXBT

Besides the above, MoonXBT is also equipped with other features that give users more reason to choose the platform.

Demo Mode

MoonXBT allows new and experienced traders to try liquid contract trading, derivatives trading, copy trading, or the trading battle through the new demo mode. One of the benefits of the MoonXBT liquid contract trading platform is its fast trading procedure and user-friendly UI. It also has a multi-screen trading view feature and allows users to test out strategies.

Low Risk

Risk is a part of any trading system. The risk control system of MoonXBT uses Artificial Intelligence to limit your digital assets to reduce risks. Users can trade with low risks through liquid contracts trading in the global spot market. The social trading platform provides genuine investment advice to new and advanced investors. MoonXBT also allows warrant options, which are similar to American options but have a greater liquidity and transaction procedure.

High Security

To keep your digital assets highly secure, the MoonXBT team cooperates with fire block and gives the investors the benefit of it ( Investors focusing on trading are assured of a complete security protocol that maintains safety. MoonXBT anchors the best price in the spot market in real-time, based on spot prices on several top crypto exchanges across the world, to lower the possibility of malevolent contract market manipulation.

Professional Multi-Screen Trading

The options trading site also has the ease of the multi-screen trading view. Users can access various liquid contracts trading views from the multi-screen option.

Awesome Features of MoonXBT

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Exclusive Rewards for New Users

MoonXBT offers 100x leverage for smaller crypto coins. It also provides exclusive rewards along with the fair price of liquid contracts. Users get MoonXBT points, excellent liquidity, and the total prize pool at a low fee rate.

Low Entry (1 USDT to Open a Position)

Investors can tap into Moonxbt trading at a very reasonable entry price. Compared to other options trading platforms, the reasonable prices have amassed many users.

New Users Amazing Benefits

If you are a newcomer at MoonXBT, then you don’t have to bother about predicting the spot market. The information and tools required are available on the website, making selection simpler for newcomers. You can quickly increase or reduce the options for your digital asset.

The low trading fees, reasonable prices, high liquidity, multi-signature, and MoonXBT points are great for any newcomer. Doing trade tasks is another way to get points. Finally, recommending other users is the third way to earn MoonXBT points. All of the points can then be used to offset transaction fees, allowing for more efficient trading.

New Users Amazing Benefits

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MoonXBT Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers copy trading, which is beneficial for new/experienced traders & investors to learn how to trade by watching others actions. Supported coins are limited.
The crypto offering can give you 100x leverage for small crypto coins. No spot markets have been offered yet.
The service, fee rates, features, ranking, and spread are equally popular among users.
The trading view gives you easy access to the MoonXBT options markets.
Smooth transaction process due to high liquidity.

Why Trade MoonXBT’s Liquid Contracts?

Transparent Price Chart: MoonXBT allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies transparently. This exchange is designed with the user in mind. It provides users with the most recent prices, total volume, and the current bid and asks prices for each currency.

High Leverage: MoonXBT offers its users high leverage of up to 150x. The company claims to be the fastest and most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the market. It has two types of fees for trading and has an easy-to-use UI with instant access to the best trading tools.

Easy Entry: MoonXBT’s trading site offers the opportunity to trade full-time. It provides its users with an easy platform to use and allows them to trade in different cryptocurrencies. It is easy to access the platform through mobile devices, desktop computers, and an app. The website also provides users with a clean interface that makes it easy to manage their accounts.

Why Trade MoonXBT's Liquid Contracts?

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High Liquidity: The liquidity makes it more attractive for traders and investors as they can use an asset to hedge their risk, which makes it easier to buy low and sell high depending on market conditions.

Low Fees: The fees on MoonXBT are low in comparison to other sites. It is one of the reasons why they have been able to gain so much popularity in such a short time.

Extremely Simple: MoonXBT is simple to use. It has a user-friendly interface with a clean and intuitive design. The app also provides several features that make it easy for users to manage and track their progress.

How to Earn and Use Moonpoints (MP)?

You can earn Moon points in various ways. When you register on MoonXBT, you get fifty MPs. Then after you complete your KYC verification, you get 100 MPs. When you link your phone number or email to secure your account, the site gives you 100 more MPs. Every trading task has moon points attached to it. However, to understand this in detail, check this link.

MoonXBT’s Incredibly Easy Registration Process

There are many trading sites, but MoonXBT is a new one. You can sign up and register an account through your phone or email. You will be asked to verify your phone number or email. To register, you do not have to submit a fee. The process can be easily completed in minutes.

You will need to provide your details and create a unique password for your account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to deposit funds into your account and trade on the platform. Make sure that you do have the documents for KYC verification. It is a crucial stage to register.

MoonXBT Fees

There are 3 types of MoonXBT fees i.e., Commissions, Overnight fees, and Withdrawal fees.

The current platform Commission fee rate is as low as 0.05%, and you may use MP to remove 5% of the procedure fee, which is merely 0.0475 %. Traders should refer to the official MoonXBT announcement for any revisions or discounts relating to the transaction fee. The transaction fee is equal to the margin * leverage * rate.

If you have an order that remains open for a certain time, the platform will deduct the overnight fee from your account balance at a certain time. The daily overnight settlement period is 0:00-0:05 (UTC), and these fees will be applied to all contract positions held overnight.

To know about withdrawal fees and deposit fees, read our MoonXBT review further.

MoonXBT Fees

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MoonXBT Payment Methods


Go to the ‘Asset’ tab and click the ‘Deposit’ button. Select the crypto coin that you want to deposit. Users can convert BTC and ETH to USDT, and the minimum BTC deposit is 0.001BTC. And MoonXBT does not charge any deposit fees from users. The minimum deposit of contract type of the following currencies is: for OMNI it is 50, for ERC-20 it is 50, & for TRC-20 it is 20.


Go to your account and click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab to get your coins. The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the crypto, in the case of USDT (OMNI), it is 10, for USDT (ERC20), it is 100, and for USDT (TRC20), it is 20. Although the withdrawal fee for USDT (OMNI) coin is 28, for USDT (ERC20) coin it is 20, and for USDT (TRC20) it is 1.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Chainlink
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • OMNI
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin, and more.

MoonXBT Affiliate Pro-Trader Program

If you start trading on this platform and you love the experience, then you could apply for the affiliate program MoonXBT has in place.

The Protrader program allows you to make money by referring individuals to the platform. The affiliate program MoonXBT is designed to help you make money by referring individuals to the platform. It is a simple process that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and it’s easy for both newcomers and experienced affiliates alike.

MoonXBT has introduced a U-based bonus return incentive scheme in order to expand the number of platform traders and encourage users to engage in socialization. By engaging KOLs, MoonXBT has furthered its socialization aim by allowing content developers’ social impact to be fully used.

MoonXBT Affiliate Pro-Trader Program

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Pro-trader applicants must be industry vloggers, community groups, or self-media creators with a 500-strong community at the minimum or social media profiles with at least 2,000 followers. You must lead at least one order each day on average after applying to become a Pro-trader. MoonXBT will pay pro-traders up to 50% commission on contract trading fees, which will be distributed based on rank. MoonXBT implements a salary ladder structure for pro-traders.

MoonXBT will determine the bonus distribution plan based on the current month’s circumstances, such as new incentive awards, fee contribution awards, community participation awards, and so on. The incentive is distributed based on the conversion scale of MoonXBT Pro-traders and the contribution of trading fees, among other factors.

MoonXBT Rebate Program

The company offers its clients a rebate program, enabling them to earn up to 30% of the total purchase amount and for partners is up to 50%. However, check here to learn about it in detail!

MoonXBT Mobile App

The MoonXBT mobile application lets users trade cryptocurrencies. It has been designed to make trading on mobile devices more straightforward and more accessible. The application uses Artificial Intelligence to provide traders with tailored market insights and predictions. Users can try out strategies, set “Take Profit,” and Stop loss by deciding a particular price or ratio. It can also manage trades automatically and execute orders based on a trader’s preferences.

MoonXBT Mobile App

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The features of the MoonXBT mobile application are aimed at making it easier for beginners to trade cryptos without having to worry about complicated technicalities. The application is available for Android and iOS operating systems and offers a wide range of real-time market data, charts, news, alerts, etc.

MoonXBT Customer Support

MoonXBT provides 24/7 customer support by having multiple teams work on different types of tasks at any given time, such as answering questions on social media or providing information about the company’s trading fees, products, and services. When users become aware of any loss, theft, misappropriation, or unauthorized use of the account, login information, password, or security feature, they should immediately notify MoonXBT’s support service.

Join the MoonXBT Community

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MoonXBT Help Center Support

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MoonXBT Review: Conclusion

We’ll conclude our MoonXBT review on a positive note.

MoonXBT is a decentralized exchange created by people who believe in the power of blockchain technology. MoonXBT allows you to trade without any intermediaries or third-party interference. It also offers high liquidity and low fees for traders, letting them genuinely enjoy trading. In summary, MoonXBTmakes it easy to understand margin leverage, withdrawal, and strategies. Apart from crypto trading, MoonXBT is offering its customers a community to help them along their crypto adventure, where they may learn, grow, and make friends.


Is MoonXBT a Legit Platform?

MoonXBT is a new crypto exchange that promises to deliver high-quality and reliable trading in the crypto market. The platform offers its users a 100% guarantee that their funds will be safe from manipulation and provide them with an easy-to-use interface. MoonXBT enables professional traders to become influencers through features such as copy trading and social trading.

How to Secure My MoonXBT Account?

There are multiple methods of securing your trading account. Some of these include:-

  • Creating a password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Another way is using a text message to verify your login using two-factor authentication.

How Safe Is the MoonXBT Platform?

The platform is safe! Even if the site goes down, users will still have access to their assets stored on the blockchain. It offers users a secure, private, and reliable trading experience, free from manipulation. MoonXBT is one of the most popular trading platforms today and has many positive reviews, so investing in this platform seems like a good idea. The majority of cryptos are stored in multi-signature, cold wallets with security features like robust encryption.

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