Neutrino Index Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

Introduction: Neutrino Protocol

The Neutrino protocol enables plug-and-play algorithmic finance infrastructure. Its decentralized development model empowers users to vote on key system parameters, thereby governing decision-making. This is made possible through the Neutrino protocol, which consists of a series of smart contracts written in the Ride programming language and deployed on the Waves blockchain. Many individuals are pondering whether Neutrino Index is a good investment now that this emerging crypto is garnering attention. This Neutrino Index price prediction will explore the evaluation of the Neutrino Index (XTN) and its potential price levels in the years ahead.

Neutrino Index Overview

Cryptocurrency Neutrino Index
Ticker Symbol XTN
Price $0.06208
Price Change 24h -38.95%
Price Change 7d -20.17%
Market cap $3,226,882
Circulating Supply 51,980,734 XTN
Trading Volume $215,287
All time high $1.20
All time low $0.0614
Neutrino Index ROI -93.72%

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The Transition of Neutrino: USDN->XTN

The stablecoin market has experienced a tumultuous 2022, marked by the rise and fall of algorithmic stablecoins that resulted in significant user losses. This indicates the need for a change in the stablecoin space, which the Neutrino team is proposing for USDN.

USDN is a stablecoin that boasts a robust user base, a strong team, and community governance. Prior to the bear market of 2022, it was a dependable option for storing value. However, it’s apparent that USDN cannot withstand the current level of market volatility. Nevertheless, the team and community believe that USDN still has a valuable use case in the Waves ecosystem, and that’s why the Neutrino team’s proposal to shift USDN from a stablecoin to a Neutrino Index Token (XTN) has been accepted.

About Neutrino Index (XTN)

XTN is an index token secured by a collection of Waves Ecosystem tokens and controlled by the user community. XTN will now be backed by a basket of tokens from the Waves ecosystem and will no longer be pegged to $1. Instead, the value of XTN will fluctuate depending on supply and demand, indirectly influenced by the Backing Ratio (BR). The BR is calculated by dividing the total value of all the assets held in collateral against the circulating supply. XTN aims to achieve a 100% BR, causing the price to converge towards $1. This provides more stability than a single-collateral stablecoin, as the value is not dependent on the performance of a single asset.

The pivot’s critical aspect is the function of SURF, a token created to recapitalize USDN reserves. SURF will continue to serve this role after the pivot to XTN. When the BR reaches 115%, 10% of the reserves will be automatically converted from SURF to XTN, utilizing 10% of reserves to repay users.

This presents an arbitrage opportunity for SURF purchasers. One can issue SURF at the BR’s value, and when the BR hits 115%, staked SURF will automatically transform to XTN at the current XTN price.

Neutrino Index (XTN) Technical Analysis

The current price of Neutrino Index (XTN) token is around $0.07 and the 24 hour trading volume is around $248,184. Market cap reaches $3,874,467. Major cryptocurrency exchanges are expecting consolidation amid concerns about regulation from authorities in the near future. Data from various exchanges and sites show an all-time high of $1.20, which is on Feb 08, 2020. The all-time low is $0.0614, which was on Feb 07, 2023.

The price of Neutrino Index token was trading in a fixed range till November 2022, and from the beginning of last December, XTN token faces significant bearish pressure. It fell from $0.97 to the low of the $0.08 mark. Neutrino Index price continues to reflect bearish momentum amidst global uncertainties. However, the XTN price managed to stay above $0.065 over the last week and hence, it holds potential to recover in the upcoming months.
Summarizing the technical analysis of Neutrino Index, investing in the short term may not be a good idea at the current price because there is no sign of a short-term price rise. Aggressive traders can purchase at the lower level of the day and book some profit on slight price increases. But an upward price action cannot be expected soon since the sentiments are neutral.

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Neutrino Index Price Prediction 2023-2030

Over the previous three months, XTN has given relatively lower returns, and the same is true for the current week. However, the Neutrino Index price today is around $0.07, and the price change in the last 24 hours is almost 9%. In comparison with other investment options, such as stocks or commodities, it is difficult to predict the exact movements of any cryptocurrency. So, traders and investors can find more information about the crypto forecasts here. Let’s explore about the Neutrino Index price predictions for the upcoming years.

Neutrino Index Price Prediction 2023

Forecast data suggest that the maximum price of Neutrino Index might trade around $0.15, slightly higher than the predicted closing price of the previous year as per the data. On the downside, Neutrino Index is anticipated to a minimum price level of $0.075 in 2023.

Neutrino Index Price Prediction 2024

The future of Neutrino Index is not convincing to invest in tokens as per the data and technical analysis. Neutrino Index price prediction foresees an opening at $0.085. The average price is predicted at $0.175 based on the forecast.

Neutrino Index Price Forecast 2025

Similar to the previous year’s trends, XTN will be trading with moderate momemtum as per the Neutrino Index price prediction 2025. The minimum price expected is $0.25. XTN is not a good investment for the long term based on its future price data.

Neutrino Index Price Forecast 2026

After analyzing the current value trend and past data, the Neutrino Index (XTN) price change is not anticipated to be positive. As per the XTN price prediction 2026, the maximum price is predicted to be $0.40 with a minimum price of $0.21.

Neutrino Index (XTN) Price Predictions 2027

Our XTN predictions anticipate the price beginning at $0.33. The minimum price forecasted is $0.30, and the average price for 2027 is $0.40. As per the Neutrino Index forecast, investors might be disappointed with the performance of Neutrino Index as the price rise is not expected to be very huge.

XTN Price Predictions 2028

Based on our XTN predictions, the minimum, average, and maximum prices are anticipated to be around $0.35, $0.37, and $0.39 for the year 2028.

Neutrino Index Forecast 2029

In 2029, the XTN token is anticipated to come down to a minimum of $0.29 based on our analysis and predictions. At the same time, the maximum value may be around $0.32 for the year 2029.

Neutrino Index Price Prediction 2030

The market capitalization may also see a fall since the price change may not encourage traders to hold the XTN coin. Further, the XTN price prediction 2030 reflects that the value will be bullish, but the change in the price will not be very drastic. The maximum price of the token may not be more than $0.40.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Neutrino Index?

You can buy Neutrino Index from WAVES Exchange, Pluto,, Tsunami Finance, MEXC,, and Puzzle Swap. You can use the same platforms to sell the tokens.

Is Neutrino Index a good investment?

Neutrino Index (XTN) price predictions from different sources indicate Neutrino Index is not a profitable long-term investment option. Carefully invest because the crypto market is volatile, and the Neutrino Index (XTN) price depends on its demand and supply at that time, and future prices may vary from predictions. Hence, investors should carry their own research, calculate the risk levels, and take proper financial advice for a profitable investment.

Will Neutrino Index (XTN) price increase in the future?

The value of Neutrino Index (XTN) may increase in the future, but the price change would not be very drastic as per our Neutrino Index price prediction. Based on the data analysis and forecast, the price will go up slowly. So, Neutrino Index may not be the right choice for short-term investment.

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