Ontology Price Prediction

Ontology (ONT): Miracle of Cryptoscience

For decades the corporates have been grappling with a concept that could produce a highly dependable platform. A platform that can be instrumental in keeping the data not just stored but also secure and safe from any existing and potential threats. The challenges of the finance sector gave birth to the rise of “Blockchain Technology” that rose to prominence, especially with regard to the Decentralized Finance sector. With the growing popularity of abundant assets, the invention of the ONT Network in the year 2017 by a group of Chinese experts on cryptocurrencies has only proved a blessing. This miracle of Ontology was produced by the expertise of two founders – Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. Here you will get all information about ONT, Ontology Price Prediction & its technical analysis.

Ontology Overview

Cryptocurrenc Ontology
Ticker Symbol ONT
Price $0.2683
Price Change 24h +2.85%
Price Change 7d -0.47%
Market cap $159,848,581
Circulating Supply 875,249,524 ONT
Trading Volume $14,725,953
All time high $11.18
All time low $0.225
Ontology ROI -93.03%

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Ontology (ONT): The Topography Within

The Ontology project aims to act as a bond for the fiat and digital world where the trust factor of the masses plays a pivotal role. Evaluating the merits of the Ontology project, it includes a high-performance-oriented distributed identity system, distributed data exchange and collaboration, and distributed procedure protocols. It blends segregated communities, distributed attestation and merges a versatile weave of algorithm modules that are restricted to specific industries. So it emerged as a crypto giant that produces a flawless and most reliable company, an eclectic integration of a cross-chain infrastructure, and sustains as a robust crypto company for applications across industry and all gadgets. In the process, it fostered peer-to-peer trust, thereby creating a highly collaborative and customer-friendly interface based on deep learning not only for the public but also private. NEO wallet owners and subscribers of the ONT email newsletter are privileged holders of ONTs to some extent.

What Makes Ontology Distinctive?

  • The ONT coin has been shaped by the expert hands of engineers and talented programmers, making it all the more reliable.
  • It has a financial backing of a robust Chinese group, and hence it makes it free from any scams.
  • The fame of Ontology crypto also emerges from the alliances with NEO making it an esteemed altcoin.
  • No special training or expertise is required by any investor to trade in crypto assets. Its simplified process on two basic frameworks, one of agreement wherein ONG helps with smart contracting almost on the similar lines of Ontology.
  • Ontology also enjoys the benefits of policy governance and regulation changes.

ONT Price Prediction: Ontology Partnerships & Handshakes

Recently there emerged on-screen news flashing the partnership of Ontology with AP.LLC, music streaming platform, Rocki, Microworkers, Blocery, one of the high-end gardening goods/grocery e-commerce companies to enhance its applications, receiving capital and infrastructure support from the latter. These alliances entitle different ecosystems to become an integral part of Ontology as optimal solutions for DeFi, payments, and decentralization.

Understanding of Ontology Price Prediction

The beginning of the year 2021 was quite positive for ONT as there was tremendous growth from $0.4 to $2.69 by May 2021. It was a growth of more than 500%. Investors and traders started profit booking leading to a sudden price fall. From $2.69, the price fell to $0.58 in less than 2 months. The price almost went back to the level from where it started the bull run.

Since then, the coin has been trading in a sideways journey with minor price rises and falls. Currently, the coin is trading at $0.6969 with a 24 hours trading volume of $119,125,992. The entire crypto market is booming, and the same is seen for ONT in the form of a slight price rise. From the current price level, significant resistance is seen at $1.04, and significant support is seen at $0.43. The price has sustained this support level since 2021, giving a positive sign to investors.

As per Bollinger Bands, the volatility has increased, and the price is trading above the upper band, indicating an optimistic outlook. Technical indicators are also indicating bullish momentum. RSI is at 76, indicating highly bullish momentum and it has crossed the overbought signal. The MACD line is also trading above the Signal line, indicating bullish momentum.

Overall, all the indicators are favorable for the coin, and the current price levels are perfect for traders & investors to accumulate the coin and hold the coin till the prices cross at least the $1 mark again.

Ontology Price Forecast

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Experts’ Take on Ontology Price Prediction

While some cryptocurrency price prediction providers, experts, or websites do analysis and prediction based on a conservative angle, others make forecasts based on a more realistic and optimistic trend along with the market cap & crypto rating. Here are some of the expert’s ONT price predictions.

Ontology coin price may reach as high as $1.07 and as low as $0.72 by end of 2022. The average Ontology price predictions for the next 1 year by them indicates the ONT price may be $0.92. Trading Beasts

Based on our Ontology forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2027 is $2.027. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +190.4%.
Wallet Investor

As per the current price trend and Ontology price prediction, in the upcoming five years, ONT price might shoot up to $1.88. Digital Coin Price

As per our Ontology coin price prediction, it may have a decrease and price may fall to $0.52 level by the June 2022. GOV Capital

The scenario is quite positive for the price as per the Cryptoground price predictions of ONT. The price of Ontology will increase to $1.05 level by the end of the next 1 year. Crypto Ground

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ONT Price Prediction 2022-2026: What the Future Holds for You?

Ontology Price Prediction 2022

Surprisingly, the beginning of 2021 was quite profitable and the current price has also started recovery. The current price is trading around $0.69 and according to Ontology coin news, the price is expected to increase in the future. By December 2022, the cryptocurrency might highly reflect positive trends in terms of price, and it may reach a maximum of $1.08.

Ontology Price Prediction 2023

With more and more investors buying Ontology around in previous years, it may only add up to the price of ONT exponentially and integrate its blockchain on many applications. As per our forecasts, the mass adoption will result in an upswing in price, and as per our Ontology price predictions, by the end of 2023, it might be trading between $0.98 to $1.28.

Ontology Price Prediction 2024-2025

Multiple developments in the ONT technology are expected. As per the Ontology price predictions, the maximum price is expected to be around $1.89 by the years 2024 to 2025. Of course, force majeure is discounted!

Ontology Price Prediction 2026

As per our forecasts, a downfall might be expected in the price leading to a price fall as compared to the previous year. The Ontology price by the end of 2026 might be trading around $1.51.

Final Verdict: Ontology ONT Price Prediction

Ontology has stood the test of time and augmented its success through alliances and assimilation, partnering with names like MovieBloc, a platform for distributing films based on blockchain, and Kmplayer, GoWithMi, and ParityGame. As per our predictions, no wonder soon the ONT price shall be skyrocketing!!

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Ontology (ONT): Your Concerns That Concern Us: FAQs

Is Ontology a good investment in 2022?

Yes, according to our price forecast & technical analysis, the Ontology price is going to increase, and it will be a good investment. Now the Ontology price is around $0.6, but by December 2022, it will reflect a positive price change.

Is it profitable to invest in Ontology?

Based on our Ontology forecast & analysis, it will be profitable to invest in Ontology (ONT) for the long term for almost a period of 5+ years.

How do I purchase Ontology Coins for myself?

Many web platforms for trading cryptocurrencies in the market allow investment. Register yourself with your KYC credentials and transact via any of your Master or Visa credit card. Post verification, your altcoins are transferred to your ONT wallet. All in just 30 minutes!

How do I make my Ontology wallet?

Your passkeys to reach the cryptocurrency wallet stay saved on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can quickly and fastly control all of your Ontology coins.

Will Ontology prices crash?

Who could have forecasted this Pandemic would change the entire global infrastructure, including the cryptocurrency market? Just like any market, the cryptocurrency markets are governed vide different political, natural, and other socio-economic factors, and no one can predict the exact price of ONT.

Remember, nothing comes as a free lunch…you need to invest fast as the price changes every moment! Get more about the other crypto forecast here.

The Time to Act Is………………………… Here & Now.

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