CMC Markets Review 2024


CMC Markets is one of the well known and most popular UK-based brokers, founded in 1989. This platform offers more than 10,000 trading instruments across traditional CFD assets, and it offers fully developed spread betting solutions. Under these two categories, active traders can trade Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, treasuries, home loans, and commodities.

The commodities indices group together individual commodities to make commodity baskets. CMC Markets offers its proprietary trading and also Metatrader 4 next generation trading platform, which shows its commitment to the traders so that they can take full advantage of its offered services.

CMC Markets provides tier-1 liquidity; it is regulated by similar brokers in the trading strategies and market volatility. CMC Market will give you a resemblance to the web version. This article will talk about the CMC Markets review and see if it satisfies the boxes of a reliable & consistent trading platform.

CMC Markets Overview

Official Website
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Found in 1989
Regulators ASIC, FCA, FMA, MAS
Financial Products offered Forex products, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, commodities, treasuries, ETFs, Australian shares, home loans, & several more
Minimum Initial Deposit $0
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Yes
Trading fees Low
Inactivity fee £10 per month
Withdrawal fee Depends upon the withdrawal method
Supported currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Ripple, and several more
Customer Support 24×5 customer support by phone, email, and live chat

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CMC Markets Reviews 2024 - Overview

What is CMC Markets?

CMC Markets was established to provide services in Forex and CFD through an online trading platform. CMC market was founded in 1989. Their asset portfolio has more than 10,000 trading instruments of different CFDs. It covers a wide range of trading instruments, such as indexes, bonds, stocks, trade stocks and commodities.

Many of the online brokers we evaluated provided us in-person in CMC Markets. CMC Markets is a well-reputed online brokers, and it is a member of the FTSE smallcap index. Some of the top-tier regulatory authorities regulate this forex broker, and it is listed on the London stock exchange.

Talking about Australian forex broker trading would include ASX, SSX (Sydney Stock Exchange), and the Chi x derivatives market for the growth-oriented companies’ international shares (Pty Ltd ABN 11). It offers its services to retail traders and also to institutional clients like brokers, banks, trading desks, & hedge funds.

This broker is trusted globally, and it provides excellent services for the active traders by offering more tradable assets, competitive pricing, and the Next generation trading platform (CMC’s pty Ltd platform), which comes fully packed with good quality research, powerful charting, and innovative trading tools to target international markets. CMC market offers liquidity rebates for active traders that starts at 5%.

CMC Markets Reviews - About the Platform

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Features of CMC Markets

CMC Markets stockbroking is a well-known and established broker known for its competitive CFD trading, and it also offers spread betting solutions. This broker is regulated in the UK, and it is listed on one of the most prestigious stock exchanges, the London stock exchange.

CMC Markets provides a good database of some of the tradable assets, both on web version and mobile apps, and many resources by making it the best choice for U.K traders. New trading accounts lose money often. Access domestic and international shares with $0 brokerage on Japan, US UK and Canada. Buy Aussie shares for $0 brokerage up to $1000.

With regards to commission and fees, it depends on the type of bank account holder and the specific asset class chosen by the trader for trading. Simply put, we can say that the CMC market is one of the best forex brokers which offers some of the most competitive fees in the industry standard.

Talking about the negative balance protection, it gives clients a peace of mind in volatile market conditions. As per our this platform invest account review, we can say that this broker’s retail traders can benefit from excellent educational packages created by well-experienced professionals.

CMC Markets consist of three tiers which include active investor, classic and premium services. The assets offered by this broker are great, and it offers well-diversified asset portfolios by offering very low trading costs. Irrespective of the trader’s experience level, or if they are an institutional client, CMC Markets (CMC forex broker) provides a full spectrum of services for the broker’s different trading needs.

CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited allows you to trade a full suite of investment products from shares to managed funds. As per our CMC Market review, this invest account is very transparent in its operations regarding the various costs involved, which are listed products clearly on the website. The active traders can buy or sell assets to find all the applicable costs listed for various services.

Pay low brokerage fees of £10 monthly fee if there is no trading activity for 12 months. It also charges market data fees for specific CFD shares. It does not charge any non-trading brokerage fee from the user. Access domestic and international share with zero or low brokerage fee for trading in US UK, Japanese and Canadian markets depending on the membership tier which is user friendly as well.

A pop up window will appear when you log in for the first time, confirming which tier you qualify for a month. Premium Traders can access all the features with best brokerage and dynamic markets data in US UK locations. The active investor can be benefited with dynamic data.

As per CMC Markets review, the CMC Markets offer an award-winning, pty platform called a Next-generation platform and an industry-leading Metatrader 4 trading platform. Next-generation trading strategies can be accessed through a browser in the global markets. CMC invest account trades are executed in less than 1 second.

Standout of the charting feature for the next generation platform which would include the emerging pattern tool. An award winning broker that offers you a wide range of products at a low cost in most countries. In this CMC Markets Review(CMC forex broker) offers a CMC Markets mobile app, and it is developed to help users to trade on the go, irrespective of the experience levels.

The CMC Markets mobile app comes with 115 technical indicators, 12 chart types, 70 chart patterns, and it allows the traders to trade directly from the chart. It also offers a Reuters news feed and an economic calendar built-in, which is also available in the mobile app. CMC charges brokerage fees for online trades for the popular products.

Value your money and keep the trading cost down with competitive spreads and user-friendly. The CMC Next generation platform is powerful, versatile, with plenty of customization tools and configuration options.

Order Types

This UK based forex broker also offers a wide and expensive full range of advanced order features that can be accessed through the desktop platform where the trader can use it. One of the most advantageous features of this web platform is, the user can trade from the charts, and they can view the charts directly, which includes opening, modifying, and closing their orders.

If you want to use this feature, you should have a large screen monitor to use these features more effectively. The insight series and weekly outlook series provider board market coverage, and can be filtered by asset class.

In this CMC Markets review, this platform provides its support for the below-given order types for trading securities and Forex-

  • Stop-loss order
  • Guaranteed stop-loss order
  • Market orders
  • Partially close trade order
  • Limit and stop entry order
  • Take profit order
  • Trailing stop-loss order

Demo Accounts

As per CMC Markets review, this broker offers a demo account holder free access to all new account holders. To access this live account, the Premium trader needs to provide their e mail address, and they should choose a very strong password. When this is done, they need to select whether they want to try CFD or spread betting. When the trader uses this account, they will be using the CMC Markets proprietary platform. This helps the traders familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and functionalities with virtual money without risking their funds.

Charting Tools

As per CMC Markets review, the CMC Markets offers great charting tools, and the advanced tools selection is huge. The trader can choose from several detailed technical analysis and editor tools. It also offers an extra feature like automatic trendline drawing tools, and the trader can have an option to save their preferred one.


  • Both Thomson Reuters and CMC Markets offer newsfeeds, and it is available on the web platform.
  • The trader can easily find CMC news and analyze blogs on the website, and Thomson Reuters can also be located on the trading platforms.
  • CMC markets also provide a link to CMC TV, which provides several functionalities.
  • Moreover, it also offers a YouTube channel that provides several updates per week on the current market movements, whether to buy or sell an asset and its development.
  • Aside from markets data updates, it also offers technical analysis.

CMC Markets – Research

  • CMC Markets offers a top-class research department that provides insights on fundamental news sources along with key insights and the market data developments that are being posted on the site every day.
  • Every publication posted on the website contains several market research and analyses the development and its impact on certain markets.
  • As per CMC Markets review, the CMC Markets hosts educational materials. If you are a new trader, you can make use of it and this will even help you with home loads situations.
  • Moreover, it also hosts regular live webinars and gives a chance to the traders to ask questions to expert traders any time as per their convenience.
  • As per CMC Markets review, this broker offers a well-structured economic calendar; this calendar is incorporated into Thomson Reuters and it provides some of the most recent development and latest news daily.
  • Each news is analyzed to identify whether it has a markets data impact on the financial markets.
  • The traders can access these events daily, or country wise where the impact is seen.
  • The traders can set alarms separately for these events.

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Is CMC Markets regulated broker?

This broker is regulated by various financial conduct authority globally. Some of them are:-

  • UK financial conduct authority (FCA) – CMC Spreadbet plc are registered with FCA (registration number 173730).
  • Canada’s investment industry regulatory organization of Canada (IIROC) – CMC Markets Canada Inc is a member of the IIROC.
  • Australia’s Australian securities and investment commission (ASIC)
  • New Zealand’s financial markets authority (FMA)
  • Singapore’s monetary authority of Singapore (MAS)

CMC Markets Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
right CMC Markets is a regulated broker in the UK. cancel This broker does not accept U.S clients.
right This broker is listed on the London stock exchange. cancel CMC Markets provides MetaTrader 4 only for desktop.
right It offers advanced risk management tools for its advanced traders.
right CMC Markets offers more than 10,000 trading instruments to trade.
right It offers its proprietary trading platform as well as Metatrader 4.

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Is it safe to trade with CMC Markets?

As per our CMC Markets review, we can say that CMC Markets is one of the most recognized, and it is a market leader in CFD trading. CMC markets in 1996, launched the first online Forex pairs next generation trading platform. It also launched its Sydney office in 2002, and ASIC had licensed CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd in 2004.

This broker has won an award for the highest overall customer satisfaction, best CMC Markets customer service, best pro platform features, best educational resources, Best value for money, client sentiment and several more in the past year. Also, CMC Markets has won Australia’s best value broker award consecutively for 9 years, hence it is one of the best forex brokers in Australia; you can also find more platforms suited to your need. It also has awards like the Best Mobile Trading Platform in 2022.

FCA’s client money rules, CMC Markets is required to segregate client money from CMC’s own funds. The funds held in segregated bank accounts do not belong to CMC. CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty ltd provides excellent services for its customers. CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty ltd also provides trading services in CFDs, securities through their online share trading.

We know it is hard to compare trading fees for CFD broker. Verdict CMC Markets offers an excellent pricing that fits all types of traders. In house analysts run regular CFDs trading, conduct focused events and informative live webinars.

Risk warning –

CFD and spread bets are complex instruments and come with a high degree of risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79% of the retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFD and carrying out spread betting with the credit providers. You should always consider whether you understand how CFDs and spread bets work and whether you can afford to take the risk of accounts lose money.

Consider the information provided on the website according to your objectives, financial situation and needs. If you’re unsure of anything, seek professional advice. We are just factual information providers and are not making any suggestion or recommendation of a particular product. Do not enter any personal information as it would be made public and not provided to the bank or product provider.

CMC Markets Review – Benefits 

Let us discuss the benefits offered by the platform –

  • Traders can have access to more than 10,000 safety instruments, which allows them to trade executions on several assets starting from forex,forex pairs, Bitcoin, Gold, and several more are selected products for investment.
  • As per CMC Markets review, this platform offers global shares trading with several clients worldwide, attracting more customers for the services offered.
  • Several regulatory authorities regulate CMC Markets, and it is listed in the UK stock exchange. This site may be compensated with third party in CMC markets. These site links are available in the website.
  • It has received several awards for its outstanding business performance, and it is recognized as one of the best platforms which offer excellent educational resources and dedicated customer service.
  • This broker fee does not need a minimum deposit for online share trading.
  • This platform offer low price, which also includes tight spreads and low leverage; the margin requirements are also very low. Low cost share trading is not worth it with CMC Markets.
  • The traders can customize their mobile and desktop platforms as per their convenience. They can give a star rating according to their preferences.
  • CMC Markets account offer a wide range of sophisticated trading tools, which include pattern recognition, chart forum, analytic insights, price movements, and several more. Thou you do have other options as well.
  • CMC Markets provides an in-depth learning academy and offers several webinar tutorials, courses, videos, and written trading resources.
  • Invest account also offers a completely free demo trading account, dynamic data, live data and it is fully functioning for the benefit of its users. CMC markets also provide free live ASX data. Besides, it also provides a chat forum where the traders can trade shares in the forum to help each other.
  • CMC market offers negative balance protection which has become an important feature that most online brokers are offering these days. It also provides trader’s access to an extensive range of offerings with several different asset classes.

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CMC Markets Fees

  • As per our CMC Markets review, we can say that this broker’s earnings are generated from commissions, average spreads, or a combination of both, depending upon the asset publicly traded by the user.
  • Spreads on FX pairs start with 0.7 pips, which is very competitive, commissions are charged.
  • For equity trading, it starts from 0.10%; there are also other trading costs, such as a small premium Trader for guaranteed stop-loss order, where it will be refunded if the order is not executed.
  • We know it’s hard to compare trading fees for CFD brokers. There are also overnight holding costs, market dynamic live data feeds, and swap rates.
  • This broker charges bank accounts inactivity brokerage fees of £10 a per month. All the active investor tier would be benefited with free live or dynamic data.
  • The further information displayed is based on an average of 30 trades per month. A minimum trade value is $1000 across all international markets. $0 for first buy order processed on any trading day.

CMC Markets Withdrawal Fees

  • The withdrawal fees or inactivity fees of CMC Markets vary depending upon the withdrawal method chosen by the trader.
  • Every broker has their preferred withdrawal rules on how they can withdraw their funds from their trading accounts.
  • It also offers several withdrawal methods and processing fees; their processing times might vary as per the method chosen.
  • CMC Markets invest accounts allows the traders to withdraw their funds to a Payoneer account and a normal bank account through a wire transfer.

Assets offered for trading

As per our review, this broker offers more than 10,000 next generation trading instruments over 6 asset classes such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, commodity, treasuries, ETFs, and several more. Further, experienced traders and beginner traders find the asset offering of this broker more comprehensive as CMC Markets charges continue to expand its asset base.

Exchange traded options are also available. Trading fees occur when you trade. Besides, the trading assets are all listed on the CMC website, and the trader can easily navigate the online share trading to find the asset they choose to trade. If you are still looking for guidelines, you can compare our comparison tables in finding the online share trading that suits you.

Next-generation has three basic order types to help stop or lose the trade. Although we cover a wide range of products, this is a great place for frequent traders.

CMC Markets Reviews - Assets Offered

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Trading of CFD

As per CMC Markets review, the CMC market is one of the most popular and leading platforms that offers social trading of CFD in the form of assets such as treasuries, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and several more. Further, every instrument can use leverage and should be following ESMA regulations for the retail trader. The trader can short sell their assets on the platforms.

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Spread Betting

CMC Markets invest in several financial instruments that are available to trade along with spread betting facilities. The benefit of using spread betting on the preferred choice of assets is that the trader can benefit from tax-exempt profits and make money. However, the trader should check with a qualified tax professional regarding this tax-exempt, which might differ as per the country of residence.

Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

  • CMC Markets offers cryptocurrency trading as the most popular client assets class.
  • Cross cryptocurrency trading is not available. This broker offers several pairs along with competitive spreads.
  • Some of the USA crypto pairs that are offered are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Ripple, and more.
  • The spreads are wider than any traditional currency pairs because of the high-risk involved in the volatile market. If you wish to use CFDs work you can use CMCs next generation CFD trading platform.

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Risk warning –

Trade CFDs work and spread betting are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79% of the retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and carrying out spread betting with this credit provider. You should always consider whether you understand how CFDs and spread bets work and whether you can afford to take the risk of losing your money.

Account Types

As per CMC Markets review, this broker offers account type with a free access demo account and a live account without a minimum deposit. The trader has a choice to choose the platform of trading to trade. MT4 trading platform allows trading only in commodity, forex, and index trading. If the trader is interested in trading with other assets they have to choose CMC’s Next-generation platform. CMC Markets offers Pro accounts for professional clients.

CMC invest account provide three account types (including Share Trading accounts) for its Premium trader-

– CFD account
– Spread betting account
– Corporate account

  • Even though the above-mentioned accounts have more similarities, they differ in other platforms like share trading. For example, all the above-mentioned accounts have the same features, but some of the instruments differ from the trader’s type of account.
  • The account opening process is very easy and effortless, and it can be carried out on the CMC Markets website. It is a simple step-by-step process that helps the traders set up trading live accounts quickly and start using the trading platforms for live trading.
  • Let’s check out the step-by-step account opening process on the CMC Markets platform for further details. You should consider this information service on your objectives, financial situation and according to your needs. Second and each subsequent buy order processed on any trading day, up to the value of $1000 per stock.

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Account Opening Process

The account opening process with CMC Markets is easy and quick, and the online application can be downloaded from the website for a mobile app. After opening an account, the trader can start with live trading or proceed with the demo trading as per their choice; but the trader should submit some of the documents required to satisfy the regulators’ KYC requirements.

These documents might take time to submit, but it guarantees every trader’s safety once it is done. CMC Market offers a joint account option as well.

Step 1. Registration

For registering, the trader should proceed to the homepage of CMC Markets and they need to download the registration form and fill in the basic details such as full name, address, contact details, and date of birth. The trader should also provide some of the information like their tax status and in some cases, this broker asks for a national insurance number from their client.

Step 2. Financial Information

The trader should provide some financial services about their financial status, which is mandatory as the broker asks. They also need to state their employment status and the industry experts they work for and give details about their annual income and their experience in trading securities online. They should also answer some of CMC markets’ multiple-choice questions to understand the trader’s knowledge in trading.

Moreover, the traders will be questioned about their knowledge of risk undertaking and applying leverage. You should also understand the negative balance protection which means that your account balance cannot go into negative. Clients can have additional asset protection with the help of Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Step 3. Verification Process

Any UK Forex broker such as CMC Markets is required to identify their customers who use their services provider because they comply with anti-money laundering regulations. They should adhere to the licensing conditional orders asked by the FCA. For this, the trader should manually provide the supporting documents to this broker. They need to include a proof of address and a government-issued ID to broker.

Step 4. Depositing Funds

If you are using a demo account, there is no need to deposit funds as the account is already provided with the account’s virtual funds. This broker allows its traders to deposit or withdraw funds through bank transfer, debit credit card. There is no minimum amount to deposit on the platform.

Step 5. Live Trading

After adding a minimum deposit, the trader can proceed with the live trading. To start live trading, the trader needs to go to the website of CMC markets. Login to the trading platform, which is very easy to use, and the trader can easily find the asset they are looking for.

Further, the trader can use the search function, asset class and specify the instrument they are looking for to have quick access. It permits users to customize the layout completely, which is one of the best features offered by CMC Markets.

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Trading Platforms Available

As per CMC Markets review, this platform provides two options of trading for the benefit of its traders. The first option would be Metatrader 4, which is fully supported by CMC Markets. It only covers the CFD and Forex trading aspect and not the spread betting. The second option is, the trader can use a proprietary trading platform offered by CMC Markets.

Irrespective of any of the trader’s platforms, this online broker allows the user to trade through their main desktop website. This means the trader needs not to download any software; besides, the trader can use CMC Markets mobile trading app. CMC markets are a great choice for global Forex and CFD traders.

Open a online share trading account trade shares with invest account and take advantage of Australia’s lower Brokerage. Now you must be wondering how to apply for a CMC market invest account. To sign up for a CMC market invest account, click to “apply now” where it will redirect you to the application form.

CMC Markets charges a online share trading platform that helps traders carry out their trades and spread betting through mobile trading apps. The mobile app can be downloaded from the CMC Markets website, or they can directly download it from the Google play store or Apple app store.

The next generation platform has features which are flexible and easy to use where you can manage your trade effortlessly. CMC market is well trusted across the globe and it delivers the best trading experience with tradable instruments.

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Deposits and Withdrawals options

  • The broker’s options are bank wires, credit cards, and debit card transfers concerning deposits and withdrawals.
  • Even though otherbest forex brokers offer several transfer options, we can consider this as an impediment from this broker.
  • Since these are all the only trading options offered by the broker, it does not charge any fees for withdrawals and deposits; but the traders should note that there are third party bank charges.
  • Deposit and withdrawal charges are commission-free, but 1% is charged on the various credit cards; debit card charges are 0.6%.
  • If you are depositing a large sum of money, the fees could be more substantial. There would be on an average 10 trades per month.

Accepted deposit and withdrawal methods are -:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • BPAY
  • PayPal
  • Electronic Wallets

CMC Markets Education Resources

As per our CMC Markets review, CMC Markets offers a wide choice of available educational resources in written text and videos. It also offers platform tutorials for its traders. CMC Markets education materials offer a variety of tools & features: –

  • Tutorial videos
  • Demo account
  • General educational videos
  • Trading educational articles
  • Webinars
  • Glossary

The educational articles of CMC Markets are very easy to read, and it is supported by short videos and graphs to help the traders to understand complex trading processes. Some of the articles are based on the trader’s trading experience, and some of the topics range from CFD fundamentals and goes through trading strategies.

CMC Markets Reviews - Educational Tools

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CMC Markets Review – Customer Support

As per CMC Markets Review, this platform offers dedicated customer support available 24×5, and traders can use their FAQ section. It also offers customer support through phone, email, and live chat. The phone support is answered immediately. This broker has been voted as the best phone and email customer service in the year 2019, offered by investment trends UK leverage trading report.

The active investor would be benefited with technical support. Contact CMC Markets customer team. Traders will get answered on the same day. Trader can contact CMC Markets via email or phone between 7:30 am to 5:30 pm (Sydney Time).

Wrap up

Based on CMC Markets review, we can say that CMC Markets is a well-known broker regulated by top-level regulatory authorities. It is one of the best forex and CFD brokers offering services around the world. Some of the advantages include low forex fees, providing several research tools, trading platforms, and dedicated customer service. Even though it has few drawbacks, its service is seamless.

To open an account is very easy, and the popular product range selection covers forex and several asset classes like bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and several more. We recommend the traders try this broker because it offers excellent features with no minimum deposit with caution. Here the customer can also choose dynamic data. Target market determinations can be found on the provider’s website.

A Closer Look at CMS Markets’ Prospects for Future Growth Despite Mixed Interims

CMC Markets continues to display unwavering optimism for its future prospects in 2024, showcasing resilience and confidence even in the face of reporting mixed interim results. Despite encountering challenges along the way, the company’s strategic vision and ability to adapt shine brightly, further strengthening its positive outlook for the future.

CMS Market Review by CryptoNewsZ Rating

In its complete CMS market review, CryptonewsZ given an ideal 9 out of 10 rating, identifying itself from other platforms. This impressive score highlights the platform’s superiority in content management systems, confirming its dependability and effectiveness.

CMC Markets Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Are CMC Markets Good for traders?

Yes, CMC Markets is a good broker, and it is rated as best in several categories as the best overall Forex broker, which offers a wide range of tradable assets. This broker offers several features irrespective of the trader’s experience level and a feature-rich platform for its traders. It also offers excellent customer service, educational resources, and great market research tools.

Is CMC market trustworthy??

As per our CMC Markets review, we can say that CMC Markets is considered as low risk and has a good trust score, which shows it is safe. Moreover, this broker is publicly traded, and it does not operate as a bank. Several regulatory authorities around the world authorize it. FAC’s client money rules, CMC Markets is required to segregate client money from CMC’s own funds.

Is CMC Markets Platform good for beginners?

Yes, CMC Markets is a well-known online trading broker based in London and has traders trading experience on the platform globally. It offers two platforms, their proprietary trading platform; another is Metatrader 4. Besides, its spreads are tighter compared to its competitors. The minimum deposit requirement is very low; this is considered as an advantageous feature for the new traders.

How long does it take to withdrawal money from CMC Markets ?

In CMC Markets, withdrawals can take up to 5 working days. For domestic banks it would take 1-2 working days and international banks can take up to 3-5 working days.

Who owns this CMC Markets Platform?

Peter Cruddas, in 1989, launched CMC Markets. Initially, it was first named as Currency Management Corporation and later renamed as CMC Markets. Based in London, it offers its trading services to traders all around the globe.

How much do I need to deposit to start trading with CMC Markets Platform?

The minimum deposit for CMC Markets is $0.00USD. Moreover, the broker does not enforce any minimum deposit policy; clients need to deposit funds into their account to start trading. As for the funding methods, CMC Markets supports the traditional payment options credit card / debit card and bank transfers with no additional deposit fees.

The platform reserves all rights for its features and functionalities. For more you can track the product issuers lists from our sites.

Can you trade Crypto on CMC markets Platform?

With CMC markets, you can trade bitcoin via a CFD account. This allows you to speculate on bitcoin price movements without owning the actual cryptocurrency.

General Disclaimer :-

CFD products and spread bets are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79% of the retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and carrying out spread betting with the product provider. Based on CMC Markets review, CMC Markets compares from a wide set of banks, insurers and product issuers.

You should always consider whether you understand how trading CFDs work and spread bets work and whether you can afford to take the risk of losing your money. Please ensure to read the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) and Target market determination (TMD) before taking action. We are not owned by any of the banks, we are not a product issuer or credit provider.

Trading forex and CFDs with leverage poses significant risk of loss. We are just information providers and are not making any suggestion or recommendation of a particular products. We recommend to seek independent advice along with professional advice before committing to any plan. This is not personal advice.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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