Review 2021: Is It a Legitimate Sportsbook?


Sports Betting website/ live dealer casino name is a platform that has been getting attention from sports bettors in recent times. A review would generally begin by looking at the online sports betting platform and compare it with the other platforms with casino games, cash games, mobile casino games, etc. to judge whether the sports betting casino makes for a good choice or not. Any gambling site would require a few features and functionalities that are at its core for gambling and some added incentives that can help sports betting sites stand out from their alternatives as it has way more betting options than the ones out there. Summary

Official Website
Year Founded In 1999
Software Betsoft
Licensed By Panama
Provably Fair Games Yes
Available Games Casino, Poker, Sports, Esports, Live Casino, Live Betting, & Racebook Games
Banking Available Visa, Mastercard, EcoPayz, Discover Card, Cryptocurrency, Money Orders, & more
Min Deposit Varies in Currency & Payment Methods
Min Withdrawal Varies in Currency & Payment Methods
Waiting Period for Cash Out Depend on the Amount of Withdrawal
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, USDT
Restricted Countries Australia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, France, Iran, Libya, & more
Languages Available English
Tournaments Yes
VIP Club No
Welcome Bonus and Offers 50% Welcome Bonus
Mobile Support Yes, Mobile and Desktop Both
Customer Support 24/7 via Email, Phone, Live Chat, FAQ Section, & Social Network Support

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The gradual shift from conventional sport betting casinos and locations to digital platforms has been significant and the huge inflow of new players on any legit sports betting site has enabled or rather encouraged gambling sites to increase the scale of their platform while also offering various benefits such as casino promotions, poker promotions, an option for free play bet, betting on horse racing, easy wagering on college basketball, wild joker poker jacks, etc. While is not the only gambling site to offer these lucrative incentives, it is one of better examples of an online gambling site.

In addition to sports betting and horse racing betting, the other options include a fully functional online casino that has all the popular casino games for recreational bettors that includes table games, play skill games, blackjack games, free plays for poker players, cash race challenge along with offers on first deposit, subsequent deposits, high roller bonus and other lucrative perks for the players.

About Casino is an online casino that bridges the gap of gambling websites and online sportsbooks as it allows the players to start betting on a plethora of options such as NFL games during every NFL season, roulette, sports betting on many different sports, online poker, Aussie rules football, video slots, live dealer gaming options, mobile sports bet and many more. 

The website has a plain and clean look which makes for a lag-free experience across the mobile betting site. Gambling sites with high graphic consumption can often be buggy or laggy for users with less than ideal network and for an online sportsbook, being highly responsive and quick form primary concerns for a good user experience. Jokers wild double bonus, free play bonus offers, free bets, deposit bonuses, match bonus, reload bonuses, etc. for only a small fraction of the advantages that one can come to expect from this live sports betting and gambling site. Casino Platform Interface

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The platform also has various payout options, modes of payment (that includes bitcoin cash) that bring more reasons for gambling online with The poker room for the video poker on the platform has a logical layout as well as a better bonus poker provision which can turn this wagering into a cash game for rare scenarios. 

The betting odds on the platform are also welcoming just like the welcome bonus because the casino wagers have payout rates that stand behind the provably fair ethics of Prop bets are something the platform is no stranger to either, and the same can be said about the reload bonus for bets online.

Is a Legit Casino?

The casino with diverse sports betting options has been active since 2003 and the report from the third-party review websites with review by sports bettors and gamblers has mostly been good and positive. The platform has been able to stay away from any major cyberattacks and this makes sportsbetting ag a platform to rely on for the added legitimacy of its safety measures. 

Any game that is played on can be trusted, with or without the promo codes as the casino has a reputation of being honest and also the one that accepts players without the goal of just making money but also provide a good gambling experience for any wager or game, regardless of the bets that are placed through the casino or the sportsbook.

Although beginners might find the navigation of the sportsbetting ag unique, the sportsbook at is something out of the ordinary for online gambling not just for the bonus but also for the live wagering (through live dealer games) options that appear to be completely legit. 

Live betting is a more trustworthy system but the provision for video poker increases the transparency of the entire gaming from their live dealer casino which can further act as a token of trust when considering the legitimacy of the sports betting site with betting limits that are based on each currency where a small amount is around $20. Responsible Gaming

Play Now! User Experience

For beginners, starting with a $25 risk-free first bet is a way to a good user experience for online sports betting with a dedicated poker room. The online sportsbook and wagering on races to have the option to pay for bank wire, be it for the minimum bet that makes it a welcoming sports betting platform for most of the users due to the numerous deposit methods. The neat and simple betting experience and the variety of gambling options make the user experience here better than the competitors in the betting markets. $20 is the minimum deposit (sportsbook deposit amount) and this is something to consider because some other casinos have a minimum volume for deposit set to $1.

Keeping the betting limits aside, the live betting and cash games on the online site work as expected and the casino’s approach to maintain a simplistic yet highly functional and beneficial design that sets it apart from other online sportsbooks to bet online using a bank wire. Live chat is something that also improves the user experience as any of the queries or issues can be resolved. The experience isn’t affected greatly by the fees charged for some payment methods. For example, the fee for making pay with Skrill is $20 ($25 – $9,000).

Features of Casino

The humble-looking simple platform of is one that can undercut all other leading casinos and online sportsbooks that serve as its alternatives. offers a plethora of methods for gambling options, bank wire deposits, free first mobile sports bet, etc. that are the primary categories upon which a gambler might take the decision to either stay or leave the sports betting platform. The poker room of the is not the same as any on the chico poker network and has been able to be more popular, both in terms of safety and reliability. is a platform that accepts a huge variety of crypto assets that includes Bitcoin cash, bitcoin, ETH, etc. This implies that the different deposit and withdrawal options would not create a bottleneck for network traffic as the players can switch among various payment methods to even faster responses. However, there is an option to play some games for free before placing the first bet. 

Various Games by

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This feature of free plays is supported by some of the game providers on the casinos and wouldn’t be applicable on NBA games, various nfl bets, or other real money tournaments. Yet another feature of the site is that it provides poker bots that can transform the future of card games in the future if it picks up instead of live dealer games. Bettors can deposit money for various games, North American sports & roulette bets, and the fees on the sports betting platform are about as competitive as it gets in this industry. Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons offers a truly diverse and distinctive variety of online casino games like roulette, table games, main sports betting on other sports than merely MLB and NFL (with multiple dime lines, and the dime lines can go all the way through the entire season). The website doesn’t have a highly engaging and captivating graphic design which might put off a small part of their users.
The lack of intense graphic consumption does imply that the platform is able to respond quickly even when the systems used by the gamblers are not using high-performance networks or systems. The online casinos have both upper limits and lower limits for transactions which are around $100,000 and $20 respectively for most crypto currencies although it is slightly different for some assets.
The gambling site provides a relatively reliable and secure platform for playing casino games along with decent payout rates. The withdrawals can take a longer time to process than the deposits which are much faster.
There is no option to buy cryptocurrency directly from the website itself and bettors have not left the website altogether. Being primarily online, there is a need for reliable internet connection and makes it difficult to operate around the world although it does work in the US. Registration Process

The players who are interested in making use of the gambling site can do so without having to go through a long and cumbersome process. New users can sign up or register on the platform by filling in some basic details such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal information. When it comes to withdrawals, the users might have to complete their verification with a photo ID which is mostly a mandate from the local governments that the casino has to comply with.

Once the users have filled in the above details, they can verify their email address using the verification details sent to them. Upon completing these steps, the players can log in to their account and start betting by the currency of their choice. While signing up, the website may confirm in some cases the availability of the sports betting platform in the geographic region. If when filling in the registration details, the players are unable to select their country, it is safe to assume that sports betting ag does not support that particular region at the moment. Registration Process

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Casino Games Provided by

The list of games and betting options available on this sports betting platform is long and full of unique elements that make it an enticing option with bonus ranges present for all of them, regardless of the deposit options.

Firstly, focussing on the category based on the name of the platform itself, sports wagering is on the top of the list. The options for sports to bet on is quite diverse and it includes

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball 
  • Horse racing
  • Boxing 
  • Martial Arts
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Auto Racing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Handball
  • Rugby Union and Leagues
  • VolleyBall
  • Wrestling
  • Lacrosse

Sports Games by

More sports and other games such as darts, snooker, lottery, etc. are also included in the domain of indoor games.

Next in line would be the crypto games that are supported on the platform and most of the traditional casino games can be played through their digital iterations on the online casino. Here the possibilities would be as follows:-

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slots 
  • Baccarat
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Tri-Card Poker, double bonus aces, and other popular iterations

Casino Games by

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The benefit of going with tournaments for these card games or table games is that they can bring in a disproportionate amount of profits, although winning gets obviously more difficult for an average player. Prop bets or proposition bets add to the versatility of the live casino site. This feature is somewhat common on sites that support detailed betting on sports such as entire sporting seasons like the one for NBA or Major League Baseball.

Esports by Casino

Unlike most of the other online casinos and gambling sites, the list of options doesn’t end with the games that were mentioned above. There is also an option of betting on esports and the games include the leading PC/console games such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and other fan favorites.

Over the past few years, the viewership and reputation of these online games have flourished boundlessly and this led to an opportunity for the gamblers to try to earn by wagering on these games. While the tournament of these games is also a way to get winnings for the esports players, putting a wager on the right team can be rewarding for both the team and the bettor. 

Esports gambling is an option that is hard to find in most casinos, and almost impossible to get in land-based physical casinos. The returns on these games are usually safer bets due to the low number of outcomes, although this also affects the payout rate and the percentage of wins from any given bet.

Esports by

Play Now! Payment Methods

Deposits Withdrawals
The deposits on the site are available for varied usage and the minimum betting limits depend on the mode of the payment and each of them comes with a different value and incentive. Similar to the deposits, the withdrawals have some limits for each of the supported payment methods.
The deposits can take up to 1-3 days in the case of bank wires while online payment methods such as VISA, Bitcoin, etc. can instantly add the money to the account. The withdrawals can take up to 1-4 days, as the process progresses from each end of the financial transaction, getting cleared.
An extra method for making deposits is transferring from another sportsbook. This is among the relatively slower modes of payment along with bank wires.  The withdrawal method too can be slow when depositing money to the bank.
The minimum pay value for deposits made via VISA are $25 and $20 for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH etc. The limits for withdrawals are the same as those for deposits with similar time durations of completion of the transfers. Live Betting & Events

Paying focus on sports betting, the casino supports live betting options and wagering on events. The live betting options come into play when an event is going on, and these are done through prop bets. The gamblers can either bet on the outcome of the events or the total score/points that any given team is expected to gather. The other kinds of events include the ongoing events which are sometimes hosted by the sports betting platform itself (in case of tournaments) and sometimes they form the list of non-major events for each of the supporters on the casino site.

The wagering requirement for live betting events is not as high as the competitors of sports betting, hence, the casino qualifies as the leading choice for people from around the world. Live betting events are not as commonly available as other games due to their very nature and low frequency (for ex. Seasons for basketball and other sports). Live Betting

Play Now! Free Spins

Free spins are among the top perks that a casino or sports betting site would use to attract new players or keep the existing players on the site and sportsbetting ag is no exception to this. The sportsbook platform offers free spins that can be used on slot machines. The free spins can also come from a match bonus or a deposit bonus (match bonus would bring in more rewards than reload bonus, high stakes bonus, welcome bonus).

The players who are heavy rollers and can bet upwards of $75,000 also get assured 10 free spins aside from the free spins they might win or gather from other methods. While the free spins do help to encourage the players, they might not be as beneficial on all the sportsbook platforms due to the low odds and high wagering requirements that a user has to meet in order to get to the scope of winning. Unlike the max bonus amount, free spins don’t usually have a limit attached to them per se, but they are not as easy to gather as one might think.

A welcome bonus is one of the other ways that can award free spins to the players, however, this might be tied to the deposit options used while making the first deposit. Bonuses and Promotions Offers

As aforementioned, the bonuses are the most lucrative ways to keep the inflow of cash for a casino and they might often result in unique rewards such as cash bonus or reload bonus. The various kinds of bonuses that are supported or offered by this gambling platform for beginners and other bettors are a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free wagers to name a few. Other bonuses and promotions are not live at all times and they mimic the nature of a discount i.e. they are available for a select amount of time where the users who avail them in that time frame can only use it before it is closed from the casino’s side. Bonuses & Promotions

At the time of writing this review, there are over a dozen promotions and bonuses that are live on the sportsbook platform and they are spread over different categories such as deposits, referrals, casinos, sports, contests, races, etc. poker is one of the games which usually has some promotion going on albeit the exact version of casino poker that they are available for might vary as the casino has support for various different poker games with varying rules for the same.

Bitcoin Boost is one of the promotions (one of the crypto bonus offers) that are also running at this time which as the name suggests is only for bitcoin deposits. The promotion adds an extra 5% of value to the funds added to the user account using BTC.

5% Bitcoin Boost Offer by

Play Now! Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are not as common as they used to be in the past but the platform sportsbook does offer this feature which can be used by gambling and sports experts as well as enthusiasts. Through affiliate programs, one can transform the gambling experience for players from around the world, while also making money through the affiliation. The partnership is based on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deal and the affiliates have the chance to win about 10% to 35% of the gaming revenue.

Being an affiliate can bring in more incentives for the players who might be looking for a good site to choose and invite their friends and family to. The referral program enables the users to invite or refer to the casino using the account and a referral code/ bonus code. There is a limit on the number of users that can be referred to and this is done to limit the possibility of inviting too many people which might affect the odds of the bonus. The referring user can get up to 200% max refer-a-friend bonus (the maximum bonus value is $200).

While there is no clause for the max bet, the invited bettors have to deposit at least $25 for the bonus to be applicable for the referral. A referral bonus of up to 300%, max of $300 can be credited for free plays, casino, or poker bonus if the deposit amount is matched within 30 days of the creation of the referee’s account. The players must have at least one deposit in their account before being able to invite users and winning. The rewards of the referrals would come in stages instead of showing up at once in the account. The rollover can come in about five times. Affiliate Program

Races by

Betting on horse races is yet another feature that is supported by the platform. Races have been among the oldest betting systems and have been highly legalized in some of the nations or places around the world. Having a strong presence for betting on sports, has provision to bet on races. The sportsbook platform is one of the easiest and simple platforms, along with good betting odds on horses.

Horse races are the form of betting where parties bet on the horse among the participants whom they believe will win the race and the outcome of the race itself reveals the winners. There are several cups that can be bet upon by the users and these include Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby, etc. Generally speaking, the horses who have been consistent in their performance have a lot of bids riding on them, and in case they don’t win any given season, the players who bet against them (and against the odds) can win quite large amounts based on the betting ratio they had signed up for.

Races by

Play Now! Contests

In order to create a competing factor on top of the rush of gambling, the platform has paid heavy focus on contests. The contests can host a lot of players with a comparatively low bet who can stand to win large amounts if they make it to the end, winning all the way. poker contest, casino games contest – like Blackjack Contest, etc are not the only ones where the users can take part, there are other options as well such as contests for the entire NFL season. 

The winners can win up to $100,000 if luck gets their back. One unique benefit is that not all the contests have an entry fee and some can be entered free of any cost. The duration of the contest can vary a great deal and they can last from about a week to more than a month, based on the kind of contest it is.

The greater the winning pool of a particular contest is, the more entry fee would be in effect, keeping a few bet exceptions. Each of the contests has its distinct rules which would check whether the players are eligible to take part in and take the winnings. The players also have the option to put in multiple entries in hopes of winning at least one spot from the top pool, thereby increasing their odds of betting for a small extra amount to bet. Contests Mobile App Experience

The mobile betting experience is just as pleasant as the website experience. There are some benefits that are only present on the mobile app. One of these benefits on the mobile casino is that the users can get $50 worth of free plays if they happen to lose the first bet on the mobile app (which is more common than not). This essentially means that the users get free money for the purpose of gambling and checking the mobile platform.

The mobile game library is a little limited in relation to the website platform but this is a given one simply due to the scope and possibilities of computing, networking usage, graphical interface, and other features that make websites a more feasible solution for PCs than mobile phones. The mobile application is clean and elegant like the online view and the navigation across the entire app is also seamless and hassle-free. Being user-friendly, even beginners would not need much effort to find their way through the app and bet on the event, sport, or game they would prefer to bet on. App Experience

Play Now! Wagering Requirements

The online platform has some basic and some not-so-basic wagering requirements which the users have to comply with. These start with the fact that only one family member/ owner is allowed to play from one IP address. This puts less burden on deposit methods and prevents people from setting up gambling parlors which would defeat the purpose of having an online casino in the first place. The next requirement and the most common one is that the site needs the players to be of legal age (18 in most cases), below which gambling can be a punishable offense. 

Players of the platform are required to confirm their identity before the betting odds are revealed to them. Another rule for the maximum wins through slots within 24 hours is limited to 1,000,000 and the max money order for withdrawal of the same would follow the withdrawal limit criteria. Other requirements can be found on the website and those must be adhered to if one wants a fluid and good gambling experience. Country Restrictions

Having to keep up with the different local laws and regulations can be quite challenging for a casino and as a result, not every location from around the world is supported by most casinos. is one of the rare ones which operate over a truly unprecedented amount of geographic locations. Below is the list of all the countries that are restricted from the operation of this platform.

  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • The central African Republic
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Eritrea
  • France
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Macedonia
  • Mali
  • Malta
  • New Jersey
  • North Korea
  • Panama
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Yemen

The restrictions are applicable on every element including wagering limits, live bet, bonus code, skill games, casino games, sportsbook promotions/other bonuses, etc. The implication is that the platform cannot even be accessed from these locations. Security & Safety Options

Security has not been overlooked from the platform that has paid focus on every element for a good wagering experience. uses all the industry-standard methods to keep the users and their data safe from any mal-intent. The safety measures include two-factor authentication, encrypting the data, ‘HTTPS’ safety protocol, etc. Customer Support

Customer support can be the make or break element for some users, especially after one encounters an issue with the site that is limiting or completely halting. The customer support of the platform can be reached through live chat during the game or before putting a wager, however, the process can be resumed post completion of wagers as well. 

The customer support team has dedicated service hours which means connecting with a representative over the phone is not available round the clock. The online reviews suggest that the support team is quite prompt and responsive intending to and solving the issues of the players. Although, there is a FAQ section available at the website, where users can solve their small doubts easily. Customer Support

Play Now! Terms and Conditions

The platform has a few terms and conditions which they use to bring order to the sportsbooks’ site and also used to keep scammers at bay. These terms and conditions state the exact usage of the platform, its intended manner, and the rules. As a part of the terms and conditions, the users have to agree that the platform has the right to retain the winnings if the players are found to be making unethical use of the platform. 

As per the Tnc of the site, being of legal age is paramount and cannot be overlooked. The players too have specific rights as per the terms and the complete list of the same is present on the website. It is crucial to understand all the policies before putting a deposit to wager on the sportsbook, regardless of the payout options. Review: Conclusion has been among the leading betting and sportsbook platforms and even its competitor sportsbooks are not close to the features it offers. If the site isn’t restricted in the users’ location, this must be considered before deciding where to wager and looking for a platform with more wagering options than this sportsbook site.

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How Safe Is a can be considered as safe as any other leading platform in the industry. There are several security measures that have been deployed to maintain the sanctity of the site.

Who Owns

This site is connected with another leading wagering site that is These two sites have been termed as sister sites due to their common connections and similar approaches for having players bet through an engaging and elegant experience.

Does Payout?

Yes, the has a good payout rate and the platform has not been deemed unethical or unfair by any substantial reports.

Does Accept US Players?

Yes, accepts players from the US and only the aforementioned countries are out of operations for the sports betting platform.

Can You Parlay on does allow players to parlay, however, there is a limit imposed by the platform for the parlay bets which is still way more than what most casinos offer. The odds of a bet have been observed to be as high as 9600-to-1.

How to Withdraw Money from

In order to take the winnings out from the website, be it through any medium (regardless if the deposit was made using VISA Mastercard), the users need to log into their account. Once logged in, clicking on the cashier button would take them to the withdrawals page where they can enter the preferred method to pay, the number of funds to be taken out, and the respective details of the payment method such as wallet address, bank account number, etc.

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