Best US Forex Brokers 2022: Top Forex Brokers USA List

The Trading foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex market or the FX market, is one of the global markets that witness a trading volume of almost $6.6 trillion daily. There are approximately 15.3 million crypto traders in the US. Trading foreign exchange refers to exchanging one currency trading with another for different reasons that include tourism, international exchanges, currency trading and investment, and commerce. The national currencies are traded against each other in exchange rate pairs.

For instance, the EUR/USD is a pair of currencies that refers to the forex trading of the Euro against the US Dollar; similarly, EUR/GBP is against the pound. The foreign exchange markets exist in spot markets, currency swaps, options, bitcoin futures, derivatives markets, and a well-rounded offering range. Most forex participants use the trade foreign exchange system to hedge against interest rate risks and international currencies, diversify their portfolios, and speculate on geopolitical events.

About Best US Forex Brokers

The U.S clients of the best forex brokers in the USA include experienced retail currency traders who employ the forex platform for speculating the currency trading exchange rate patterns and choosing the best broker for forex trading in the US.

Many forex brokers accepting clients from the US also include financial service companies that conduct FX trading on behalf of individual customers and investment banks. Best broker forex companies contributes nominally to the daily trading volume of the forex market, like many forex companies in USA.

The best forex broker in USA deals with the major currencies of ten countries members of the G10 group. A good forex broker offers a list that accepts US traders have these currencies include the Euro (EUR), the US Dollar (USD), the Swiss Franc (CHF), the Canadian Dollar (CAD), the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), the Australian Dollar (AUD), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the British Pounds Sterling (GBP), and more.

Best Forex Broker in USA

Here is our list of top 10 US forex brokers:-

  1. IG US:- Best for Trading CFDs and Forex
  2. TD Ameritrade:- Best for Online Stock Trading & Long-Term Investing
  3. Best for Active Foreign Exchange Traders & Trading CFDs
  4. Interactive Brokers:- Best for Active Traders & Institutional Investors
  5. ATC Brokers:- Best for Institutional Clients & Beginner Traders
  6. Ally Invest:- Best for Forex Traders
  7. NinjaTrader:- Best for Forex, CFDs, & Futures Traders
  8. Colmex Pro:- Best for Private Investors & Retail Traders
  9. Alpho:- Best for Forex & Cryptocurrency Traders
  10. Rockfort Markets:- Best for Professional Traders & Retail Traders

Top Forex Brokers in USA List

From our in-depth research, we have gathered the top 10 US regulated forex brokers below, so gather more information about the best forex platform (USA platforms) to select the preferable one for you.


IG US was launched in 2019 in the USA by the IG Group of the United Kingdom. The primary services of the site include exchange trading services. The forex brokers USA site currently focuses on enabling FX traders to trade in 80 international major currency pairs/fx pairs, forex charts, and technical indicators with a dynamic trading strategy.

The web platform IG interface is highly customizable and highly competitive; IG offers are top class & consider a global leader in the online trading industry. The United Kingdom IG markets offer experienced traders many things, and the site provides an extensive list of complex instruments for trading to the forex industry participants.

IG US Features
Regulated By CFTC, NFA, FDM, RFED (Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer)
Best For Best for Trading CFDs and Forex
Year Founded 1974
Minimum Deposit $300 via Card
Maximum Leverage 50:1 to U.S Clients
Tradable Assets Spot Forex, Options, Stocks, ETF, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies

United kingdom based IG markets was Founded in 1974, the brokerage site IG US is subject to strict rules and USA regulations by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the NFA (National Futures Association), the Forex Dealer Member (FDM), and the Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (RFED). These regulators make the forex brokers regulations better than other platforms, which makes it safe for experienced traders of US residents and provides a pro trading environment.

IG US - Best Forex Broker for US Clients

The trading platforms reviews reveal that the broker website is the best brokers for trading CFDs (consider whether you understand how forex trading works to avoid loss), average spread betting, and forex investors worldwide, including US residents. IG US was founded in 1974 in the United Kingdom. It has got years of experience in this field which helps you get started with trading & provides you with a good trading environment.

IG markets are a great place for currency traders that offer no account minimum initial deposit amount set for trading at IG US, including bank transfer. In contrast, the deposit fee is $300 for PayPal and bank card transactions and accepts various withdrawal methods. In IG, for the U.S traders to be classified as Eligible Contract Participant (ECP), an individual or organization must have over $10 MM in assets. However, you can view our IG review to explore the various leveraged products, trading signals, and other services that IG offers.

Pros and Cons of IG US

Pros Cons
right The trading platform is the top brokers for all traders with the largest number of major & minor currency pairs/fx pairs. cancel The CFDs and forex trading fees are exorbitant, although the demo account IG offers is free.
right The best US forex trading platform accepts a variety of payment methods like debit card. cancel The online broker portfolio is limited.
right The IG offers educational resources & advanced charting tools are very helpful, especially during demo account trading.

Fee Structure

The fee for the online brokers is low for S&P 500 CFD (contracts for difference) and nil for the demo account. The fee amount is built into the price spreads, where 0.4 points are the mean cost of the average spread during the peak trading hours. The trading fee is low for the Europe 50 CFD and is based on the spread, and the average cost of the spread is 1.5 points during peak hours. US traders seeking to trade in the EUR/USD pair need to pay a high volume traders amount. Smooth withdrawal methods process for US residents.

The EUR/USD trading fee is built into the average spreads, having an average cost of 0.6 pips during the peak session of social trading. The inactivity charge is not as high as other forex trading platforms USA, and it is set at $12 per month for two years of constant inactivity. IG US charges a high forex fee in which the benchmark is set at $20,000. The ETF and stock commission fee is $2000, while the options fee is only $01.1, which is relatively low pricing as we compare it to other trading platforms.

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TD Ameritrade

The best US forex platform of TD Ameritrade (also known as the thinkorswim platform) is renowned for being associated with more than 7 million traders who engage in over 65,000 online business trades almost daily. The intuitive interface of this online brokerage firm offers a wide selection of unique copy trading tools to users, along with many account options, demo accounts, real-time quotes, spot forex, 70 currency pairs like USD/JPY & more, algorithmic trading & innovations for its US residents.

The thinkorswim platform feature allows smooth trading conditions where US traders access hundreds of forex charts, technical graph data verified in real-time, and spread betting. There is also a Peer Comparison tab in the online forex brokers to access the recent historical data of asset classes in the trading foreign exchange market. The data provided by TD Ameritrade helps you make firm decisions.

TD Ameritrade Features
Best For Best for Online Stock Trading & Long-Term Investing
Year Founded 1975
Minimum Deposit $50 (Electronic Funding)
$2,000 (Margin or Option Privileges)
Maximum Leverage 2:1 (Margin Account); Otherwise Leverage changes on how much money you have towards 3:1 or 4:1
Tradable Assets Forex, Futures, Options Contracts, Mutual Funds, CFDs, Bonds, ETFs, Stocks

FINRA and the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) regulate TD Ameritrade’s broker. The site is the best for CFD trading, forex investors, and spread betting. These U.S traders also support mobile trading (mobile app, online business). The brokerage services provider site was established in 1975 for users situated around the world, including US residents.

TD Ameritrade - Best Broker for Forex in USA

The US forex brokers account minimum deposit fee to be made by the fx traders at TD Ameritrade is only $50 for a standard account and $2000 for a margin trade account. It offers max leverage of 9% on the margin account balance to experience levels of U.S traders who trade forex. Although, read our honest TD Ameritrade review and learn more about the social trading platform, features, low trading fees & more in detail.

Pros and cons of TD Ameritrade

Pros Cons
right The knowledge and educational program are insightful by these US forex brokers. cancel Fractional shares are not available on this desktop platform.
right The TD Ameritrade mobile trading (mobile app) and desktop platform versions are highly interactive. cancel The fund fees and account fee is higher.
right The broad range of available investment selections and advanced charting tools for its multiple trading platforms are helpful for every other traders. cancel The uninvested amount is limited from getting automatically absorbed into the money market fund.

Fee Structure

A positive aspect of this broker’s trading platform is the offer of great bonuses and promos. There are cash bonuses worth $100 and $1000 for deposits between $25,000 and $99, 999. TD Ameritrade does not charge any fee for ETF and equity trading. The site allows trading in forex by incrementing 10,000 units based on the base currency pairs without charging a commission fee.

The TD Ameritrade trading platforms margin account interest rate varies between 7.75% for more than $10,000 and 9.5% for less than or equal to $10,000. The fee for trading in futures is set at $2.25 for every contract, and the live broker charges a fee of $25 for every trade forex in each asset class.

As per the broker review, withdrawal fees are to be paid depending on the method of withdrawal funds. The withdrawal method is local wire transfers; it is $25, whereas account transfers cost $75. The best overall broker charges a commission fee and $25 extra for forced margin sellouts and supports credit cards as well. The social trading TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform does not impose an inactivity fee; thus, it helps fx traders withdrawing funds on their own time.

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The trading platform of is known for its tight spreads, competitive spreads (just like the broker Oanda offers tight spreads as well), a wide range of various financial markets, and for being highly interactive and customizable in layout. This proprietary trading platform is one of the biggest CFDs and largest forex brokers in USA that operates in association with more than 300 international financial markets. (Note: as multi-asset CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high degree of risk, consider whether you understand how it works to avoid loss & come up with a solid trading plan).

The professional traders (U.S based) at use the Direct Market Access feature to trade fx directly using the set of innovative draw trading tools, 100 technical indicators, trading tools, and more than 80 major & minor currency pairs/forex pairs, and 15 time-frame trading instruments.

The proprietary trading platform helps investors, including US residents across the globe, by giving many hours each year testing and researching to make money, and several highly advanced chart trading tools that get updated in real-time scanning; is a well-known platform that gives U.S clients access to all the advanced features and helps make money. Features
Regulated By CySec, CIMA, IIROC, FSA, FCA, CFTC, SFC, NFA (National Futures Association)
Best For Best for Active Foreign Exchange Traders & Trading CFDs
Year Founded 2001
Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Leverage 50:1
Tradable Assets Forex, Options, Futures, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, CFD

The best overall broker website of is governed by CySec, CIMA, IIROC, FSA, FCA, CFTC, NFA, and SFC (Hong Kong); these regulatory bodies make the platform more reliable. is highly competitive, provides an extensive range of charting capabilities, and is recommended for active exchange traders and trading CFDs (as multi-asset CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high degree of risk, so always come with a trading plan)., US forex brokers supported is a powerful trading platforms has been in operation since 2001 as a part of GAIN Capital Holdings, allowing traders 24 hours a day support. One needs to make a minimum account deposit of only $100 to activate the trading account on the site and gain access to its features. However, check the review for more details on the top forex trading platform, its supported financial regulatory body & more. - Best Forex Broker for US Traders

Pros and cons of

Pros Cons
right The asset portfolio is quite diverse and provides you with all the data. cancel The account negative balance protection level is not high for U.S clients.
right The web platform hosts insightful TradingView charts with a large number of currency pairs/fx pairs. cancel There is no guarantee of stop loss support.
right The Learn To Trade course of video tutorials and webinars is a pervasive list and valuable. cancel The website maintenance routine is below par.
right The AutoChartist trading instruments provide users with in-depth live charting and options trading services along with powerful tools.
right Customer support is available 24×6.

Fee Structure

You do not need to pay any fee to these best overall forex traders as they obtain their commission from the spreads. The broad range of the spreads (fixed spreads, low spreads/low pricing, low trade fees) vary on an average between 0.84 pips and 1.9 pips, reduced spreads in comparison to the standard accounts by (Gain Capital).

It has premium account where users need to deposit only $10,000 and conduct trading in 30 standard lots every month to obtain up to about 15% off on the standard pricing. Users who remain inactive for an entire year have to pay a penalty fee of $15 per month. The web based platform (Gain Capital) imposes a steep swap fee on US traders holding their trading positions overnight.

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Interactive Brokers

Founded by the IB group, the website of Interactive Brokers facilitates its investment opportunities in more than a hundred financial markets spanning 24 nations.

The users at Interactive Brokers can open retail investor accounts for short-term trading, margin accounts for trading in securities, futures (like bitcoin futures), then options, and portfolio margin accounts for high-leveraged trading (high volume).

The most attractive feature of the Interactive Brokers website is the Trader Workstation which enables the users to trade forex in a wide range of asset classes while gaining free access (free trades).

Presence of such features like trading limits, as many traders find interactive broker’s trustworthy. The Interactive Brokers website provides forex traders with more than 124 different charts and index overlays, trade alerts, trade history reports, low costs trading for the technical financial instruments, stop loss feature, real time scanning, suitable for high volume traders and fundamental analysis of the global markets.

Thus broker finds Interactive Brokers offers a comprehensive research tools platform; across the globe with multiple global financial markets for its active trader on top of that a single integrated account to carry out all your trades and an award winning broker.

Interactive Brokers Features
Best For Best for Active Traders & Institutional Investors
Year Founded 1977
Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Leverage 50:1
Tradable Assets Forex, Options, E-Minis, Futures, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, CFD

According to a recent broker review, the Interactive Brokers website, which is also the best online forex broker, & is subject to the local law and CFTC registration ( Commodity Futures Trading Commission ) and the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority, the NYSE, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It has agencies in Japan, Hong Kong, and more.

This US based broker is ideal for active traders and institutional investors with the lowest costs. However, Interactive Brokers was established in 1977 and is famous in the British virgin islands.

Interactive Brokers account minimum deposit amount is slightly higher than the best forex broker US platforms and is $100. The margin leverage at the best brokers varies between 1.41% and 1.91% for account holders with a balance of more than $1 million. Apart from this, one must check our Interactive Brokers review of this platform & learn more about its various services, supported powerful tools, & other assets like bitcoin futures & more.

Interactive Brokers - Best Broker for Forex Trading in US

Pros and Cons of Interactive Brokers

Pros Cons
The Interactive Brokers asset portfolio is excellent. The SmartRouter online trading feature is not available for Life users.
The order execution speed of these US brokers is very fast. Unlike other FX trading platforms, customized trading algorithms cannot be back-tested.
The interactive brokers web platform margin interest rates are low. Unlike other US brokers, the broker web platform is unsuitable for new forex traders.
Interactive Brokers advanced trading tools are technically sound.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the interactive brokers US-based platform is somewhat complicated; it has a competitive fees structure Users have to pay a fee of $5 for trading in 1000 shares. The best US forex brokers website charges the same fee for penny stock trading. For options trading at the platform, the fee is $0.65 for every contract with a minimum commission amount of around $1.

Based on the trading volume, broker-assisted equity trading costs $30, whereas fx trading is charged in 0.2 and 0.08 pips. The commission rate is low and fixed at $0.005 with an account minimum of $1. The Interactive Brokers broker website imposes an exposure charge whether they are new customers or not who engage in high-risk margin trading.

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ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers works based on the agency broker model of trading by providing solutions on competitive pricing and ECN aggregation associated with top-tier central banks. The online platform allows trading with narrow spreads in various asset classes, trading tools, and complex instruments.

If not careful, retail investor accounts lose money when trading be sure whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage and can gather financial statements that can help you make firm trading decisions and help you choose good financial institutions.

ATC US brokers provide the best trading conditions with exclusive offers of extensive knowledge, trading ideas, educational content, and an insightful economic calendar that helps investors keep track of daily forex market events and global news across the globe, whereas agencies like the new york times also help deliver; all these points make it important criteria to consider for traders.

The users can open joint, individual, or corporate ECN accounts for trading at a how much leverage, usually ranging between 1:30 and 1:100. The MetaTrader4 broker website of ATC best brokers supports stop limit feature and market orders for FX trading.

ATC Brokers Features
Regulated By FCA, CIMA
Best For Best for Institutional Clients & Beginner Traders
Year Founded 2012
Minimum Deposit $5000
Maximum Leverage 50:1
Tradable Assets Forex, Commodities, Indices, CFD

According to the broker review, the website is highly regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which also supports the UK based forex brokers and the CIMA. The STP model of trading is highly suited to the trading interests of institutional clients and novice traders. Learn more about the platform in our ATC Brokers review and the list of features suitable for you, where we provide all details in your best interest.

To activate the trading account, one needs to deposit at least $5000 via VISA, credit cards, Union Pay, or Skrill. The max leverage is 50:1 for professional forex and CFD traders (contracts for difference).

ATC Brokers - Comes in Best US Regulated Forex Brokers

Pros and Cons of ATC Brokers

Pros Cons
Allows investment through PAMM and Trade Copier accounts. The brokers of the website do not provide offers of bonuses.
The Best US regulated forex broker on this site provides services of direct and free access to liquidity providers with STP and ECN technologies. The forex accepts fees for every service, unlike other American brokers.
Supports trading in a wide range of asset classes like Forex and CFDs.

Fee Structure

The US forex brokers trading fee starts at 0.3 pips for the spreads of EUR/USD currency pairs/forex pairs. For the significant indices like the FTSE 100, the spreads are 0.6 pips, whereas for precious metal commodities like silver, the spreads as low as 0.7 pips. The best forex brokers USA of the broker companies accept a commission fee of 40.60 for mini contracts and $6.00 for standard contracts.

The web based platform also charges dormant account fee that are either the remaining balance in the account or $50. The dormant accounts are accounts that have been inactive for at least half a year. A $40 fee also has to be paid during the withdrawal of more funds. The forex traders of the USA industry (as per the industry participants) have to meet the swap fee to access their trading positions overnight and have reasonable trading costs.

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Ally Invest

Ally Invest is the broker branch of Ally Bank renowned for the well rounded offering of an extensive variety of options, competitive pricing, & technical analysis tools. The initial investment site is designed for trading in derivatives and other securities.

It is an award winning online broker, a highly regulated brokerage service firm that enables the forex and CFD traders looking to open two types of accounts: managed Robo advisors portfolios and self-directed accounts.

The best platform with great trading conditions for fx traders, and another best part of the ally brokerage bonus platform is that it has exclusive offers, including a great cash bonus offer against a min. deposit amount of $10,000.

The most convenient features include the Stock Screener, Options Screener, ETF, and mutual fund Screener, and Fixed Income Screener that allow the user to analyze the valuation, price performance, fundamentals, trading ideas, and other parameters of the asset classes during the trading sessions like forex and CFD traders. It is better than other brokers, so most traders looking for these features to try and be part of their trading.

Ally Invest Features
Best For Best for Forex Traders
Year Founded 1919
Minimum Deposit $0 (Self-directed Forex Trading Accounts)
$100 (Portfolio Accounts)
Maximum Leverage 50:1
Tradable Assets Forex, Options, ETFs, Bonds & Fixed Income Trading Instruments, Penny Stocks, Mutual Funds, Stocks

Authorities regulate the Ally Invest site broker, including FINRA, the SIPC, the CFTC, the FDIC, and the SEC. The forum is ideal for the best broker for forex in USA regulations for traders (CFTC registration) (offers more than 80 major& minor currency pairs). The best forex trading platform of Ally Financial Inc was founded in 1919, and Ally came into the picture in 2014. However, if you want to explore more detail about the Ally Invest review platform and its features, account opening process & more as it’s an ideal choice platform for everyone & we have it covered.

Ally Invest - Top US FX Brokers

For the forex traders, min. deposit amounts are $0 and $100 for self-directed forex trade accounts and managed portfolio accounts. The brokers impose margin calls during stock trading that gives leverage on the margin like other brokers, like Saxo bank, IG markets, etc.

Pros and Cons of Ally Invest

Pros Cons
The us forex brokers site is user-friendly and highly intuitive for the stock exchange. Multi-contingent orders are not supported.
Financial consolidation among investment, finance, personal finance, and banking is easily facilitated. The site does not allow crypto trading.
The fees and trading costs of trading are low.

Fee Structure

Ally Invest does not impose any commission fee on customers who trade in ETFs, stocks, and options, and there is neither any inactivity fee nor any annual fee. However, the site charges a nominal contract fee of around $0.50 for each option and a transfer out fee of $50.

The site makes it mandatory to make a minimum purchase of at least $100 for users who seek to trade in pink sheet stocks and penny stocks.

The best US forex site also adds an extra 1% of the fee on every share on the complete order for the stocks priced between $2 and $4.95. Traders have to pay a fee of $1 for trading in government-issued stocks and a fee of $9.95 for mutual funds. The platform also charges a fee of $20 for live broker trading.

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The site of NinjaTrader offers extensive broker and software services along with a variety of live trading, analytical, and charting tools. NinjaTrader also offers premium features that include back-testing, automated trading, and advanced traders order account types.

The Order Flow feature of NinjaTrader allows the user to engage in strategic copy trading using volume bars, market depth, order flow, and a license for a lifetime that is user-friendly; that’s why it has been there for many years.

A positive aspect of NinjaTrader is the educational content available at the site in course documents and webinars. At the same time provides video tutorials for beginners and advanced traders.

NinjaTrader Features
Regulated By CFTC, NFA (National Futures Association)
Best For Best for Forex, CFDs, & Futures Traders
Year Founded 2003
Minimum Deposit $50
Maximum Leverage Up to 50:1; NinjaTrader provides forex traders with leverage of $50 for Micro contracts and $500 for the futures markets.
Tradable Assets Forex, Options, E-Minis, Futures, Index, CFD

The National Futures Association (NFA) regulates the site of NinjaTrader, for Australia and its Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The forum best suits forex and futures traders (like bitcoin futures) and trading forex and CFD. The site was established in 2003. The customers need to deposit at least $50 to start trading on the platform. Although check our genuine NinjaTrader review to know all the details & services, a good selection of forex pairs (major pairs) of this forex markets platform, crypto trading & its great customer service.

NinjaTrader - Top-tier Forex Brokers USA

Pros and Cons of NinjaTrader

Pros Cons
The web platform interface is highly engaging and intuitive. These online brokers withdrawal fee is too high.
The trading fee is considerably low with forex pairs support.
It has unique educational content.

Fee Structure

NinjaTrader, a well-known web platform, charges a high inactivity fee of $25, but its trading fee is low. One should upgrade the trading license to the Lifetime level to pay lower trading fees. There are three types of licenses depending on which the account fee varies for the users.

The Free License users do not need to pay any account types fee. The Lease License holders pay $720 annually, and the Lifetime license holders make a lump sum payment of $1099 to trade freely for the rest of the membership period.

The futures trading fee is very low (like bitcoin futures), especially for the stock index futures of the US. The order routing fee depends upon the type of connection. For Continuum connection, the order routing fee is $01.0 whereas, for Rithmic connection, the order routing fee is $0.25 for each contract. The withdrawal fee is $40, a tad too high for beginners.

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Colmex Pro

Colmex Pro best forex brokers is particularly popular for the advanced trader with a MultiTrader site that offers an extensive host range of intuitive functions, including basket trades, Level 2 quotes for options and equities, order routing technologies, real-time data points analysis, mobile apps, and a low level of latency.

The forum offers an impressive selection of analytical and charting tools, stock market history reports, real-time stock screeners, chart indicators, advanced order types, and a Super DOM panel for trading with Level 2 data verified info. The best forex trading platforms associated with Colmex Pro include Colmex Pro 2.0, MetaTrader 4, and Colmex Pro MultiTrader.

Colmex Pro Features
Regulated By FSCA, CySEC, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
Best For Best for Private Investors & Retail Traders
Year Founded 2010
Minimum Deposit $500
Maximum Leverage 30:1 (FX Trading); 5:1 (Stock Trading)
Tradable Assets Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices, Precious Metals, ETFs, Stocks, CFDs

The FSCA regulates the unbiased best forex brokers platform of Colmex Pro, and the CySEC maintains its high security (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). It is highly recommended for US-based institutional and private investors and those trading in retail. With more than 8000 U.S clients in association, the site has been operating since 2010 with a smooth account opening process.

The min. deposit amount of $500 to start trading & can be paid via wire transfer, VISA, PayPal, and credit card. The max leverage is 5:1 for stock trading and 30:1 for FX trading.

Colmex Pro - One of the Best Forex Brokers in USA

Pros and Cons of Colmex Pro

Pros Cons
The portfolio consists of over 11,000 asset classes in the online trading industry. The transaction and liquidity charges are higher than that of most brokers.
The tariff policy is quite flexible for these online brokers. There are hardly any offshore brokers permitted to access/forex regulation of the platform in the forex industry.
An insurance fund of up to $20,000 is available for US-based clients.

Fee Structure

The fee structure at US forex brokers consists of a tiered hierarchy that starts with $0.01 for every share for the stock CFD traders. There is also a fixed plan in which one has to pay $12 for up to 3000 shares and $9 for up to 5000 shares. The spreads of these offshore brokers begin with 0.3 pips for the most popular forex currency pairs for exchange trading.

The highly regulated brokers accept a commission fee of $14.50 for each contract traded through the Basic available Account types. The inactivity fee is slightly high, and it is $55 for the equity trading accounts, and $30 for the CFDs work trading accounts. These powerful trading platforms users also have to pay a swap fee for trading overnight and additional routing and ECN fees.

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Regulated in significant jurisdictions and publicly traded platform of Alpho is perfect for traders who seek to take part in international trading forex at competitive fees. The broker platform is associated with the trading platforms, including MT Web trader and MT5. U.S Clients can access two accounts, including the standard account and the Islamic Swap-free trade account; it also has an easy account opening process.

Professional traders can open either of the accounts to trade with a minimum of 0.01 lots at forex. There is a limited amount of educational content available on the site. Still, the webinars and courses of Alpho are quite a bit suitable for beginning traders and even for seasoned traders.

The web trading platform site provides access to educational resources and the account type, and accepts clients to trade history reports, a wide array of charting tools, analysis tools, and the latest economic news as per market research; even agencies like the new york times help regarding that, which increases the knowledge base of traders.

Alpho Features
Regulated By FSA
Best For Best for Forex & Cryptocurrency Traders
Year Founded 2016
Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Tradable Assets Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices, Spot Metals, Major Currency Pairs, CFDs

The web-based forex brokerage forum of Alpho is registered in Seychelles and regulated by the regulatory agencies of FSA. This site is best suited for forex, cryptocurrency trade, and other assets for U.S traders and trading for retail brokers and institutional investors. Alpho was founded in 2016 as a part of the Gulf Brokers Ltd company. The minimum deposit amount to be made for trading forex in different asset classes is only $100.

Alpho - Top US Regulated Forex Brokers

Pros and Cons of Alpho

Pros Cons
The best & top US forex brokers do not charge a commission fee for trading. Cryptocurrency trading is not allowed.
The offshore brokers have portfolios consisting of more than 250 ranges of tradable products. There are no off-exchange spot forex regulators.
The MetaTrader 5 platform is highly suitable for U.S traders and others.
Broker is regulated & there are more than a thousand offer CFDs available for trading with spot metals as well.

Fee Structure

As per the latest reviews and reports, In this publicly traded platform, users can enjoy commission-free trading through their accounts on Alpho. However, it is essential to understand how CFDs work, as they are complex instruments; thus, CFDs trading is charged with a commission fee of 0.5% for each lot (as multi asset CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk).

The spreads of FX trading platforms are pretty high, starting from 3 pips for the EUR/USD pair and 5 pips for significant indices such as FTSE 100. Alpho charges a standard swap fee for overnight trading and a maintenance fee of $10 monthly for accounts that stay inactive for at least a month. The swap fee is charged for holding the trading position overnight for ECN stocks.

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Rockfort Markets

Headquartered in New Zealand, Rockfort Markets offers excellent trading opportunities associated with the trading platforms, including Trader Workstation and MetaTrader 4. The exchange forum offers a competitive commission based pricing, a variety of derivatives, and exchange-traded securities at multiple leverages.

The Trader Workstation platform of Rockfort Markets provides every user, either a beginner or forex pro, with a wide range of market scanning, complex instruments, and comprehensive research tools that enable strategic trading, making these regulated brokers better in comparison to other forex platforms.

The publicly traded site of Rockfort Markets boasts of a highly interactive, user-friendly interface that is equipped with multiple plug-ins, an extensive range of charting capabilities, and charting tools to facilitate traders (U.S based and other currency traders) with the fast execution of orders, keeping up to date with market research teams and automated trading to make money.

Rockfort Markets Features
Regulated By FMA
Best For Best for Professional Trading & Retail Trading
Year Founded 2019
Minimum Deposit $200
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Tradable Assets Forex, Options, Futures, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, CFD

The publicly traded account of Rockfort Markets is regulated by the largest Financial Market Authority of New Zealand. The platform support of MetaTrader 4 is ideally suited for professional trading and trading in retail; it has an easy account opening process as well. Rockfort Markets, the web trading platform, gained a foothold in the money market of New Zealand in 2019.

To activate the trading account, one using these regulated brokers must make a minimum deposit of $200 via bank transfer, VISA, POLi, Mastercard, Debit card, and Credit card. One can rake in rich returns from the trading platforms on Rockfort Markets at the max leverage of 1:500.

Rockfort Markets - One of the Best American Forex Brokers

Pros and Cons of Rockfort Markets

Pros Cons
The interface is highly functional in every device along with MetaTrader 4 support and this broker is regulated. The transaction fee is too high.
The Trader Workstation access is highly convenient with wide market access. Payment modes are limited in these forex platforms.
The tight spreads and high leverage yield lucrative returns in this online broker.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of Rockfort Markets is quite reasonable. For US forex trading, the fee varies based on the spreads between 1.2-5 pips for minor currencies and 0.9-1.4 pips for the most popular currencies. Users who hold their trading positions open and active overnight have to pay rollover charges (also known as swap charges) for the extra brokerage service provided by the platform.

The Standard Account holders do not need to pay any commission fee to the best forex brokers for US Clients, whereas the Pro Account holders pay the commission charge of $0.07 for each micro-lot during the FX trading sessions (commission based). The site imposes a deposit fee of 3% on local traders and $15 on overseas traders, so depending on the account type the fee varies. An inactivity fee of $20 is paid every month for six months of inactivity.

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Comparison of Best Brokers in the USA

Forex Brokers Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Regulated by US Authorities (NFA) Accepts US Citizens
IG US $300 50:1 right right
TD Ameritrade $50 2:1 (Margin Account) right right $100 50:1 right right
Interactive Brokers $100 50:1 right right
ATC Brokers $5000 50:1 cancel right
Ally Invest $0 50:1 right right
NinjaTrader $50 50:1 right right
Colmex Pro $500 30:1 cancel right
Alpho $100 1:500 cancel right
Rockfort Markets $200 1:500 cancel right

Is Forex Trading Legal in the USA?

It is legal to engage in FX trading in the United States. These forex brokers need to be licensed by the US financial authority to provide offers and services to citizens of the United States. Moreover, US regulated forex brokers also need to make a security deposit of $20 million to the regulatory authority of the US to operate legitimately in the country.

To check the legal status, ensure that the reliable forex broker USA is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA website) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) or Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). Some of the US’s most popular forex brokers (the agency broker) include TD Ameritrade, IG,, and more. They all have a legal framework built up to ensure max protection, with no hedging allowed.

How Do I Trade Forex in the USA?

FX trading should not be too difficult for you if you are acquainted with equity and stock trading. Besides, there are regulated brokers in USA to guide you through the various steps of the FX trading and dealing desk model. If you are about to venture into the forex market, read the brief guide below & start working with the US FX brokers trading:-

Study the Forex Market

FX trading is slightly more intricate than equity trading and requires one to possess expertise. For instance, the ratio of leverages of fx broker trading is higher than that of equities. The drivers of the price movement of different currencies also differ from those in the stock markets, notional trading volumes, high volume traders, low costs, currency markets, a huge range of tradable assets, exchange rate, & financial products. All this makes it fit for expert traders with mobile devices.

One more thing to remember is that the foreign exchange market is usually more active than any other financial market; you can check for movements either in the US or the European Union. It is recommended to sign up (read broker review before) with an FX traders course to become fully aware of the techniques, the currency traders cons, supported currency pair, and other aspects of FX trading; ideally, it is suited to both smaller and professional traders.

Open a Brokerage Account

Opening an account with a forex broker accepting US clients to engage in brokerage trading is essential. One may come across quite a few forex brokers in the US who do not charge commission fees. These US based forex brokers obtain their service charge from the spreads or the pips between the selling and buying prices of cryptocurrencies.

Many brokers traders are recommended to open a micro FX trading account, accept clients with a low cost trading requirement to gain capital, and provide access to excellent trading experience for their traders.

These accounts (like eco accounts, and standard accounts) generally have a wide variety of trading limits, allowing currency traders to limit their trading amounts to only 1000 units of the currency. Trading through the micro forex trading account helps one develop their trading style and strategies without incurring heavy losses.

Devise an FX Trading Strategy

Do not ever conduct FX broker trading without developing a strategy and a trading roadmap. A sound trading strategy is based on the ground reality general and many other financial market situation of the USA, which is a highly liquid trading market.

The trader has to consider the amount required for a good trading experience and the high level of risk warning that one can afford to take. In contrast, in trading, the retail investor accounts lose money (Before starting CFD trading, you should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage, also said as risk appetite) and the operating capital requirement of the brokerage platform while developing the trading strategy. They should also be up to date with the mobile functionality of the platform.

The regulatory environment of forex trading boasts of high leverage and low cost. However, the traders confidence plays a key role; those who take high risks often manage to secure better rewards when they execute trades.

Keep an Eye on the Trading Positions

Most forex trading forums provide users with accounting reports of executing trades daily (use the mobile app). It is an essential factor that you should keep in mind and ensure that there are no pending trading positions. There is a sufficient account balance for conducting future trades in the forex markets including forex & various tradable products like the currency pair.

Check the trading positions at the end of the day daily to make sure you have an idea of how it works including hidden fees, additional fees, or any other fees they may charge. As retail investor accounts lose money when trading, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money when trading or make profits in the forex market (can be either profit or nonprofit).

Do Not Let Emotions Get the Better of You

Keep your emotions under control while trading in the forex market. Do not obsess over mistakes but move on to the next trade instead. Traders need to cultivate an equilibrium of emotions even if their retail investor accounts lose money when trading (high risk of losing) through currency trading, so invest money wisely. Maintain discipline while trading and do not get carried away by trading positions or market volatility (not transparent pricing models), be alert, or the customers lose funds.

How to Choose Best Forex Brokers Accepting US Clients?

Choosing a forex broker platform is not easy, and it takes a good amount of decision-making to finally settle for the right and excellent trading platform for US forex brokers. It should be registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), a free demo account feature, which might be helpful, a range of tradable products, 24 hours support. Thus you can buy and sell national currencies on behalf of the registered client of the forex platform in exchange for a commission fee done by the broker.

Consider the following pointers while browsing through the best American forex brokers in the USA industry to select the right trading platforms:-

Compliance with the Best Regulated Fx Brokers USA

To stay protected against financial institutions scams, it is essential to ensure that the forex broker platform is compliant with USA regulations or is a self-regulatory organization, as most next generation platforms are compliant. The Most regulated forex broker in the US is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) (refer to the NFA website), the regulatory authority of futures trading forums. These independent agencies enforce strict forex regulations and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) rules that must be followed, as they constantly working on providing you with the best United States platforms.

Other USA forex brokers are associated with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the regulatory organization that governs the options markets and commodity futures in the US. Some regulated brokers also offer binary options. The main feature of binary options is either you get a fixed amount or nothing. Then there is Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer support by platforms like IG US. Remember that the forex brokers USA act as middlemen to match their clients’ buy and sell order to the other clients’ orders.

Do not fall for flashy promises and attractive broker websites. Instead, visit the official site of every site of the trading platforms check for a range of exotic forex pairs, compare forex brokers for US traders by researching online brokers, and the forex market, and read the ‘About Us’ section thoroughly to check the regulatory bodies compliance with the online brokers.

Features of the Forex Trading Brokers

USA forex brokers offer a wide variety of accounts (like VIP accounts) with extensive features in the forex market. The different accounts have four main features: margin and leverage, spreads and commissions, initial deposit to be made, and ease of transactions. While most forex offers leverage of around 50:1, some brokers tempt traders to take a significant risk with leverage of 200:1.

A forex broker trading platform imposing a commission fee may acquire a specific percentage of the currency spread and currency trading from the user. The average spread refers to the difference between the asking price and the bid price of the currency pair.

The US forex broker who does not charge a commission fee obtains their service charge from the wider spreads. Some platforms offer low trading, which is lower than the forex industry average.

The forex pairs GBP/USD and EUR/USD have tight spreads. Choose the best forex brokers USA platform that has low minimum deposit requirements. Some trading platforms set the initial deposit limit only at $50.

Such a low deposit amount is helpful to begin trading, and even it has low risk management. Users can deposit and withdraw funds easily via bank wire transfer, PayPal, credit and debit cards, ACH payments, electronic wallets, etc. The central banks also set prices as per the economy.

Most Online forex broker platforms offer micro, mini discounts for high net worth clients, financial products or services, 24 hours support, research tools, more product offerings, comprehensive research data, and the standard accounts types with different initial deposit conditions, which are better than third party trading platforms.

Metatrader 4 support multiple accounts (like eco account, standard account, margin account, and more) along with multiple asset classes to choose from and thus help investors in making a decision and avoiding high-level risk.

The Platform for FX Trading

The FX trading site worldwide serves as the portal to the international exchanges markets for US traders and investors, as these foreign forex brokers accept US clients. These next-generation trading platforms must ensure that the site is equipped with the most state-of-the-art research tools for the fundamental, even an eligible contract participant, and technical analysis of the forex market trends, mobile app ready, average spread or as per choice, range of forex pairs like USD/JPY, and price patterns of most number of currency pairs and avoid losing your money rapidly.

Explore the extensive range that should be the organization’s primary mission and provide reviews, the excellent interface, quality of trade executions of the online trading platform through a demo account (that may help novice traders & even experience levels of traders), and also check if it comes with separate buttons for buying and selling currency pairs, as Most forex trader do support that.

Some United States brokers offer low trading, which is lower than the industry average. The top forex brokers trading platforms (the organization’s primary mission should provide reviews) also have a panic button that enables the trader to close every currently open trading position.

As retail investor accounts lose money and they should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money & market volatility when trading through aimless activity (either using a mobile or desktop platform).

Opinions expressed by reviewers should be carefully considered, implement technical analysis tools, researching online brokers before with good research teams, compare forex brokers & choose, be aware of trade alerts, and Stay away from poorly designed forex trading platforms to avoid costly mistakes during trading sessions.

Seek good investment advice; risk management orders can help protect trades during price surges, so choose the best forex broker USA wisely.

Availability of Customer Support

As we know, top forex brokers offer much support, so assess the site’s customer support system and make sure that the help desk is available 24×7 over the phone; some even offer five days a week, email support and live chat to provide smooth online trading, all included in the mobile apps. Place a call to the help desk to assess the efficiency and promptness of the best customer service provided by assistants. Most United States platform in the forex market provides good customer service.

Talk to them over live chat to ensure that they are highly responsive and available for urgent services. The best overall broker, they provide services accept clients other than the US and smooth Trading platforms with good customer support (like the Saxo bank, IG markets) always leaves a positive impact.

Currency Pairs Available for Trading

Even though many currency pairs are available in the global forex markets, only a few are feasible and profitable regarding trading and investment advice. The currency pairs of major pairs (forex pairs) with the highest liquidity are the best overall broker suited for FX trading.

The most popular major currency pairs included by the best forex brokers in USA are USD/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, and EUR/USD. Broker platforms offer the most currency pairs compared to the traditional broker, which is good for an active trader. Still, it is up to the trader to select the forex pairs and currency pair of his choice to conduct lucrative FX trading experience levels based on the market trends as many platforms began offering these services & choose a US forex broker.

Conclusion on USA Forex Brokers

Learning the ropes of trading expertly in forex pairs and other asset classes at the best forex broker US takes time; like Forex traders, CFD traders, a large number of financial spreads, and other forex brokers that take clients from the US need to learn the techniques and strategies before making any investment; your investment objectives should be clear, and you should know which top forex brokers accept US clients as per their requirements, offer competitive pricing, a large number of popular cryptocurrencies, excellent pricing, even zero commissions, & good customer service.

Opinions expressed should be considered before choosing these next generation advanced trading platforms ( like IB,, IG markets, or the Saxo bank) having a thorough understanding of the multiple asset classes seeking investment advice and their markets is crucial to prevent losing your money rapidly while trading in the best forex broker for clients from the US.

Study the USA forex traders charts and focus on copy trading strategies with major currencies and commodities in the market like GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/GBP. It is also essential to check the US forex regulations of the forex broker site for the safe custody of funds in the account, as client funds are kept separate in segregated accounts as per financial regulatory body guidelines. so forex trading regulations are a must in today’s world.

The USA forex broker, which is NFA regulated brokers of the US, are highly secure, have the best overall ranking (more information on the National Futures Association (NFA) website), have excellent trading experience, and is suitable for all kinds of clients as the best forex broker for US traders. So always compare the best forex platform in the US online, sign up with the country’s top brokers, and start your trading journey.


Which Forex Broker Charges the Lowest Fees in the USA?

The US forex brokerage platform of IG US charges very low fees for its FX trading and investment services.

Which Safe Forex Brokers Can I Use in the US?

The best forex brokerage services in the US industry and the safest can be availed at TD Ameritrade, Colmex Pro, Ally Invest, IG US, and other popular United States online platforms.

Can I Trade Forex in the USA?

It is legal to trade in foreign exchange at the licensed and regulated online forex brokerage companies of the United States industry.

Which Forex Brokers Accept US or Non-US Clients?

Those forex brokers who have regulatory status in the U.S permit U.S.-based clients and keep their rights reserved. On the other hand, those forex brokers who permit non-U.S clients are usually required to have licenses in the countries where they came from.

Which Broker Has the Highest Leverage in USA?

As per our reviewed platform, Rockfort Markets has the highest leverage for its supported accounts. It offers max up to 1:500.

Which Are the Best Forex Brokers for Low-Cost Trading in USA?

Interactive Brokers platform, is known for its Low-Cost Trading in USA.

Which Forex Broker Is Best for US Traders?

As per our research, we can say all the platforms with tons of tools, various resources, and of course which are regulated can be considered the best broker.

Which Is the Lowest Spread Forex Broker USA?

As per our research list, we can say is one of those brokers with the lowest spread varies on an average between 0.84 pips and 1.9 pips.

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