Stake Casino Review: Is a Good Casino?

Stake was founded in 2017 as an online casino that uses Bitcoin as the mode of payment. Stake comes with a huge variety of bitcoin casino games, attractive bonus, deposit bonus, and betting options. The list of options includes slot game, card games, betting shows, the option to bet on a deal live, easy to withdraw money options and much more. Curacao licenses Stake, and the platform has been trying to build upon its great reputation as a trusted gambling and betting platform. As per Stake casino review, the platform also provides the option to buy cryptocurrency from its platform in exchange for fiat currencies.

Stake Casino Summary

Official Website
Year Founded In 2017
Software Belatra, Betsoft, BGAMING, Booongo Gaming, Endorphina, Blueprint Gaming, Nolimit City and more
Licensed By Curacao
Provably Fair Games Yes
Available Games Slots, Video slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and more casino games
Banking Available Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin Cash
Min Deposit No
Min Withdrawal €20 (200kr, $20, £20, C$30)
Waiting Period for Cash Out Quick Transaction
Supported Fiat Currencies Euro, Kronor, USD, CAD, GBP
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin Cash
Restricted Countries US, UK, Australia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Curacao, Czech Republic
Languages Available 15
Tournaments Yes
VIP Club Yes
Welcome Bonus and Offers No welcome bonus offers but have deposit bonus, free spins, & more bonus offers
Mobile Support Yes, Mobile and Desktop Both
Customer Support via Email address and live chat

The newly bought cryptocurrency from this platform can be used to bet on the platform. It also allows the users to put wagers on live game shows and upcoming sports events across different sports and game genres. The stake casino’s has overall pretty good ratings and casino review on the Trustpilot page. The Stake casino reviews and ratings are important to gain customers’ trust; if the user reviews are 1 star, then it is considered a terrible casino.

Is Stake Casino Legit?

Yes, is a legit casino offering provably fair games to ensure random outcomes and fair chances to players. It is licensed and regulated by the government of Curaçao and has been in operation since 2017.

Though there have been some complaints about in online forums, some users allege that the casino has issues with payouts. So, let’s take a look at some of the essential information that makes Stake online casino a trusted and safe option for online gambling so that you can evaluate for yourself.

Essential Information of Stake Casino

  • Stake Casino is an online casino where the users can use their cryptocurrency to bet, gamble and put wagers on various games, sports events, etc., on the platform.
  • Keeping up with the USP of cryptocurrency, Stake provides a relatively anonymous platform.
  • The users only need to verify their email address before withdrawing their funds from the platform, but further verification might be required in some cases.
  • Individuals who do not own any cryptocurrency can also use the platform to bet/gamble as Stake has an option where the users can buy crypto in exchange for real money.
  • The list of available games on Stake is quite long and diverse, and merely slot game have over 811 options to choose from, apart from others such as Jackpot Slot, favorite games, etc.
  • In addition to Bitcoin, Stake also supports various other cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash for Dash gambling and many more.

Stake - User Interface

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Stake Casino Features

Stake casino’s has numerous features and primarily all the benefits to the users and has some added advantages compared to most online casinos, including an attractive bonus and deposit bonus. All the casino features are applicable from a gambling platform forefront and from the side of it being a platform that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment method. You can use the search bar at the top if you don’t find what you are looking for at first glance.

Being one of the top online casinos, all the features of the platform start with a plethora of online and digital stake games (as well as favorite games that are Stake originals – exclusive games) that are present, a provision to bet on various significant sports betting and leagues, slot game, regular and consistent giveaways, etc. The one thing for which Stake deserves credit for going the extra mile and developing their original games.

The Stake works with a small selection of iGaming developers, and because of this, it has a small selection. Join the discord channel to receive free cryptocurrency giveaways. The game selection is among the more diverse ones across the industry of small selection. Software providers do not power the games. Also, it is risky to use VPN in-country restrictions areas at stake casino; it is not recommended.

The popular games on Stake are table games, digital games, etc. The wagering requirement of the platform isn’t very high either, which brings down the entry barrier for the users instead of having them spend a crazy time searching for ways to get around the high wagering requirement of other platforms. This enables online casino players to have a better chance at winning more money without risking the equivalents of high Canadian dollars.

Stake - Features

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The platform accepts crypto so the payment methods might look limited. Still, even the users who don’t have any crypto yet can use one of the deposit methods (including Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay). With Stake gambling, users can take advantage of responsible gaming tools if things are getting out of their hands, and users can set deposit limits and self-exclusion or stay away from the site for a while.

The users do not need to go through a cumbersome verification process for using the platform. However, negative reviews imply that this is not the case for every user.

In case of a conflict, individuals might need to submit their detailed credentials before clearing the issues. Another enticing feature of the crypto gambling foundation is that it provides up to $50,000 in bonus every week. The Stake casino site is certified by Crypto Gambling Foundation.

The winner of this stake gaming sites is supposed to be chosen randomly from a list of all the users who use the platform regularly.

Pros and Cons

You will find all the Pros and Cons details in below given table –

Pros Cons
Stake casino offers anonymity in most cases, even at the time of withdrawal, and only asks for personal details when settling a dispute. Users can not use fiat currency to bet or gamble directly and the need for a cryptocurrency to use the platform is an added step.
Being unique among the other online casinos, Stake has multiple cryptocurrencies supported on the platform and can be used to gamble. Although there is an option to bet on sports, the betting odds are not the greatest for Stake casinos and some alternatives might have better odds for major sports events.
Stake offers various lucrative offers to the individuals for using their platform and these include weekly bonuses. Stake casino has implied that the platform might still need to work on its customer support team and add to its transparency.
With an active stake community supported across eight languages and a high RTP (return to stake players rate), the platform can be regarded as a good and reliable platform.

How to Sign Up for Stake Casino/ Registration Process

The signing up or registration process for Stake online casino is effortless and straightforward as per our Stake casino review. The new players who need to sign up on the platform and start betting/gambling can create an account with the help of an email address and a password. As the KYC is not mandated for the online casino, Stake can be used before completing the verification or activation email, unlike other top online casinos.

After registration in other casinos, make your first deposit, and then new players will receive the welcome bonus; but there are no welcome bonus offers for new players at Stake. New players can retrieve their deposit address by clicking on the wallet tab of the home page at the top.

The online casino does ask for a few things, such as the details about the date of birth of the individual and Stake aims to keep up as a reliable platform that does not condone or welcome underage gambling and betting from users who are not of legal age in their respective regions and locations. Upon sign up, the users using the platform through a desktop and browser would need an Adobe Flash player for the platform to work.

Stake - Registration Process

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Stake games

Slots (800+ games)

As the name suggests, slots for those games where the users can participate without gambling knowledge because these stake games are purely based on luck and the platform and do not require much skill or big time gaming experience to play.

With over 800 slot games, the platform can be considered to offer to relax gaming that might return a quick buck. While the bitcoin casino slots are not the online casino games with the highest return ratio, they are one of the provably fair and most popular online casinos that offer gamblers.

Live Casino (15+ games)

Like an older and conventional physical casino, the users of the platform (feel like) can get a realistic and pristine environment with the help of the option of “LIVE CASINOS.” Under this option, there are about 20 games where the individuals can get a more raw and closely-knit betting experience.

These live games vary from each other in the sense that in some cases, the dealing of the game is LIVE, while in other cases, the outing of the results might be the live-action that is going on. Having live 20 casino games might not sound much at first, but the support comes from a way beyond a thousand total. The stake online casino offers popular sports betting on – American Football, boxing, Formula 1, golf, tennis, volleyball, video poker, and more.

Stake - Live Casino Games

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Game Shows (5+ games)

Game show are digital events where any users of the platform can join and get a chance to win big rewards and jackpot games, which would increase the viewership and increase engagement on the platform. The shows present on Stake are highly popular among the users as their chance of winning on the online casino is higher than other platforms.

This game also helps build up the stake community and increase the user base of the online casino. The player can get a daily and quick bonus through bitcoin faucets. The tricky part is that you will get invites based on the activities on the platform. The betting amount is not very high at these shows, while the winnings can be substantial for the lucky ones.

Jackpot Slots (40+ games)

Jackpot slots are somewhat different, even though they share a common name, unlike other slot games. These slots can either be high staked or low staked; that is something users can choose. These slots can offer much higher rewards than the traditional slots, albeit the risks might also be higher in some cases.

The winnings from these slots can be as high as six or seven figures, but the betting on these slots is progressive, and sometimes, the users might have to bet a few dollars on every slot.

Feature Buy-in (50+ games)

Feature buy-in comes as yet another feature of the Stake online casino where the users can buy additional featured slots and continue to play provably fair their favorite casino games. These feature buy-ins are basically the bonus slots for slot game that can be regarded as an added functionality. These bonuses can be availed in a heap of slots.

These buy-ins work in a simple manner, the individuals can pay an amount which can then take them to the featured best part of the favorite games, the regular bonuses. They are present in various online casino and are gaining popularity.

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Virtual Games (5+ games)

Virtual games are non-conventional games that are common on various online casinos and betting platforms. These games often do not have the option to have a video stream and are missing from physical casinos.

The online gambling industry is coming out with many games due to their relative ease of making new ones and being able to add them to the platform without extra hassle that might be associated with some older games with much more varying rules and methodologies of start playing depending upon the geographic locations. The Stake casino is also an online casino that offers games.

Table Games (40+ games)

Some of the oldest forms of bitcoin casino games include several crypto gambling games and betting systems. Most of these games are dealer operated, and the users might have the option to play along with a live video on some platforms, which adds transparency to the platform and inspires trust in the gamblers who are putting their own money up for the bet.

Also, Stake provides classic video poker games. These games are often said to require skill, practice, and a good gambling experience. Apart from the hand dealt, having skills and gaming experience affects the betting odds of winning in these games to a small extent. One such more Bitcoin poker is Caribbean stud poker.

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Blackjack (4 games)

Blackjack, also known as 21 is regarded as one of the easiest to learn games played at a bitcoin casino. btc blackjack offers a quick way for gamblers to double their real money as the very essence of the game is double or nothing. The Stake casino has many Blackjack games present on its platform for the users to start playing and stand a chance to win big.

Similar to other games of the table, Blackjack also requires a dealer to play, and the odds of winning are directly dependent on the cards that the other players deal with as the house stands at an advantage.

Baccarat (5+ games)

Baccara, also commonly known as Baccarat is another dealer-based card game popular among seasoned gambling players. Unlike most games, the dealer and the player are called ‘banker’ and ‘player’. Like the offline version, the Baccarat at Stake casino also has three possible outcomes, namely, ‘player’, ‘banker’ or a ‘tie’.

The odds in this game at a table ranges from 1.01 to 1.24 % and the bets tend to be higher in the game of Baccarat than other card games such as Blackjack. This is also the reason that beginners do not prefer the game of bitcoin baccarat.

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Roulette (5+ games)

Last but not least in the list, the next category of games available on the Stake casino is the Roulette. The high-risk high-reward game has 8 different versions of the traditional spin game. Roulette Stakes is one of the platform’s original games and has a very intuitive and detailed interface that is visually appealing.

The digital version of the game holds the familiar and classic color scheme for the game, and users can enter the amount of Bitcoin they want to go on the left side of the play game area. There is a manual mode for spinning the wheels and an automatic mode where the casino players can set the automatic betting amount, rewards, and other details.

However, users are reminded to keep a check on their betting amounts constantly before they end up gambling an unintended amount in the games. The best thing is that stake casino has its own provably fair 16 new games. The games has a low house edge, so regular players can take advantage while gambling.

There is house edge before you open any game, and that is low compared to other great casino, which is why players love stake . As per user reviews, the players can take advantage of low house edge for provably fair games. It offers a fully disclosed house edge which is quite low, rewarding bonuses, special promotions, weekly giveaway, and more.

Bonuses and Promotions

The Stake platform of the casino is frequently coming out with casino promotions for the casino, which serves as an incentive to new users or gamblers looking for a new crypto sports betting platform. These other online casinos promotions come in the form of casino points, free items or other advantages that can enhance the already rewarding gambling interface and game graphics that the Stake casino has built in it.

The number of promotions available in different tiers on the crypto gambling site stays over 5 at most times. It can even reach over a dozen such as Telegram challenges, money-back programs, game-specific rewards, and more exciting challenges.

The stake casino its own social media and telegram channel active community which is very ready to participate in telegram challenges and win big prize pool. Join social media stake community and discord channel to get the latest promotions and offers.

Also, by using the bonus code you can avail best bonuses. In the past, the casino has given away supercars through online raffles aside from the weekly and monthly bonuses, not to forget the lack of a welcome bonus.

When it comes to welcome bonus, casino stake does not offer any welcome bonus to their new players, which is quite disappointing unlike other online casinos. The stake crypto casino does provide frequent rewards, the latest promotions, and monthly bonuses to their players to compensate for the lack of welcome bonus.

Weekly $100,000 Giveaway

While the amount has not been fixed all the time, Stake casino gives out $100,000 as a part of their weekly bonus to its users. This weekly giveaway can only be availed by one of the platform’s existing members or loyal players. The individuals who are not registered with the platform can not use this rewarding opportunity.

Furthermore, additional crypto casino bonuses are going on that might also update weekly aside from the weekly races where the total winning amount can reach a staggering $250,000. These are only some of the bonuses going on the sports betting site and crypto only casino that is Stake originals. You can earn as many tickets as you want to increase the chance of winning.

To enter or check these bonuses and giveaways, the individuals can go to the Stake site.

VIP Program

Stake casino website mentions the VIP program or VIP club that the crypto casino offers. Still, it is apparent that the only way to become a VIP at stake casino would be to get invited from the platform itself to join the VIP club. Unlike other casinos, the trade of online gambling or tier does not let users become a VIP at VIP program.

However, the odds of being invited to become a VIP would definitely rely on the favor of users who tend to use the platform more often than not and bet large sums of money and join the VIP club. The offers do not come with strings attached to players as all the bonuses are 100% wager-free and instant withdrawal.

Other Available Bonuses

The remaining part of the bonus story is of ongoing nature. While the giveaways seem lucrative, these are more bonuses like stake races that go live frequently. Stake races give a chance to players to win a grand bonus prize pool by engaging in intense battles with other users. The player will receive the pop-ups about these races when active on the Stake website. At the free time of writing this article (August 2021), there are more than 10 bonuses and promotions that are active and can be read about at the Stake website.

These giveaways and bonuses are for top casinos, and there is an entirely separate list of the sportsbook section of the online crypto casino. One such promotion is the Stake x Watford $250,000 race that is life at this moment.

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Stake on Mobile

To complement the browser and desktop version of the casino, Stake also has a mobile setup where the loyal players can gamble on the go and operate in the betting world through their mobile phones. The mobile platform of the crypto casino is also well put together, and all the btc casino software providers have made the games play well with the mobile experience.

The stake mobile version works well for the other players who want to bet anywhere. The mobile version is easily accessible to players of mobile browsers. The mobile experience might be slightly different for the mobile version users who tend to keep an eye on the free spin, and these free spins are offered regularly on the desktop platform of stake gambling.

Casino Deposit & Payment Options


Although the Stake is a crypto-only casino, the brand has made provisions for individuals to be able to buy crypto using fiat directly from their platform. This ensures that the users never have to leave the platform to get started betting and prefer playing. The deposit methods include MASTERCARD, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more banking options. This stake review is exhaustive; thus, it is important to mention that there are not recorded deposit limits on the betting and staking site. The stake site launched a functionality that allow users to buy crypto with fiat.


The withdrawals on the platform are simple and easy to use, but since the deposits only happen in the crypto world, the withdrawals have to be in cryptocurrency. But the withdrawals being crypto-based has an advantage that most users do not need to enter all their personal details before being able to withdraw their winnings from their Stake account at the platform of Stake casino.

Maximum Payouts

Stake casino is one of the few to offer no maximum payout limits. But on the other hand, there are minimum payout limits for the users, and those must be abode by the users. The lack of a maximum limit and the presence of minimum withdrawal limits could encourage users to withdraw funds only once their winning is substantial and more than a few nickels and pennies here and there. In addition to these criteria, the payout from the platform comes with a fee, and each time users go for a payout, the fee is applicable. However, the small fee charged by Stake is fixed and does not fluctuate based on the number of funds that are in question.

Payout Speed

An inherent benefit of crypto transactions is that there is not much delay when it comes to the deposits and withdrawals from the platform. The payout speed is instant and hassle free due to the blockchain network, as the transfer of funds to and from the casino do not come with any delay. The pending time won’t exceed an hour, and if it takes more than 24 hours, the player should contact customer support via email or live support. In the case of an unstable network, the payout might take a few moments, but most transactions are instantaneous.

User Experience

Stake casino has an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot with an average customer review score of 4.5/5 out of over 1,862 reviews. Stake casino is regarded as one of the best platforms due to its unparalleled user experience. The casino is richly themed, and the stake platform is garnished with a detailed graphical visual, which makes it visually appealing.

Each feature from a slot machine to hacksaw gaming, provably fair stake originals games, and competitive wagering requirements are designed to enhance the gambling experience of the platform’s players. There is a missing functionality that prevents the users from gambling in excess and checks up on their gambling habits and addictions.

Casino titles are quite immersive, and the Stake’s own provably fair games are programmed to the point that the gaming itself can be fun on the Stake gambling sites apart from the monetary gains that come with it. Heavy users of the platform can also get a dedicated VIP host, further improving the user experience for a pragmatic play. This would also take the setup of push gaming to newer heights.

Licensing & Safety

As aforementioned, Stake casino is licensed by the Curacao gambling authority. Stake is a verified member of the crypto gambling foundation, and the authority maintains the company’s gambling permit and oversees other details. Stake offers a safe platform where the security measures such as two-factor authentication have been deployed. To be able to be classified as the best casino along with two factor authentication, Stake might have to add some more cutting edge features and make their platform truly impenetrable.

Customer Support

If you need immediate assistance from customer support, tap on live support and get in touch with the customer support representatives. The live chat support that is active round the clock is one of the best features from a customer support perspective. The 24/7 live chat feature is the main communication channel on the site, present at the right hand side of the screen.

The users can contact Stake through either this live chat feature, email address, or social media channels. The player can also get in touch with the team through forums and live chat. The live chat is a great option to instantly connect with the team for any information or query.

The stake has great customer service that resolve issue promptly in many multiple languages. It include languages -English, Russian, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many more. While the customer support team tries to be vigilant, they do not hold the best reputation and are neither reputed well in the stake casino review of the online gambling sites and platforms.

There is an FAQ section for users having general queries and looking for basic information. In our stake casino review, we have covered some basic questions in our FAQ section for players.

Stake - Live Chat Support

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Our Verdict – Stake Casino Reviews

As per our stake casino review, the gambling opportunities and betting versatility make Stake a truly unique platform. The impressive list of all the features like software by evolution gaming (live casino titles creator), free spin, deposit bonuses, no payout limits, and competitive odds with enticing Stake bonuses make it a good recommendation for the users who are looking for an anonymous platform that enables trading through the crypto world.

During the casino review, it is observed that there is a lack of crucial information on the site. There is a lack of information about the history, payout details, limitations, restrictions, and other crucial information.


Is Stake gambling legit?

Yes, Stake has been able to get a good reputation for itself as a legit platform for gambling experience and sports betting.

Can I Play With Fiat Currencies at Stake Online Casino?

The users can indirectly use currencies of fiat to play in the casino. The one thing is that these currencies can be used to purchase crypto through the platform itself, and then crypto can be used to bet on the platform.

Can I deposit using Bitcoin at Stake casino?

The users who wish to deposit Bitcoin to Stake casino can transfer their crypto from their crypto wallet to the Stake wallet.

Does Stake casino accept Bitcoins?

Yes, Bitcoin is among the list of supported cryptocurrencies offered by and can be used for gambling.

Does Stake support PayPal?

No, at the moment, Stake does not have the support for payments using PayPal.

Are players from the UK allowed to play at Stake casino?

No, the United Kingdom is among the list of restricted countries for Stake casinos, and thus, residents of the United Kingdom cannot play on the platform. The stake is especially inviting for Canadian players supporting the local fiat currency. Along with the United Kingdom, other restricted countries are North Korea, Iran, Syria, Curacao, Australia, Czech Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, etc.

Does Stake offer a Welcome Bonus?

No, despite having numerous bonuses and giveaways, the platform does not have a welcome bonus. There might be some benefits going on select options that are used to withdraw money. Still, those are usually provided by the banks and come with special gambling cards that have tie-ups with the company by association – unlike this crypto gambling foundation.

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