Bit-Z is the crypto exchange which was founded in 2016, and it has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The team behind the exchange has renowned professionals from industries like finance, gaming, e-commerce, and social networking. The exchange allows its users to trade between the long list of cryptocurrencies. The exchange provides real-time market information and also offers advanced charts, reports, trade histories, and API access to allow for automated trading. The exchange provides over-the-counter (OTC) and professional digital asset trading services to its users. OTC trades do not require you to use an account from another crypto exchange or e-wallet and enable you to purchase currencies from other members from the site. The important thing to note is that the orders will not appear on the exchange, but it will appear on the separate OTC area. The exchange has launched its own currency named DKKT which is pegged with Danish Krone and is used as the trading pair in the exchange. The exchange charges 0.1% trading fee. The trading platform provides real-time market information, trade history, and advanced charts. The platform is available in English and Chinese. The exchange does not support fiat currencies, and the only way to deposit is with the help of Bitcoin. Deposits are free of charge, but withdrawals are charged at 0.5%.
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