Launched in January 2018, BiteBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore. The exchange is a legit platform, and its trade in digital assets is accepted by the law of every country in the entire world. The exchange does not charge different fees from makers and takers. Therefore, their fee model is called a ‘flat fee model.’ The trading fee that they charge is 0.20%. The withdrawal fee of the exchange varies according to the type of coin being involved. BiteBTC charges a withdrawal fee of 0.001 BTC when a person withdraws 1 BTC. The exchange supports fiat currencies – USD and EUROS. The exchange is, therefore, an entry-level exchange, and a beginner can buy digital assets using his cash. Exchange accepts SWIFT bank wire transfers, and a commission is charged for each transaction that a user makes. The exchange allows its users to deposit through both wire transfer and credit cards. The exchange adheres to KYC norms for few states. Users are needed to give necessary information which is required for the verification and approval of the platform. The exchange allows its users to use API (Application Programming Interface) which has a key and which uses a digital signature when making transactions.
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