Launched in 2015, Bitlish is a crypto exchange which provides a single trading account, and it charges only from market takers. Additionally, the exchange also offers its services to corporate customers, and they are charged with the base taker fee of 0.5% and can be negotiated according to the client’s business model. The exchange enables two-factor authentication process with Bitlish to ensure the security of the user accounts. The exchange requires a scanned copy of the user’s ID and utility bill in order to deposit and withdraw fiat currency. Bitlish offers trading in most of the digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Doge, Gold, Bitcoin, Monero and fiat currencies like USD, RUB and EUR. The most popular trading pairs in the exchange are BTC/USD and BTC/EUR. The exchange does not provide margin trading. Margin trading allows a user to operate with large amounts of money in a small investment. The process involves a higher risk of losses. The exchange charges 0.2% from the verified users and 0.3% from the anonymous ones. The exchange does not provide any trading fees from the traders who place pending orders and provide liquidity to the exchange. The trading platform is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian. The exchange allows payments in US Dollars, Euros and Rubles with credit/debit card and Bank wire transfer.
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