BitMax is a crypto exchange with a broad client base which includes small investors to large institutions. The objective of the exchange is to enhance reliability and speed up the trades. The exchange has incorporated robust security measures including multiple firewalls to track real-time data processing and multi-signatory requirements along with cold wallets. The exchange boasts its transparency by offering a real-time settlement and 24-hour trading operation. The exchange works on institutional-grade trading architecture with advanced technology design. The exchange charges 0.04% of the trading fee. Deposits are free of cost and withdrawals are charged on the basis of the coin being used. The exchange does not support fiat currencies like USD, RMB, JPY, and KRW. The exchange supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and BMAX (Bitmax’s Token). BMAX is the token which is introduced by the BitMax platform which runs on the Ethereum blockchain ERC 20. The exchange provides a certain amount of additional benefits to the token holders like membership upgrade, dividend quota, and temporary promotion. After a certain period, the exchange will assess the development of the platform and determine the token destruction plan to maintain its value.
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