Bitrue is Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in July 2018. The trading platform of Bitrue is designed in such a way that it moves seamlessly across any devices. A user can get access to its trading platforms, support and accounts easily from any device. The exchange offers multithreaded, high-performance market order matching engine. The exchange boasts its exceptional uptime record with anti-DDOS protection system. The trading fee of exchange is 0.05% for XRP pairs and 0.098% for others. The exchange charges withdrawal fee according to the type of coin being involved. For Bitcoin, the withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC. The exchange has incorporated many security features like two-factor authentication, multi-signature, and cold wallet. The trading platform of the exchange has easy to use interface and intuitive. The exchange has its offices in US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The exchange does not support any deposit of fiat currency which means new traders without any digital assets cannot trade here. In order to purchase your first cryptocurrency, you need to trade on the entry level exchange which supports the deposits of fiat currency. The exchange provides a different combination of trading pairs like – crypto/crypto and crypto/USDT.
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