BitShares (BTS) News

BitShares (BTS) is a peer to peer distributed ledger network based on an algorithm known as delegated proof of stake (DPoS) algorithm. What makes it different from other cryptocurrencies in the market is its behavior which is of an equity instead of a currency. With an average block time of 1.5 seconds and more than 100,000 transactions per second, it is one of the fastest in the market. On BitShares (BTS) you can trade almost all the crypto-based derivatives like gold, oil, bonds, stocks and a wide range of other derivatives. While doing the trading, apart from unbelievable transaction speed and block time, there is not any trading limit, and the transaction fee is very minimal making this very easy and compatible to use. These features offered by this network makes it a very good option for customers as it is fast, decentralized, smooth, takes care of many risks and is growing and getting better every day.
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