Launched in April 2018, Coineal is the cryptocurrency exchange established by the collaboration between South Korea and China. The company is also planning to launch its offices in Japan, Singapore, Russia, the United States, and other countries. The exchange works on community exchange nodes. The liquidity at this trading platform is very good. The exchange charges a flat trading fee from market makers and market takers which is 0.15%. The trading fee charged by the exchange is quite competitive. The exchange only charges network fee when a user withdraws crypto assets. For BTC withdrawals, the exchange charges 0.000812 BTC. The exchange does not support deposit of fiat currency which means new traders cannot trade on this platform. A user would need an entry-level exchange to buy his first cryptocurrencies. An entry-level exchange is an exchange which accepts the deposits of fiat currency. The exchange has its own token called as NEAL token which the users can acquire by purchasing them or by mining them through a POW-like mechanism. The exchange emphasizes the safety and security of its trading platform which is built using a distributed architecture with the high-quality risk control system and DDoS defense system. Coineal enables its users to access the exchange through iOS, Android, H5, and PC.
  • Binance and Coineal

    Crypto Exchange Coineal Announces Collaboration with Binance, To Develop Binance Chain

  • Coineal

    Coineal Announces the Listings of Multiple Coins in the Days to Come

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