Ethfinex is a hybrid decentralized crypto exchange which focuses on ERCO-20 tokens and the Ethereum network. It is an Ethereum-based subsidiary of Bitfinex which was launched in 2013 and is considered one of the largest crypto exchanges of the world in terms of the trade volumes. Ethfinex was made available to Bitfinex users in December 2017. While Bitfinex is situated in Hong-Kong, Ethfinex is registered offshore in the British Virgin Islands. The exchange allows its users to sell many ERC20 tokens. Users can access the Ethfinex order book through decentralized exchange portals, which makes them accessible to high liquidity without having them entrust the Ethfinex for their funds. The Exchange supports deposits through various payment methods like bank wire transfer and cryptocurrency transfer. Ethfinex charges three types of fees which are trading fees, withdrawal fees, and deposit fees. Trading fee depends on the 30 days volume trades. The exchange offers discounted maker fees through Ethfinex’s Maker Loyalty Program. Withdrawal fee is charged depending on the type of the currency you want to withdraw. The exchange has incorporated various security features like funds storage in offline wallets, two-factor authentication, withdrawal protection and email encryption with OpenPGP.
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