GBX Digital Asset Exchange (GBX -DAX) is the crypto exchange created to buy and trade major currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and many other popular digital assets. The mobile app of GBX-DAX enables users to have easy access with many options to buy and trade tokens in real time. The designers created the app in such a way that it makes the process of buying and selling of the cryptocurrencies seamless. The trading platform is responsive, intuitive and efficient. The powerful and complex indicators provide an ideal trading environment. The superfast engine of the exchange offers its users ‘one-click’ feature for enhanced accuracy and quick trading. To provide a professional trading environment, the exchange has followed a strict verification process. The exchange allows fiat deposits in USD. The exchange boasts to improve its security standards from time to time. To enhance the security, the exchange uses bank-level encryption, and it allows the user to enable the two-factor authentication. The trading fee charged depends on the trading volume. The trading fee ranges from 0 to 0.10%.
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