Litecoin News, Litecoin Price Analysis & Charts

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the most popular and oldest alternative coins used in the modern world. It has been built on a similar framework as compared to Bitcoin and has become one of the most commonly used crypto coins over the years. It is used for faster transactions between one user and another, and it is created by a process known as mining. Not only that, users who take part in the transaction through Litecoin (LTC) also create new Litecoins which come as a reward for performing the service along with some transaction fee. When it came out in the market, its sole aim was to make up for the flaws of its predecessor Bitcoin. The technology associated with it is the same if we compare it with Bitcoin but it also comes with some new and exciting features which make it a very reliable form of cryptocurrency. Litecoin blocks can be processed in every 2.5 minute and makes the transaction faster as well as cheaper. Litecoin is easier to use, faster in transaction and is very secure giving it an edge over other form of cryptocurrencies.

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