Syscoin (SYS) News

Syscoin (SYS) is a decentralized database, a distributed ledger, a global network, and blockchain. SYS is also an altcoin, a tradable token, a digital currency, and a cryptocurrency. Launched in 2014 originally, Syscoin was created through Bitcoin fork. The latest version takes us to the Syscoin 2.1, an algorithm which lets it merge mine with Bitcoin (BTC). Merge mining is an ability for the miner to mine two diverse cryptocurrencies depending on the same algorithm. In order to facilitate the near-zero fees transaction, you can utilize its native cryptocurrency, SYS to pay out for good on the marketplace. But, you also can pay utilizing optional cryptocurrencies like Zcash or Bitcoin. Some other important features of Syscoin (SYS) include aliases to send coins to the case-sensitive names even without having to plug in long wallet addresses, capability to resell other products at your store, encrypted messaging with emails-like outbox/inbox to talk with people on SYS network, Escrow services, no downtime, digital certificates, integrated exchange, etc.
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