Allbridge Introduces DeFi to the XRP Ledger

DeFi is based on open-source technology for the generation that thrives on the internet on the go. It brings together the world of finance and decentralization to give more control & visibility to users over their money.

The global decentralized financial system allows users to trade, save, and invest in their digital holdings. Users can alternatively choose to borrow or lend their respective digital assets.


Allbridge connects EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains, facilitating the transfer of assets between different networks. Allbridge aims to cover solutions related to L2 and the transfer of non-fungible tokens in the coming time.

Ripple is a Crypto solution that inspires new businesses to develop innovative models to create more economic opportunities. Ripple functions to transform how assets are managed and values are tokenized, and its vision is to enable the Internet of Value for a free flow of information.

Allbridge Launches a Bridge On XRP Ledger

Allbridge has integrated XRP Ledger to link XRPL with EVM and non-EVM compatible chains. The integration of Allbridge and XRP Ledger allows Allbridge to trade leading stablecoins and DeFi tokens.

Andriy Velykyy, a Co-Founder & the Chief Executive Officer of Allbridge, highlighted that the end goal was to establish an interconnected cross-chain environment. Andriy Velykyy also stated that the integration would allow Allbridge to profoundly enhance its cross-chain expertise while offering a unique solution to the market.

Allbridge has become the first bridge to connect XRPL with a vast DeFi ecosystem through this integration. It now plans to bring more unique assets to XRP Ledger, with SOLO being the unique asset.

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