Ankr partners with Eigen Layer to enhance node functions and Liquid Staking for AVS projects

Ankr’s connection with Eigen Layer is majorly essential as it offers the framework for node functions, liquid staking, and upgrading solutions for delivering AVS projects.

Eigen Layer is a safety layer that allows fresh protocols to connect with and do away with the effort required for bootstrapping authentication and staked capital from nothing.

In the case of Eigen Layer, actively validated services (AVSs) are special protocols and applications that create on top of Ethereum’s present safety sans any upgradability concerns. They offer multiple functions to the blockchain ecosystem, while Eigen Layer provides them the option of utilizing the safety aspects of Ethereum.

AVSs are similar to the applications on handsets, except for the blockchain factor, as applications provide various services in a safe environment within the Ethereum network. Overall, there are three major advantages such as shared safety, accelerated building, and lesser cost and upgradability options features. AVSs, too, offer several functions, such as storing data more effectively, bringing about quicker transactions, linking multiple blockchains, and operating new-age programs.

Ankr backs Eigen Layer by initiating ETH staking with ankrETH, helping AVS projects with their node functions, and providing an array of upgrading solutions for their development activities. It offers a framework for the entire building procedure and kickstarts AVS projects with multiple products and solutions for the benefit of the builders.

As a node supplier, Ankr offers various necessary solutions to multiple AVSs. This comes with functioning authenticators for all AVSs that they back, take part in allocated authentication procedures, and improve the safety factors related to the network.

As a staking supplier, Ankr initiates the staking of ankrETH tokens to the Eigen Layer, backing authentication regarding various AVS projects. Having a TVL of over $86 million on Ankr staking, Ankr is one of the biggest Ethereum stakers with a high-quality node.

The upgrading solutions of Ankr, involving rollups and sidechains in the form of a solution, provide the option for building fresh modular layer 2 blockchains having the capacity to incorporate multiple data accessibility layers, as well as Oracle networks and various protocols functioning as Eigen Layer AVSs.

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