APENFT Successfully Completes the Sale of Five Unique Vanity Fair NFT Covers Fetching Over $100,000

BitTorrent File System-powered NFT marketplace APENFT & Valuart have successfully completed their first Vanity Fair NFT Cover Drops on May 23, 2022. The NFT collection sale consisted of four 1:1 edition NFTs & a 1000-mint collection of the original “H.E. Justin Sun 2022” edition NFT. 

The four unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were resold on the APENFT marketplace for 7 days till May 30, 2022, at 7 PM, with the starting bid set at 1,500 $TRX (~$120) at the time. The auction marked a “true crossover collaboration between art, entertainment, and the crypto industry”, a team statement read. The fifth cover featuring Tron Founder Justin Sun was sold on the marketplace for a fixed price of 999 TRX (~$80). 

Vanity Fair NFT Cover Dedicated to His Excellency Justin Sun, 2021

Following a week of bidding and raising auctions, the four unique Vanity covers NFTs were sold at a handsome price, fetching over $100,000. The first piece, “Say The Words That I Can’t Say”, sold for 310,000 $wTRX (~$25,420), “The Plum Thief” piece sold for the same figure (~$25,420), “Ludwig” piece sold for 322,888 $wTRX (~$26,476), and the final piece, “Ratty Portrait”, fetched 299,999 $wTRX (~$24,599). 

The APENFT-Vanity Fair NFTs offer holders a range of benefits, with the four 1:1 NFTs giving holders a copy of the Vanity Fair physical magazine and annual subscription, a regular edition of the Genesis NFT-badge from APENFT, TRC-20 based token airdrops, and an invitation to all APENFT’s offline VIP events and exhibitions in 2022.

The four unique Vanity covers were designed by 4 skilful artists, opted by Valuart & Vanity Fair for this evolving drive to Support Digital Art. The NFT collection was carefully selected and curated by Valuart artists, which genuinely represents the expanded crypto art movement. Additionally, Vanity Fair collaborated with Valuart to supply the artworks with a well-justified presence on the historical cover of the magazine. 

The “Say The Words That I Can’t Say” The Isolationist created artwork, a popular artist to represent an art form that cannot be explained in words. The second piece, “The Plum Thief”, was envisioned and created by Coup of Grace, showing a visual journey of an ordinary scene in a coffee shop.

Valuart x Vanity Fair - “You Say The Words That I Can’t Say & The Plum Thief”

Von Doyl creates the “Ludwig” artwork, a process of experimentation with 30 deep neural networks rethinking the original portrait of Beethoven, which aims to represent his music. Finally, “Ratty Portrait”, created by Matteo Ingrao, a different study of reactivating the concrete characteristics of the human body to attain self-adoption.

Valuart x Vanity Fair - “Ratty Portrait & Ludwig”


The final exclusive piece of art was a cover of Vanity Fair featuring Justin Sun, created by Valuart to celebrate the entrepreneur and his exceptional year. The artwork, composed of a series of stylized portraits of H.E. Justin Sun, is an ideal symbol of the crypto movement revolutionizing the art and entertainment world. The 1,000 NFT pieces are still on sale for $80, intending to make them a valuable collectible for the APENFT ecosystem. 

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