Beowulf Blockchain Platform and NTNU Collaborates to Develop Mandarin Learning Program

A partnership between innovative blockchain platform Beowulf and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has been announced to accelerate Mandarin learning and teaching across the borders.

The association will simplify the process of learning and teaching the Chinese national language Mandarin. It will further issue a certificate of proficiency for foreign Mandarin learners on the lines of Cambridge IELTS certification awarded for acquiring English language proficiency.

NTNU is a prominent university in China and also ranks on top, among the world’s best universities. It has 11 colleges, four research institutes, 112 professional graduate colleges with 56 educational departments, along with distance education facility under its umbrella.

Beowulf is a US-based B2B platform that offers worldwide communication services through a specially developed decentralized language network. It provides an innovative learning platform for the distance learning process named Victoria. It incorporates a set of communication functions, including online streaming, broadcasting, transportation network and distant consulting.

How will the association work?

Beowulf and NTNU will collectively select faculty and students for the program. NTNU will formulate the framework of the syllabus, evaluation process, and the allotment of certificates. It will have a careful selection of language learning modules specially designed to meet the distance learning process. It will include teaching materials, instructional methods, and learning resources.

Whereas, Beowulf will provide its advanced technical support to run the entire program. The association will benefit the users with high quality of Mandarin learning and teaching model. The association will deliver the best output from both the organizations in terms of quality and technology.

Blockchain-based Victoria platform:

Victoria platform enables two-way distant communication services for the learning and teaching process in real-time. It consists of high-quality voice/video calls, allows participants for collaborative screen sharing for sharing data or online resources, live window chatting and multiple broadcasting support to reach simultaneously up to 100 machines.


William Nguyen, founder, and CEO of Beowulf, said,

Ultimately, it’s about making language education accessible and affordable to more students, and in the process, helping raise the profile of one of the most accredited institutions. Beowulf’s blockchain-based solution helps connects Mandarin teachers and students who want to learn Mandarin, anytime, anywhere.

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