Biger Crypto Exchange to Employ Investment in ZOS for Building Decentralized Exchange ZosEx

The leading cryptocurrency and digital assets trading platform, Biger Exchange, has broadcasted the news about its strategic agreement with the well-known globally-reputed decentralized finance platform, ZOS. As per the agreement, the exchange will put in its funds in ZOS and transform it into a super node. The two entities have come together to launch a revolutionary decentralized exchange platform named ZosEx.

As per the official announcement, the partnership between Biger crypto exchange and ZOS will give a boost to the evolution and evolvement of the decentralized trading exchange business between the two organizations.

ZosEx takes pride in being the third pillar of the ZOS financial platform, which fosters convenient and user-friendly trading of fiat and virtual currencies on a decentralized mechanism.

Launched in May 2018, Biger Exchange has made its place in the crypto domain as a safe, trustworthy, reliable, and easily operable platform for the trading of digital assets. The members of the core development team of the crypto exchange are from the biggest players of the financial market, including Morgan Stanley, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and UnionPay. The magical tool of the digital platform allows users to purchase digital coins within three minutes.

With a strong customer base, which comprises of more than 400,00 registered users, over 4000 daily customers, 34 trading pairs online, the Biger crypto exchange has become quite popular in a short time. The platform lends support to one million trading orders per second.

Apart from trading excellence, Biger also provides an efficient and reliable way to store digital currencies. A user can store the assets in a cold wallet, enforce the multi-signature feature, and use the cold wallet for the general account thereby ensuring topmost security to his/her assets. It also facilitates real-time inquiry by the users as the transaction data is easily searchable on the public chain network.

Scott Cook

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