Binance Jersey’s Twitter Account Hacked, Hacker Asks CEO CZ To Contact Him Directly

In a strange turn of events, an anonymous Twitter user named Lightning Network reportedly hacked Binance Jersey’s account, on Friday. The hacker himself confessed it by tweeting on the account. He said,

“I managed to successfully overtake Binance Official domain ( that could have easily turned into a huge phishing scheme and scam millions. What I decided is not do that even though I’m in a huge need of money. I hope that the community will respect it.)

The hacker claimed to be a security researcher and seemed to be quite good at it apparently. He also asked Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, to contact him directly on his account. However, Binance soon took hold of the situation, and deleted all the tweets, though there hasn’t been any clarification from the company yet. Surprisingly, though, the hacked Twitter account seems to be inaccessible at the moment.

While there hasn’t been any tangible damage due to the hack, the hacking and tweets might definitely have made things quite embarrassing for Binance and its CEO. A few months ago, Binance Crypto Exchange, the world’s largest, was hacked too, which resulted in a loss of $45 million. Binance.Je is the independent arm of the Binance Exchange for Jersey, similar to the ones in Malta, Singapore, and Uganda. Binance is also planning to launch a dedicated exchange for the US very soon.

Lightning Network’s Twitter handle is still live and shows that it joined the micro-blogging platform in August 2019. The only tweet, though, is “#binance,” and understandably so. Neither Binance’s official account nor CZ has tweeted or informed about the hack. However, to put and end to uncalled speculation creating a bad image, either the company or the CEO must give a statement clearing the air. It would be interesting to know whether CZ did contact the “Ethical Hacker.”

Scott Cook

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