Bitcoin vs. Tron: BTC Price Plunge doesn’t Affect TRX Price Movement

Bitcoin is trading with a slight bear pull when compared to the overall market momentum. However, Tron is seen riding bulls since yesterday. The escalation has been quite an impactful one for the coin. The uptrend has brought many traders back to regain the lost believe in the investments of TRX while, BTC has remained uite flat from couple of days. The present movement isn’t tremendous; hence, we are expecting it to recover in the upcoming days.

Bitcoin vs. Tron Price Comparison:

Bitcoin vs. Tron Price
Bitcoin vs. Tron Price Chart

The above chart is a data feed from Bitfinex as on September 18, 2019, at 09:51:38 UTC for price comparison. Bitcoin was trading around $10,300. The coin later fell from $10,250 to $10,169 by 0.82%. However, there was an immediate improvement which took the price to $10,263 from $10,169 by 0.92%. Yet another escalation in the price which took the counters from $10,204 to $10,305 by 1.01%. With an intraday fall of 0.81%, Bitcoin closed at $10,211. Today, the price jumped in the opening hour from $10,211 to $10,277 by 0.64%. In the recent hours, the price slipped. The fall was of 0.77% as the price changed from $10,254 to $10,174.

Tron started tarding at $0.0157. Later, the price escalated from $0.0162 to $0.0174 by 7.59%. The intraday progression was 6.37% as the price closed at $0.0167. Today, the price moved up at the onset of the day as the trading counters changed from $0.0167 to $0.0178 by 6.13%. Apart from this, traders must visit here TRON price forecast data before investing the money in the coin to understand what will happen in upcoming years with its price.

Bitcoin has come a long way. The recent fall wouldn’t harm much, but Tron was quite blown away. In the last two months, the price shifted from $0.030 to $0.015. Also, Tron slipped from 10th position to 14th position. However, there has been not much change in the trading scenario of Bitcoin.

If we compare Bitcoin and Tron statistics, market cap of BTC is at $183,329,858,494 and TRX is at $1,166,552,967. The 24hr volume of BTC is $16,268,478,246 and TRX is $738,109,760. The circulating supply of TRX is 66,682,072,191 TRX and BTC is 17,942,987 BTC.

The traders and investors can opt for long-term investments to fetch huge profits in the upcoming time.

Ruti Vora

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