Coinbase Future Offerings Could Include Telegram Among Other Digital Assets

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, is exploring the possibility of including the Telegram messaging app on its platform in the future. The Coinbase revealed this in a communication wherein the cryptocurrency platform expressed its intention to include Telegram along with other 16 digital assets in its future offerings. Some of the other contenders that might find a place on the platform include Avalanche, Coda, NEAR, Orchid, and Spacemesh, among others. Coinbase said that the platform is actively looking to explore new opportunities to enhance convenience and customer value. The inclusion of future assets will be done only after a comprehensive analysis and the names mentioned above will be explored for the inclusion.

Long-term Strategy

The strategy of the company is in line with its mission of creating an “open financial system” whereby people can participate freely without the intervention of centralized banks or regulatory authorities. The platform is also widening its offering base, and along with some of the famous digital coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it has now warmed up to some other lesser-known assets including stablecoins, forks, collectibles, etc.

Speculations are rife that the potential inclusion of Telegram on Coinbase will ultimately lead to its association to the Telegram’s blockchain TON. So that you know TON is a blockchain-based network which allows the payment on Telegram messaging app. TON project has already raised $1.7 billion through initial coin offering (ICO) under the token name GRAM.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of any of the digital assets named by the Coinbase will appear on its platform in days to come. The company includes digital assets on its platform only if it meets all the statutory compliance applicable in a particular region and it remains to be seen how many financial assets out of the list will make it to the Coinbase.

We have recently witnessed the incident of Coinbase asking Z-cash owners in the UK to convert their ZEC coins into other cryptocurrencies or transfer them to other location. That was done to meet the compliance as Coinbase shifted its base from Barclays to ClearBank.

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