Coinfest Asia is back in 2023, carrying the theme of Web2.5!

Coinfest Asia, the immersive Web3 festival in Asia, will return on 24-25 August 2023 in Bali. Previously, the 2022 edition of Coinfest Asia managed to have more than 2,000 participants from more than 50 countries, starting from the institutional level, retail, and regulators.

In the 2023 edition, Coinfest Asia will carry a new theme titled Converge, aiming to converge Web2 and Web3 industries into Web2.5, a transition process between Web2 and Web3. This is also a support form for Coinfest Asia to brace the Web 2.5 industry and Web3 implementation.

“This year, Coinfest Asia will be back with insights and various interactive and interesting activities about the Web 2.5 industry, a period of industry transition from Web2 to Web3. This event is also our platform to contribute so that the industry on Web3 continues to grow, especially in Asia,” said Felita Setiawan, Director of ICN, organizer of Coinfest Asia.

Coinfest Asia will showcase Web2.5’s real use cases and tangible solutions to its attendees. Companies can showcase their impact-driven products and build strategic partnerships with Web2 and Web3 companies, which can be opportunities to improve business and implementation. Apart from companies, this event also targets various groups, from crypto enthusiasts, fund managers, developers, and creators to regulators.

Get to know Web 2.5 and its role in the industry

The Internet has been present for more than 50 years; in its journey, two generations have been present. Web1 is just the information available on the web. Web2 allows users to interact and make web pages more interactive.

The next generation is Web3 which will bring the world of the internet to a different level from the previous generation, with various innovations that are trying to be presented, from blockchain, crypto, decentralized technology, NFT, and Metaverse to AI.

But like any new technology, Web3 is still quite abstract to implement. One way to make Web3 acceptable to previous generations of Web users required some link, known as Web2.5.

Web 2.5 describes the blockchain business that lives between Web2 and Web3. The idea behind this is that consumers want the advantages of a blockchain-based platform. However, they didn’t want the hassle that often comes with blockchain-based systems, so Web 2.5 would make it easier for people to adopt Web2 to Web3 and less trouble if people switched to Web3 entirely.

With Web2.5, several well-known brands began to enter Web3. Among other things, Nike announced the creation of. SWOOSH, a Web3 platform now in beta testing for creating online digital communities. Fans can create interactive digital objects like t-shirts, shoes, and more.

Likewise, Starbucks started its blockchain-based loyalty program last December. Starbucks Odyssey will offer coffee-themed NFTs and a loyalty program that goes beyond offering free drinks.

Through Coinfest Asia, you will be invited to explore and experience the shift from Web2 to Web3. Get tickets at special prices; visit the Coinfest Asia site now!

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