Coinone Signs Agreements with Xangle and CertiK to Heighten Security and Transparency

Coinone, the leading number three Korean crypto exchange, states that it will work with Xangle on Transparency of the projects and investor protection. Furthermore, with CertiK, it will focus on the code security, verification of the technology, and project data security. CertiK’s essential features include a layer-based breakdown approach, machine-checkable proof objects, pluggable proof engines, smart marking agreements, and certified dApp libraries.

Respected by the security business, CertiK has attained a strategic alliance with the world’s top Exchanges. However, CertiK will give audit information as a deterrent measure against issues with code security misuses, and also review ventures at a code level, in addition to other things. CertiK will perform reviews for investments recorded on Coinone, according to the latest announcement.

Regardless with worries about hacking increasing at higher speed, Korea’s FTC (Fair Trade Commission) in June requested for a revision in the terms and conditions of utilization for crypto trades, needing the exchanges to acknowledge the liability for losses from the theft of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Bithumb, the second biggest South Korean Exchange, endured two hacks in a single year, losing more than 50 million dollars in the course of action. Coinone was attacked in mid-2018, alongst Bithumb, as revealed by the South Korean tax experts.

This vital operation comes into the picture as crypto exchanges are the matter of concern of heightened security in South Korea and internationally. Besides, worries about tax evasion and with FATF rules starting to affect, banking connections are tested, and financial foundations in Seoul are refining their KYC projects and procedures.

Coinone, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that have been from 2014, has positioned itself as the best three cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea. Coinone, with a solid feeling of social responsibility, is at the forefront position of instructing the financial specialists about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while conquering these markets. Furthermore, Coinone is the first Asian exchange actualizing Multi-signature Wallet Technology, which protects the security of transactions on its trade platform.

The report expresses that for Xangle, their declarations will give protection to crypto investors and making ventures transparent. These divulgences could incorporate data about new tokens, changes in the project plan of action, token administration, and the unpredictability of investment stocks. Moreover, Xangle gives exact, comprehensive, and current token data of blockchain projects so that investors and exchanges can make better listing decisions and investment.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.
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