Crypto Exchange CoinAll Broadcasts News About Its DeepCloud (DEEP) Token Discount Sale

One of the fasting growing cryptocurrency trading exchange in the world, CoinAll has made an important official announcement concerning the highly anticipated launch of the DeepCloud (DEEP) token discount selling program on November 11, 2019 from 14:00 (HKT).

As per the news report, the discount program will bestow the CoinAll crypto exchange users to get the golden opportunity to avail a flat 20% discount while purchasing DEEP token on the platform. For instance, the reference price of DEEP token is 0.002 USDT, but as a part of the program the users will be able to buy the tokens for price money of 0.0016 USDT. The program will only be accessible for the users who would have successfully completed the KYC2 verification screening of the trading platform.

The official post regarding the discount scheme clarified that the DEEP deposit would be started from 11:00 AM on November 11. The trading process will be kickstarted at 17:00 on the same day, while the withdrawal process will initiate from November 12 (HKT) at 17:00. The users will also be entitled to twenty minutes subscription session focused on the DEEP sale. There is no minimum value of the subscription, but the final subscription amount will be calculated on the basis of the formula: (Personal subscription amount / total subscription amount) * total sale amount.

The DeepCloud AI project is aimed to create an AI-oriented decentralized cloud computing system that is capable of running and managing dApps in the most efficient manner. The firm offers a spot market for computing and storage resources focused on corporates and individuals where they can share their excess capacity on the DLT-based cloud system.

The AI Matching engine aids in pairing of these resources for application developers. For company customers, the platform is working to build a secure layer in collaboration with Intel’s SGX technology. It also aims to foster real-time monitoring of the solution which will help in restraining fraudulent activities.

CoinAll takes pride in being a strategic partner of Hong Kong’s leading crypto exchange, OKEx. With a strong base of 20-million users, the digital asset exchange is well-known for its advanced security mechanism and 24-hour customer support.

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