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Since its invention, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) has been an environment-friendly replacement of Proof-of-Work (PoW), which has generally represented an improvement over PoW and a solution to Bitcoin’s energy problem. Almost every newly launched public blockchain is PoS-based and even the second-largest blockchain – Ethereum – is attempting to shift to Proof of Stake in the next major upgrade. The exclusive nature of PoS, however, appears to be an obstacle for smaller token holders, who are unable to participate in the consensus. As an alternative, they participate in a process called “staking.”

When the small token holders stake their tokens in exchange, typically with the support of staking pools, the pools accept deposits from many other different token holders and aggregate the funds into a single account that they then use to become a validator. In exchange for the temporary “loan” of the tokens, the operators pay rewards for the contributions. Masternode and Proof-Of-Stake are the future of consensus algorithms. As one of the leading projects in this area, Crypto Minting allows users to invest in cryptocurrency masternode.

An Integrated Platform for staking cryptocurrency

Built upon an innovative, secure storage infrastructure that simultaneously offers security and accessibility, Crypto Minting is an integrated platform for staking cryptocurrency. Staking, related to the Proof-Of-Stake, is the process where a PoS cryptocurrency wallet stakes a sum of coins when broadcasting to the network that the transaction they are processing is true and not malicious. If the network agrees on the verdict, the verifying wallet will receive a reward in the form of coins on the associated blockchain network.

Crypto Minting operates a masternode hosting service that allows digital asset investors, especially individuals who are not very technical, to host their master nodes, secure network and earn masternode rewards without having to manage their node actively. Our mission is to increase the possibility of investing in coins with the POS-Masternode consensus algorithm.

With excellent and consolidated skills in managing masternodes, we are a unique project in this environment. Once invested in us, you will have your digital assets associated with a smart contract that will automatically pay rewards on a daily basis. Giving us your assets, you are sure to have an excellent amount of ROI. Your funds will be used to open masternodes following the business plans we already implemented and checked that is winning.

Just by registering an account and confirming it successfully on the Crypto Minting platform, you can immediately deposit cryptocurrencies and start staking. Meanwhile, our team will take care of the minting process, continuously generating cryptocurrencies and pay you a reward. We run the nodes so that you get the revenue.

Staking Reward

When you join Crypto Minting, you could increase your crypto fund easily. Without any hardware to monitors or other jobs to do daily, whether you are an institutional investor or an individual token holder, you will be paid a profit. After staking, your coins simply stay in one place and the minting process is started to generate more coins. The total return at Crypto Minting is 180% (included capital), which is reasonably high for an investment. Just stake your coin and earn 180%. Daily profit could be withdrawn automatically for verified wallet addresses.

Apart from staking rewards, you could also benefit from our Partnership Program, which pays an unlimited commission for building a network and distributing to the development of Crypto Minting. There are 2 types of commission offered: Binary Partnership is paid for each member you or your network members refer to Crypto Minting, and Network Development Partnership is paid for each level you reach when building your business network.

About Crypto Minting


Crypto Minting is a product of CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING CENTRE LTD, a crypto company offering institutional-grade infrastructure, software & tools for token holders and stake-based blockchains. We see the co-existence of risks and opportunities and are relentlessly building Crypto Minting with kindred spirits and co-religionists through ups and downs in anticipation of that era. As one of the leading projects in this environment, Crypto Minting allows people to invest in cryptocurrency masternode with 100% profit guaranteed. We are continuously looking for promising projects and partnerships. To learn more about Crypto Minting, visit our official website at

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