CryptoNewsZ in an Interview with Mr. Tor – CEO of Nakamoto Games- A Game-changing Play to Earn Platform

CryptoNewsZ: Welcome to CryptoNewsZ! We would love to know more about you and Nakamoto Games!

First, thank you for having me. It is not so often that I get a chance to speak about a game-changing technological paradigm on a platform.

And secondly, my name is Chawalit Rugsasri, but you can call me by my handle, Tor. I am the CEO of Nakamoto Games, a Blockchain gaming platform aiming to shift the P2E ecosystem within the crypto space. I have a solidity development and project management background and more than a decade of experience in web development services. Before creating Nakamoto Games, I used to manage an Ethereum development firm. Working at that firm revealed several dark spots plaguing the blockchain gaming space – holding it back. That gave me the idea of starting a platform that alters the gaming paradigm.

Nakamoto Games is the world’s first P2E – a play-to-earn ecosystem that gives gamers worldwide access to many blockchain games. Unlike the traditional games within the crypto space, we go beyond the norms and we create an ecosystem where earning is a factor, so it is fun.

So, let me tell you how the Nakamoto Games came to be. While working at the Ethereum development firm, I realized that the P2E system that we currently have is highly restrictive. The entry fee is extremely high – leaving it in the hands of only a few who can afford it. Furthermore, the entire concept of Decentralisation is lost in translation when only a few hold control. It inspired me to create a broader platform that allows the new blockchain developers to come and show off their talents and gamers to earn lucrative awards.

CryptoNewsZ: What sets Nakamoto Games apart from other GameFi in the existing space?

Nakamoto Games is not your typical platform hosting only a single P2E game; it is an ecosystem for not only gamers but also developers. In other words, this platform holds multiple P2E games with many genre varieties.

Shifting the current gaming perceptions and setting a precedent for the GameFi ecosystem, we are bringing diverse P2E games on a single platform. Currently, the concept of playing to earn centers around a single software, and it narrows the course of development of GameFi because what’s present here is not much fun.

And here is Nakamoto Games, giving developers and gamers a chance to be a part of an ecosystem with multiple varieties of fun games to play and a conducive space for traditional gamers that shields away from blockchain games because the entry fees were too much.

Because Nakamoto Games follows the principle of Decentralisation and inclusiveness, blockchain is a humongous sector with plenty of rewards to go around. Everyone should have a chance to earn from them.

But the uniqueness doesn’t stop there.

Nakamoto Games seeks to create a true gaming ecosystem – akin to some of the most well-known mainstream games. In other words, we want to establish a gaming space where the players coordinate and compete with each other for rewards. Thus, to bring this concept to fruition, we also provide developers with a Software Development Kit. So, sporting a highly intuitive interface with multiple modules, this plug-and-play module allows the creative developers to let their imagination run wild and create interactive games that will attract more gamers to the blockchain space.

And finally, we are one of the earliest movers to the Metaverse train. With our very own Nakaverse launching soon, we will have a robust ecosystem with plentiful opportunities for investors, gamers, and developers alike.

CryptoNewsZ: Would you like to share your achievements since the launch?

We launched with ten games on our platform, a count that rapidly evolved to 12. Each game is unique, fun, quirky, and has a P2E model with highly lucrative rewards for the players. Some of the titles that are available on our platform now include Naka Strike (FPS game), Naka Galactic (arcade game), Naka Blaster (multiplayer game), Nakar (racing game), Naka DUI (concentration game), Naka Runner (platform runner game), and the list goes on.

And because we wanted to caress the nostalgia of old-school gamers, we have launched revamped versions of classic games such as Duck Hunt, Alien Apocalypse, Car Planet, Candy Shop, and more.

These games have hundreds of players united by their desire to have fun using their internet browsers and earn rewards simultaneously. They are engaging with this platform without worrying about the high entry fees they’d otherwise have to pay to interact with such a lucrative ecosystem.

CryptoNewsZ: What makes Nakamoto Games a phenomenon in the gaming space?

Thank you for saying that. Yes, Nakamoto Games has one of the strongest communities within the blockchain space, and there are not one but five reasons for it.

For one, we are transparent about our development cycle and growth. We follow the lines of a truly decentralized platform. And because everything we do is visible to our visitors, we gain more trust. And because the gamers are directly witnessing the pace of our growth, they share camaraderie among themselves for this platform.

It is something not unheard of within a crypto community. But for GameFi, it is a game-changing paradigm.

Another reason behind that strength is our inability to sit idly by. The blockchain space is in a perpetual state of mutation, and thus, community engagement is our priority. We continuously try to engage with our community. We stay updated on every development in the GameFi space and start conversations about the same with our visitors. We hear every word our gamers have to say, and we give an equal chance to everyone who wants to have their voices heard.

And it is not just the visitors who are engaged; even me and my team members are in constant touch with the members. Their stories inspire us, and by the way, we have grown since our launch; we believe that we inspire them too.

The third reason is our consistency. Nakamoto Games is here to change GameFi, a task that requires constant attention. Our vigilance helps us take community feedback into account as we evolve, and it has consistently led the platform to grow. We aren’t stopping now.

The fourth reason is the organic growth we have achieved because of our investors and gamers. Our investors are visionaries aware of the impact GameFi can have on the metaverse. They have stood by us, and we are eternally grateful for that. Our gamers, united by their desire to earn money within a fun ecosystem, are standing by Nakamoto to make it the biggest blockchain gaming platform in the future.

The fifth and the most critical reason is that we pride ourselves on the strength of our community is the presence of vertical local communities. They are formed by our gamers, developers, and investors, and these members have made the platform more robust through sheer interest and a collective desire to see Nakamoto succeed.

CryptoNewsZ: What’s the next move?

The year 2022 will focus on Nakaverse and our game collection’s expansion. Our first move into the metaverse space will put Nakamoto Games on the map. Nakaverse will be minted in Quarter 1 in 2022 and launched in Quarter 2.

Furthermore, we will organize a multiplayer tournament allowing the players to earn massive rewards.

After Nakaverse goes live, the other project close to our hearts – the Naka Marketplace – will take center stage.

CryptoNewsZ: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and might leave the earning aspect of Nakamoto Games susceptible to the ups and downs of the market. What have you done to deal with such changes?

Yes, you are right. Cryptocurrencies are indeed at the community’s whims, and it creates an environment of unease where the gamers might be apprehensive about joining us.

However, we have found the perfect solution – $NAKA, the Nakamoto Games Token lying at the center of our ecosystem. It powers gaming rewards, provides holders with lucrative staking opportunities, and powers governance.

Moreover, the $NAKA cost to play and reward earnings are tied to the USD amount. Therefore, regardless of the fluctuation in the $NAKA value, the cost will remain stable within the ecosystem – allowing players to gain consistent rewards despite market situations.

CryptoNewsZ: P2E games are not generally known for having a stable functionality; how is Nakamoto Games changing the ecosystem?

Yes, you are right. P2E games within the blockchain don’t have the most glaring reputation for multiplayer functionality.

However, the essence of Nakamoto Games is community. Following the same principle, our ecosystem allows for creating game rooms catering to a specific group of friends.

These players can create their own rooms and collectively decide which assets or “loot” to stake.

Creating digital rooms fosters a feeling of community within the gaming ecosystem and incentivizes players with hefty rewards.

CryptoNewsZ: Regardless of how revolutionary they can be, blockchains games don’t often gain the interest of gamers who rely on the graphical fidelity and fun factor of the games. What is Nakamoto Games doing differently to attract an audience from that domain?

One of the most significant challenges that blockchain games will face will be from the mainstream gaming industry. They don’t follow along the lines of the P2E models, so their priority is graphics and fun factors. But with blockchain gaming, the actual marketing magnet is “play-to-earn.”

The industry has driven away thoughts of enhancing the games with a “fun” element by emphasizing that single aspect.

However, Nakamoto changed that with its first FPS game called Naka Strike. Following the look, the feel, and the model of the popular game franchise, Counter-Strike, Naka Strike push forth a coordinated approach towards gaming that entices players with a fun game and incentivizes them with extraordinary monetary gains.

The earning aspect is there, but we are purveyors of gaming through and through. Thus, fun is one factor we can’t compromise upon.

Furthermore, we have partnered with multiple renowned blockchain developers who understand gaming’s entertainment value. They are coming forth with amazing creations, focusing on delivering high-end graphics for platform games, puzzle games, and more.

CryptoNewsZ: What is the potential for investors to have a vested interest in Naka games?

The earning potential of Nakamoto Games is enormous. As more and more games are coming to the DeFi space, essentially creating a – GameFi ecosystem – Naka aims to be the first to give room to multiple P2E games on one platform.

Currently, we are aiming to add over 100 games by the end of the year. And because the cross-platform approach allows Nakamoto Games to host countless P2E games, I am confident that we will have nearly 1000 games in upcoming years.

And the games don’t lack support from our developers. If users encounter any issues in-game, they can leverage the ticket system to interact with the development team to resolve these issues.

Blockchain is the future of gaming. And while many say we are a long way off from creating an immersive experience backed by billions of polygons, the day that the lines between the real and the virtual blur are near. Players worldwide have started to open up the possibility that gaming has a real future in the decentralized ecosystem.

Players can meaningfully interact with the metaverse through gaming, and Nakamoto Games is here to facilitate that.

CryptoNewsZ: Many have always seen gaming in a condescending light, despite it going mainstream. How have you managed to change that perception?

Gaming has indeed been seen in a condescending light among parents and adults in many regions. But changes are on the horizon, considering the average age of a gamer is 35. Furthermore, GameFi is more than a gaming platform; it is an ecosystem leveraging gaming assets to create real earning opportunities for the player.

We have launched several campaigns to create awareness about the new possibilities of blockchain, going as far as attending Thailand universities as guest lecturers. We introduced the students thereof the possibilities achievable to make them aware of the current state of GameFi.

CryptoNewsZ: Tell us a bit about Nakaverse and shine a light on the Nakaverse NFT marketplace?

As you know, Nakaverse is our way to penetrate the metaverse. Being primarily a GameFi ecosystem, Nakamoto Games has always had the upper hand when creating meaningful interactions within the virtual worlds.

Due to reliance on $NAKA, the Nakaverse will be a game-changer. It will have a sustainable economy incentivizing players with rewards to participate in the metaverse.

And within the metaverse, we are implementing marketplace integration with the Naka Marketplace. It will contain NFTs that impact Nakaverse and the Nakamoto Games. Gamers will be able to buy NFT real estate, NFT buildings, and NFT items like weapons, armors, ships, and other assets to interact with Nakamoto games or engage with the metaverse.

The land is the principal asset of the Nakaverse. It will contain over nine real estate types – having access to different resources critical to the Nakaverse economy. Players can leverage it to create income within the Nakaverse. It will have NFT Lands with digital raw materials and NFT Factories with users as workers within the metaverse as workers. The income-generating aspect of this space is unfathomable, and it will only grow stronger with time.

CryptoNewsZ: How do you view Nakamoto Games in the next five years?

Well, our future will be the manifestation of your current aspirations.

We aim to continue to be a leader in creating a Gamefi revolution and expand our user base to be a top gaming platform for gamers and even traditional gamers. The presence of a GameFi ecosystem will give more meaning to the virtual interactions between players. As we develop our systems further, Nakamoto Games will be the go-to for game developers to host their games.

Play-to-earn is the future of gaming, it is inescapable, and Nakamoto Games is trying to be ahead of the curve. In the upcoming years, we aim to reach a level of ubiquity that you’ll see people on the streets playing and earning via our platform wherever you are. $NAKA will become a gaming staple, changing people’s perception of gaming by becoming GameFi space’s foundation. So, whether it is day or night, gaming’s future under Nakamoto games will shine bright, creating unique earning opportunities.

Vishal Parmar

A realist, self-driven and persistent entrepreneur, Vishal Parmar is the CEO of VAP Group and the founder of CryptoNewsZ. At the helm of operations at one of the fastest-growing Blockchain and crypto websites in the world, Vishal found his first technology firm at the age of 19. Born with strong business acumen, he entered the blockchain and crypto space in 2015, when Bitcoin was estimated around $400. Apart from managing his various teams, the multifaceted Vishal likes to travel the world and explore various cuisines. He is available on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He can also be reached on [email protected] for all matters, published content or feedbacks related to CryptoNewsZ.

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