DeFiMons Get MON Subnet in Avalanche Ecosystem

DeFiMons has joined the Avalanche ecosystem for the subnet. Named the MON Subnet, this network will allow the game to access low-cost evaluation and high-traffic applications from Avalanche. Following the integration, the subnet will be the home to DeFiMon’s massively multiplayer online game (MMO).

DeFi is a gameplay-based MMO that has integrated several projects from several chains. The game intends to reduce the friction and cost issues involved in multi-chain connectivity to improve the user experience for both new and existing users. The MMO has chosen Avalanche subnets as a viable solution to the issues it may experience as it expands.

The game does not have to go through the demanding steps of creating a blockchain with the subnet. Instead, they can leverage the bespoke subnets powered by the three primary chains of Avalanche. On top of everything, the MON Subnet will be an EVM-compatible network validated through the Snowman Consensus Protocol from Avalanche.

According to DeFiMons, scaling would be the biggest advantage of an Avalanche subnet. As the MMO expects a surge in the number of users shortly, Avalanche’s scaling abilities would prove useful in some of the core aspects of the game. Lower transaction fees, highly dependable Remote Procedure Calls, and high-traffic applications are important reasons for choosing Avalanche subnet.

The game also hopes to provide in-game bridging features for users to link their tokens seamlessly from other networks. These bridges will reduce the friction involved in integrating liquidities from other DEX platforms. The team also suggests including a fiat on-ramp to enable debit and credit card purchases.

The MON Subnet will play a significant role in defining the use cases of the MON token in a multi-asset environment. It will empower the token by providing more defined utilities in the ecosystem. Gas fees and transactions are the likely uses for MON tokens on the MON Subnet.

Once the subnet goes live, a portion of MON paid as gas fees will be burnt through a consistent deflationary mechanism to increase its value. The received MON tokens will also be used to pay Avalanche validators commissioned on the subnet. A portion will also be returned to players as rewards through Battles and Adventures.

DeFiMons is also planning the formation of MonStudios. The entity is established to bring the visions of DeFiMons to life. The future products and features from the MMO will be developed and launched through MonStudios.

These new announcements have set the project on an efficient roadmap. The project’s long-term goals involve creating new applications to allow community members, guilds, and other projects to contribute to the ecosystem. Moreover, the OmniChain NFTs from DeFiMons can be traded on Ethereum, Avalanche, and C-Chain.

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