dFund Announces Token Offering on TrustSwap Launchpad

The DeFi sector has been a critical part of the digital domain for some time now. With techs like crypto and blockchain becoming a routine part of the market, it is high time the industry got equipped with DeFi solutions.

A significant reason why the sector has garnered market prevalence is the emergence of new projects and esteemed ecosystems. dFund is one of the latest additions on the list of most advanced decentralized platforms on the web. The platform will be accompanying a token, making its market release even more talked about.

The Polkadot-based lending platform has joined hands with TrustSwap to offer its $DFND token. On April 30, 2021, the token will become available on the TrustSwap launchpad. The idea behind dFund is to provide an ecosystem where investors can make the maximum out of their funds. Plus, users and businesses will be allowed to use blockchain tech to enhance their routine proceedings.

Many of the functionalities offered by dFund either do not exist or are provided separately on different platforms. Thus, dFund offering them all at once place is bound to become sensational news.

Here are some of the features dFund will be offering:

Decentralized Hedge Funds:

It will allow users to create or invest in a custom dFund. You can set personalized terms and conditions in the dFunds. Their performance will rank the dFunds, and investors can invest in them as per the results.

P2P Lending and Credit Rating:

It will also allow customer-centric lending and borrowing procedures. Both parties can set their terms to ensure they get maximum benefits. Depending on their credibility and payment history, borrowers will be given credit ratings, allowing lenders to choose the best borrower.

Secondary Marketplace:

You can also trade your loans on secondary marketplaces where the smart contract can be converted into products that can be traded, bought, or sold.


Users can make one-time crowdfunding requests and offer returns to investors through a smart contract. Investors can check their rating system to ensure they are reliable.

So how will the $DFND token fit into all this? Here is how it can be used:

  • The token can be locked to start a dFund.
  • It can be deposited as loan collateral.
  • DFND can be paid as interest on loans.
  • The token can be delivered as profit.
  • DFND gives users voting rights.

You can also use it to trade on secondary marketplaces. dFund is a highly ambitious DeFi project, which might change the entire DeFi landscape. It is promising to offer several esteemed functionalities, all in one place. Plus, the platform will be accompanied by a token, enhancing its market potential. Read through the blog and understand what is dFund, what is DFND, and how they are related.

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