Disappointed with potential Ethereum-killers like Solana & Algorand? Try the Ethereum-based DeFi meme coin Big Eyes!


Since the birth of Ethereum (ETH), many new projects have been deployed to improve the Queen’s functions. Quite a few have been called Ethereum-killers targeting to dethrone the Queen. However, Ethereum (ETH) remains robust after its latest PoS (Proof-of-Stake) upgrade. 

While Solana (SOL) and Algorand (ALGO) have established their place in the market, they failed to take Ethereum’s place. However, if you are done with the two, there is a new Ethereum-based DeFi (Decentralized Finance) meme coin, Big Eyes (BIG). Let’s explore these crypto projects and see how BIG prepares for its market entry.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a decentralized Blockchain platform for scalable and secure dApps (Decentralized Apps). Just like Ethereum, it has smart contracts capability. But it improves the Queen with a much faster transaction speed and minimal fees. Moreover, it combines PoS with PoH (Proof-of-History) protocol for added security, efficiency, and scalability. Its hybrid model makes it attractive for both small traders and institutional traders.

The crypto’s use cases include NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), DeFi applications, Blockchain/Web3 games, etc. Currently, the crypto’s market cap is over $10.1 billion and ranks in the top 15 on CoinMarketCap (CMC). It was trading at just under $30 at the time of writing. This comes at a decline of over 89% from its last ATH (All-time high) of $260.06 in November 2021.

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand (ALGO) is a Blockchain network that targets the scalability and consensus issues of first & second gen cryptos like Ethereum. It operates on a Pure PoS protocol with complete decentralization in validator selection. Everyone has a chance to be selected as a validator on the network. Thus, it improves scalability without compromising on decentralization. It also has smart contracts functionality and numerous uses for DeFi, fintech, and other institutions.

Furthermore, the network’s native token, ALGO, is used for transaction fees and earning rewards on staking. Crypto currently trades under $0.5 with a market cap of around $2.2 billion. Ranking in the top 35 on CMC, it has a max supply of 10 billion tokens. Additionally, its last ATH of $3.28 was in June 2019.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

This upcoming meme coin is built on Ethereum and has a cute cat as its mascot. It aims to catalyze DeFi by making it more understandable. Hence, encouraging capital transfer to the ecosystem. Moreover, the project has strong community roots and aims to generate wealth-bearing opportunities for its community. Among its goals is also saving the world’s ecology through charity. 

For this, the cute cat has set aside 5% of its 200 billion tokens in a charity wallet. 70% of the supply is available in its presale, while 20% is reserved for exchanges. To achieve its “big” goals, the meme coin has a thorough roadmap with an NFT club and collection in the mix. BIG will soon debut with its launch on Uniswap. However, click here to know more about the upcoming presales to decide your next investment decision. 

How to buy a guide for BIG?

The meme coin is presented in its presale stage 6, with around 6.5 billion tokens remaining. In this stage, each USDT spent will earn you 3589.74 coins. You can purchase the tokens by visiting their presale page. Choose a number and pay through your crypto wallet in USDT, BNB, or ETH. Be ready to claim the purchased tokens after the presale ends.



Hence, if you are tired of SOL and ALGO, BIG is an upcoming meme coin with much potential. The DeFi project has gained much traction in its presale and raised over $8.8 million. It is also verified by top crypto auditors like CoinSniper and Solidity Finance, ensuring complete project and anti-rug security.

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