DuckDAO and DIA Join Forces to Open New Avenues of Growth

Joining forces with DuckDAO, DIA has announced that it has entered into a collaborative partnership with the former. This union is expected to develop the decentralized finance (DeFi) at a more enviable pace in the future. Through this union, the projects that are being incubated by DuckDAO will get access to the funding and the trusted Oracle network of the DIA.

DuckDAO has carved a place for itself by offering support and access to new projects which want to make a name for themselves in the blockchain industry. The platform has democratized the domain of funding so that now even the small and first-generation entrepreneurs can have access to funding. Until the inception of DuckDAO, most of the funding opportunities were inaccessible for small entrepreneurs, but thankfully the scenario has changed now to a considerable extent.

The partnership of DuckDAO with DIA will further help widen the access to funding opportunities for new-generation startups. The projects working within the ecosystem of DIA can you the platform of DuckDAO for sales of their ventures both in public and private capacities. In return, the ventures working on DuckDAO will benefit from integrating DIA’s trusted Oracle network that collects real-time data feed from many reliable sources.

The partnership has multiple implications for both cooperating organizations and the industry. Both companies will benefit from extending their user base through this union, while the industry will benefit from the overall inclusion of new customers from across the different domains. The project that is being developed on both platforms belongs to various categories, including DeFi, NFTs, etc., and by supporting these projects holistically – right from their inception to meeting their funding requirements, this compact is sure to bode well in the coming times. Many such partnerships are required, which can help the new generation of startups and entrepreneurs venture into the domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to assure that their projects won’t get stuck due to their lack of contacts or access to good funding opportunities.

Roxanne Williams

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